Why Installing an MVHR Unit is a Great Way to Save Money on Your Heating Bills

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It Reduces Your Overall Energy Needs. Not only can an MHVR help you save on energy bills in the winter, but it can do so all year long as well. MVHR systems are an integral part of the modern energy-efficient home and should be considered by all homeowners.

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Pee power may be best alternative energy bet yet

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Finding a viable alternative energy source to create low cost bio energy may be closer than we think. Some of these sources include energy from trash and algae as fuel for our future energy needs. Another alternative energy source, comes from a “product” usually discarded as a waste substance: urine. Read more on alternative energy ideas: Algae returns as fuel for our future.


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Solar retreat in the Liwa Desert – futuristic functionality or rich man’s folly?

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An unnamed client hired London-based Baharash Architecture to design a luxury home that could fully function off the energy grid. Simple technology for solar energy production can readily supply the building with all its daytime electricity needs, but there is no information regarding nighttime power supply. Design Energy alternative energy architecture green building solar power sustainable design

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Tesla teases with insanity: get shocked by this electric car!

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Design Energy alternative fuel vehicles electric cars Tesla CEO and Founder Elon Musk is shocking his fan base with a special feature more likely to appeal to drag racers and Middle East “drifting” aficionados than the usual suspects attracted to his stylish and environmentally excellent electric cars. Press the “Insane Button” and his all-wheel-drive Model S P85D rockets from 0-60 miles per hour (mph) in just over 3 seconds.

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KarmSolar is first Egyptian company to sell solar power off-grid

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In a region where the renewable energy market is still small, despite a natural and seemingly perpetual gas shortage, one startup is making big strides. KarmSolar is an Egyptian company dedicated to bolstering solar energy use. After receiving the nod of approval, KarmSolar finalized a 1-megawatt solar energy installation at a dairy farm in Egypt’s west. Energy alternative energy Egypt solar panels solar power

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Europe’s Biggest Solar Farm To Be Built In Turkey

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Business & Politics Cleantech, Science & Technology Climate Energy alternative energy clean technology Climate Change renewable energy solar power TurkeyThe 100-MW photovoltaic power station would be the first to harness Turkey’s remarkable solar resource. Turkey has a lot of catching up to do when it comes to solar power.

Wind Turbines and Birds: What’s the Real Story?

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But they should not be taken as a sign for conservationists and the wind industry to ignore the issue, especially considering the current pace and scale of wind energy development. Our society needs more low-carbon, renewable energy to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and slow climate change, but it must be developed in ways that account for and minimize impacts such as wildlife mortality. By David Mehlman.

Sustainable Living in Honolulu: Public Transit, Biking, Renewables, Recycling, Compost, and Local Food

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Alternative Energy Alternative Fuel and Transportation Bicycling Green Lifestyle Recycling bike bike lane bus compost energy green living honolulu sustainability sustainable waste water Sustainability is just about the biggest buzzword since synergy or gluten.

Burning Trash to Power 200 Island Homes in the Gulf

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The process called “ waste to energy ,” is employed in progressive countries throughout the globe – most notably in Copenhagen, arguably Denmark’s greenest city. This new initiative will not only free up landfill space , but it will also save costs and energy associated with transporting the waste. . Business & Politics Energy alternative energy clean tech Delma Island Shams 1 waste to energy

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Israeli Fuel Company Tries Out Gasoline – Methanol Fuel Mixture

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Alternative car fuel mixtures have been talked about for years. Now that Israel has a glut of natural gas, this could be a welcome move in the energy industry. Scientists involved in the project estimate it will take several months to determine if burning this new fuel mixture will not cause undue engine wear due to having a lower energy output. Cars & Transportation Energy alternative energy biofuels cars ethanol flex fuel fuel efficiency Israel methanol natural gas

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3000 Foot Downdraft Energy Tower Planned by Israeli Professors on Mexico-US Border

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Can the Energy Tower slated for US Mexico border create clean power and mitigate climate change? In what is known as a downdraft energy tower, water is sprayed onto solar heated air at the top of a hollow tower. Annapolis Maryland – based Clean Wind Energy Tower, Inc has plans to build two such towers near the US – Mexican border in San Luis, Arizona. Energy Towers might just work. It helps us think outside of the wall box. :: Clean Wind Energy.

Egypt’s Next Huge Wind Farm

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A tender for a 200 MW wind farm to be built on the Gulf of Suez, at a cost of $500 million was announced by Energy Minister Hassan Yunis. The tender represents the second and third phases of the expansion of Egypt’s ambitious wind energy plans. Under the ETS cap and trade policy, polluters can offset carbon emissions in Europe by funding clean energy projects in the rapidly growing emerging economies. Business & Politics Energy alternative energy Egypt wind power

Sun-Believable Solar Nanotechnology Paint May Revolutionize Renewables

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A team of scientists and engineers led by Professor Prashant Kamat is generating energy from solar paint. Energy is created when this paste, made of semi-conducting nano-particles of titanium dioxide mixed with cadmium sulfide or cadmium selenide, is applied to a conducting glass surface and annealed at high temperature. If we can improve the efficiency, we may be able to make a real difference in meeting future energy needs”, Professor Kamat told Mashable.com.

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Israel Takes Messianic Stance on the Rio+20 United Nations Conference

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billion ($365 million) for a decade of research and development, from jet fuel alternatives to oil-replacing technologies of all shapes and sizes. Israel is now home to over 100 alternative energy start-up companies and another 100 university-based research groups. Israel Cleantech Ventures Raising $100 Million for Energy Innovation. Business & Politics Energy alternative energy clean energy fossil fuels politics Rio+20 solar power United Nations

Jordan Gets REEL About Renewables

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The time is now for Jordan’s renewable proponents to demonstrate the viability of alternative energy. Last April, Jordan’s Parliament adopted the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Law (REEL). National Electric Power Company (NEPCO) is required to purchase all electricity generation from utility-scale renewable energy projects. NEPCO will also be required to cover costs of connecting renewable energy projects to the national electricity grid.

