Correct Your Course on Natural Gas, Mr. President

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Today President Obama took several important steps down the trail towards addressing climate disruption. But when it comes to natural gas, the president is taking the wrong path. The president was exactly right when he said no single step can reverse the impacts of climate change.

A Tale of Two Policies: House GOP Launches 500th Attack on Environment As President Celebrates Climate Action Anniversary

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President Obama (Photo: Wikimedia Commons ). This week marks the one year anniversary of President Barack Obama’s historic speech at Georgetown University, where he outlined his ambitious plan to tackle the climate crisis.

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Jordan Jumps Forward on Energy Development

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Jordan hits a fork in the energy development road: each route inciting ardent support and dissidence. Environmental activists united in protest for a second time in six months urging public debate over Jordan’s emerging atomic energy program.

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Obomney: Obama v Romney on Environment & Energy

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hope is on the way” song ( President Barack Obama ), you know this is a critical crossroad in our country’s history. While lacking luster, did his policies keep us from going deeper into economic disaster? More renewable energy sources are necessary.”. “

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Nuclear energy might see increased opposition after Japan crisis

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The ongoing nuclear crisis in Japan has sparked new life in the nuclear energy debate in many countries. And the fear for possible nuclear accidents in other countries forces politicians to reconsider and review their current energy policy stance.

Cue that breaking news headline music!

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The finding is likely to be welcomed by Republicans and some oil- and gas-producing states but is sure to further rankle environmentalists already at odds with President Barack Obama over his energy policy.

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Pres. Obama Stays at Eco-Friendly Hotel in Las Vegas


President Obama stays in eco-friendly hotel while in Las Vegas keeping in-line with his energy policies and agenda. Read More. Causes Environment News Top News barack obama

Farewell, Obama's "Green Dream Team" | Mother Jones

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→ Climate Change , Energy , Environment , Obama , Regulatory Affairs. 18, 2013 9:02 AM PST Tweet Energy Secretary Steven Chu speaks at a Bike to Work Day event in May 2009. Please read our comment policy before posting. Privacy Policy. Skip to Navigation.

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Salazar: On Energy, Expect Four More Years of the Same | Mother.

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Energy , Environment , Obama , Tech , The Climate Desk. Salazar: On Energy, Expect Four More Years of the Same. Tim McDonnell/Climate Desk If you arent happy with President Obamas plan for powering the US, dont hold your breath for any changes in his second term.

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Mark Ruffalo Speaks Out Keystone XL Pipeline


He told the Huffington Post, “We invite the president to make good on his promises of a real renewable energy policy for the United States.” More than 10,000 protesters marched on the White House Sunday to fight the Keystone XL Pipeline. Among the protesters was actor and director, Mark Ruffalo. ” Ruffalo made his stances clear [.]. Causes Environment News Pop Culture mark ruffalo

I know, right?*

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From the blog formerly known as Green, Inc: Hoping to find a way around the current political impasse on climate change and energy policy, a former top adviser to President Obama has devised a policy proposal to drive down greenhouse gas emissions from the utility industry over the next 20 years. It would also pre-empt the clean energy mandates adopted by 29 states and the District of Columbia.

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Domestic production won't lower gas prices

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How will the President respond to complaints from economists that his rhetoric is restricting the rational development of domestic energy policy? President Obama, facing voter anger over high gasoline prices and complaints from Republicans and business leaders that his policies are restricting the development of domestic energy resources, announced Saturday that he was taking several steps to speed oil and gas drilling on public lands and waters.

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Global leaders make plans at world’s biggest energy shindig – IRENA in Abu Dhabi

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IRENA was founded a decade ago to solve the world’s energy problems. It’s like the United Nations of Renewable Energy and anyone who is a serious stakeholder in renewables from government to news to suppliers goes to this annual event.

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USA Closed for Overseas Coal Business

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Phillip Bump at The Atlantic Wire summed up yesterday’s climate speech by the president nicely: “ Less Coal, Finally.” But of all the policies outlined in the President’s plan, the international proposals surprised people the most.

Al Gore Talks Turkish Climate Policy

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Turkey has a critical role to play in a clean energy future, says former vice president Al Gore. In the same fashion, strong climate and energy policy in Turkey could inspire environmental action as radical as the democratic revolutions currently sweeping the region.

3 Natural Gas Myths Debunked

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A pair of new reports from the Post Carbon Institute and the Energy Policy Forum suggest that the explosion in unconventional natural gas drilling isn''t all it''s cracked up to be. Despite politicians-even President Obama-touting U.S.

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Sarah Palin Secretary of Energy or the Interior?

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Sarah on the Department of Energy. Sarah is not the most likely candidate for Energy Secretary. According to Politico “Continental Resources CEO Harold Hamm has long been seen as a leading candidate for energy secretary.

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New Hampshire: Clean Energy is One of Our Primary Concerns

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While attention is fixed on the New Hampshire primary, Granite Staters of all political stripes support a clean energy future. But they’re also asking about energy and climate. Here are four ways that New Hampshire demonstrates that we don’t just choose presidents.

Dubai’s Greener Future Begins Now At the Dubai Global Energy Forum

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HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and HH Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum are both involved with the first ever Global Energy Forum in Dubai and hopefully a cleaner future. More on energy policy in the United Arab Emirates: Clinton Lauds Masdar City’s Renewable Energy Efforts.

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Shock: a useful post on a Friday afternoon

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The WSJ Weekly Micro alerted me to this article ( Should There Be a Price on Carbon? ): Supporters say making industries that burn fossil fuels pay to spit out carbon dioxide would encourage a shift to cleaner, alternative-energy sources by making it more expensive to burn coal, gasoline or natural gas. A better, less costly approach, they say, would be for governments to invest directly in clean-energy technologies.

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The Plan: How the U.S. Can Help Stabilize the Climate and Create A Clean Energy Future

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Can Help Stabilize the Climate and Create A Clean Energy Future ," which seeks to change that. The set of policies that we have proposed would put the U.S. energy policy will be no easy task, but the opportunity to take bold climate action is too good to pass up.

Clinton Says She'll "Put a Lot of Coal Companies and Coal Miners Out of Business"

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That comment was immediately preceded by a promise to invest in the clean-energy economy in those places, and immediately followed by a pledge to "make it clear that we don't want to forget those people." Blue Marble Video 2016 Elections Climate Change Climate Desk Energy Hillary Clinton

Governors Applaud New EPA Carbon Pollution Safeguards

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Clean energy policies are already working in California, generating billions of dollars in energy savings and more than a million jobs. Illinois Governor Pat Quinn : “I commend President Obama for confronting this critical issue.

Now Even Big Oil is Getting in on the Geothermal Boom in Indonesia

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Chevron is about to join Israeli geothermal pioneer Ormat in drilling for geothermal energy in what clean-energy investor Al Gore has described as the world’s first potential “geothermal superpower” – Indonesia. Ormat Taps Into Geo-Thermic Volcano Energy In Indonesia.

All Eyes on EBRD, Will it Go Coal Free?

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In case you missed it, the tectonic plates just shifted in the world of international financial institution (IFI) energy lending. Just weeks after President Obama announced an end to U.S. billion energy portfolio supports fossil fuels (including ~$1 billion in past financing for coal).

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University of Georgia Sierra Club Activists Win Prestigious Environmental Scholarship

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The Udall Foundation was established by Congress in 1992 to provide federally-funded scholarships for college students like Ian and Sara, who intend to pursue careers related to the environment, as well as to American Indian students pursuing tribal public policy or health care careers.

America Solar Power Assoc: We’ll be 30% Solar in 20 Years

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Solar energy is predicted to be important energy source in USA by 2031. Hamm, who addressed the conference a few days ago, predicted that solar energy will become an important of the US utility system during the next 20 years and result of less reliance on fossil fuels.

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Energy Efficiency Then and Now

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Energy Efficiency Then and Now. The oil embargo lasted from October 1973 to March 1974, very nearly paralyzing American industry and throwing such a monkey wrench into international relations that former president Richard M. Nixon’s administration almost lost sight of the goal (which was, then as now, energy independence). This production-based energy efficiency is the primary reason Americans enjoy one of the highest standards of living on the globe.

A Day in the Life of a Sierra Club Intern

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As I walked up Maryland Ave, I could see a dedicated group of activists gathering on the circle in front of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, where President Obama would address OFA members and leadership at their August Summit. Those who left for shade and water had returned with renewed energy.

Desertec Plans Get Boosts from MENA and EU Renewable Policies

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For both the interim Mediterranean Solar Plan and Desertec , the creation of renewable policy and renewable job skills development in both the potential energy-supplying countries and the potential energy-receiving countries is necessary.

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European Commission Calls for “Post-Industrial” Revolution

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On Wednesday, European Commission officials unveiled an ambitious set of proposals to encourage investment and innovation in the European energy sector, reduce dependence on imports, and cut greenhouse gas emissions. It is time to embrace our low-carbon future, said EC President José Manuel Barroso. The proposal would move towards integrating energy policy in Europe, but falls short of creating a single energy market or breaking up national energy companies.Â

We’re Ready to Cut Climate Pollution

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At a moment when President Obama’s approval numbers continue to “tank,” the WSJ called his climate and energy policy “ a rare bright spot.” Sightline Institute researches the best practices in public policy for a sustainable Pacific Northwest.

Climate Attitude Adjustment?

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Photo Credit: VinothChandar via Compfight cc Today Yale and George Mason are releasing the third report from their latest national survey, Public Support for Climate and Energy Policies in April 2013. Climate & Energy

Leaked: European Union Trade Document, Translation: Climate Disaster

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 The document, similar to a previously leaked EU proposal for a chapter on energy which I wrote about here , makes it clear that the EU is looking to use this secretly negotiated trade pact as a back-door channel to get automatic, unfettered access to U.S. for an energy chapter in TTIP.

Sightline Seeks to Daylight Secret Exemptions to Crude Oil Export Ban

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It’s been a cornerstone of the national energy landscape since President Ford signed the 1975 Energy Policy and Conservation Act into law in pursuit of that perpetual goal of American politicians, energy independence. Climate & Energy

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A week in Donald Trump Headlines.

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Donald Trump’s Many, Many, Many, Many Conflicts of Interest ( ) President Trump and the Trump Organization are the biggest conflict of interest in US history ( ). 16,534 shares Share Yoko Ono wins for most Brilliant Response to Trump Presidency. It has begun!

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EXPOSED: Transatlantic Trade Pact Endangers Action on Climate

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" The Sierra Club worked with our European partner, PowerShift , a German non-profit organization working at the intersection of trade and energy, to analyze the draft of the European Union's proposal for trading raw materials and energy. Energy Information Association.

The Conservative Case for a Carbon Tax: Q&A with Jerry Taylor

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climate and energy policy. First, it is a less expensive, more efficient and more effective policy than the status quo: EPA regulation via the Clean Air Act and a host of green energy subsidies and mandates. Second: How to deal with energy-intensive trade?

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Climate Messaging, McCarthy-Style

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A promising part of the story is that Americans increasingly embrace the reasons Gina McCarty and others (including President Obama ) give in support of those rules, and that they increasingly reject claims by opponents against them. Climate & Energy Economy & Jobs

First Solar Takes on More Serious Desertec Role

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First Solar has until recently participated as an associate partner of the Dii initiative designed to develop renewable energy projects throughout the Middle East and North Africa for eventual evacuation to Europe.

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Nuclear Plant Closures in Germany Could Signal a Nuclear Energy Exit

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On Thursday, it appears that Chancellor Angela Merkel put another nail in the German nuclear coffin by announcing that she aimed to accelerate Germany’s move away from nuclear energy after the crisis in Japan.

Frack Free Nation, Inc. holds Grassroots Peaceful Day of Action in New York State Capitol

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They also called on President Obama to repeal the Energy Policy act of 2005 , which exempted the oil and gas industry from the protections of The Clean Water Act, Safe Drinking Water Act, and Clean Air Act.


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Key players in renewable energy are meeting in London this month at the European Future Energy Forum. Held in association with Abu Dhabi’s Masdar Initiative, the forum will gather Europe’s leading clean energy ministers, manufacturers and financiers for three days of talks and business dealings. Lykke Friis, Minister for Climate and Energy, Denmark, Pedro Marin, Secretary of State for Energy, Spain, Carlos Zorrinho, Vice Minister for Energy and Innovation, Portugal.

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