Next for MENA Nations: Desertec University

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University degrees in renewable energy are among the practical first steps towards realizing the visionary desertec program. RE-Generation MENA will initiate master degree programs in renewable energy, training technical personnel in a way that helps the young people of North Africa benefit from the enormous scaling up of solar power that Desertec will bring. By 2050, Desertec is expected to be able to deliver 15% of the European Union’s energy demand.

Refugee Remedies Aid Climate Change Victims in New York

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Energy alternative energy clean cookstoves emrgency aid Hurricane Sandy Jordan New York renewable energy SyriaHurricane Sandy bulldozed my home coastline with a ferocity rarely seen outside the big screen. It ploughed through lives of friends and family, shredding homes, floating cars, and drowning pets. We can debate the causes of climate change , but the increasingly damaging effect of extreme weather upon basic civil services is indisputable.

Despite Best Intentions, Gulf Countries Can’t Quit CO2

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Among the world’s worst polluters, and the biggest suppliers of emissions-causing fuel, the Gulf countries do have great intentions to boost their renewable energy supply. Increasing their renewable energy portfolio , however, depends richly on doing away with oil subsidies. Energy alternative energy carbon emissions fuel subsidies Gulf countries Middle East unrest renewable energy

Single White Light luminAID Seeks Middle East Partner

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Their light offers a safe, inexpensive and sustainable alternative to kerosene and oil lamps that’s ideally suited to the Syrian refugee camps swelling in north Jordan and eastern Turkey. A waterproof case shields from the glare of its extra-bright internal LED , and an integrated solar panel collects enough energy to provide 4-6 hours of continuous illumination. Three years of sustainable lighting for fifteen bucks? United Nations Relief Agency, you hearing this?

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How Can We Make Energy Security Sustainable?

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Meeting energy development needs will require that we convert land from current uses. Access to cheap energy has become essential to modern economies. How future energy demand is met will have consequences for both people and nature. Throughout the world countries are determining how they will meet current and future energy demand and are increasingly developing alternative sources of energy.

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Next Generation Wind Turbine Produces 3 Times the Power

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Tags: Wind Energy Alternative Energy Betz Law Dragonfly Industries wind turbine design

Saudis Needs to Go Nuclear by 2020 to Keep Everyone Happy at Home

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High birth rates coupled with domestic subsidies have resulted in soaring energy demand. Faced with skyrocketing energy demand at home that is already putting a serious dent in its oil exports , and even threatening future domestic supplies, the kingdom will complete the construction of its first nuclear power plant within the next nine years, a Saudi government official revealed at a nuclear conference in Dubai. And its not just exports that need propping up with more energy.

Israel to Build $1.3 Billion Solar Project… for China??

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Yet the world’s largest solar panel producer in China, Suntech , has invited Israel’s state-owned electric utility, Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) – which has no experience in solar power at all – to build three photovoltaic solar energy arrays in northern China, as part of a project worth $US 1.3 According to energy China Forum , the three solar arrays will total 240 MW, which is about the size of many coal plants.

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Airlight Energy Brings CSP to Morocco from Switzerland

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The Airlight Energy solar project in Morocco will cost €2.7 The solar power will replace part of the fossil power consumption of the cement plant with green energy resources, saving. The Italcementi Group is the former co-chair of the Cement Sustainability Initiative, evidencing a real commitment to finding a solution for sustainable development in the very fossil-energy-dependent cement industry. Energy alternative energy Middle East solar power

Meet Morocco’s Renewable Energy Market at EneR in November

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Meet billions of dollars in human capital and renewable energy finance at the EneR event in November. As the first Arab country to make a serious government commitment to renewables for the masses – 35 percent by 2040 - it has kept true to its promise of an impressive 8 billion Euro commitment in renewable energies and energy efficiency within the next 8 years, in 2020. Energy alternative energy Casablanca Germany green investment Morocco renewable energy Solar Energ

Turning Fat into Fuel: The Production of Biodiesel

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One of these methods is the use of alternative fuels for powering their fleets. There are many alternative fuels, but one of the most promising is biodiesel. Alternative Energy Alternative Fuel and Transportation Biodiesel biofuel fuel management Biodiesel can be made from a variety of sources.

The Dog that Rescued Me & a 101 on Residential Solar

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Green Dude Segment: Eco Ed Schwartz – Residential Solar Energy 101. So, we’ll be doing a series of Green Dude segments with Eco Ed on solar energy. Not every home is a great candidate for solar – before you even consider solar, make sure to tighten up your home and make everything more energy efficient. Questions to ask when considering solar energy for your home: Do you have good southern exposure? We had WAY too much fun in the studio last week.

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Hydropower Could Meet More Of Turkey’s Energy Demand — But At What Cost?

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Electric energy demand in Turkey is projected to more than double over the next decade, to approximately 450 billlion kilowatt-hours. Business & Politics Climate Energy alternative energy Environmental damage hydro renewable energyA planned dam in southeastern Turkey would submerge Hasankeyf’s 10,000-year-old cultural relics and displace 50,000 people from the region. How many kilowatt hours is that worth?

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What Renewable Energy Is Most Cost-Effective by Region?

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Fortunately, we can turn to renewable energy alternatives that work similarly — and are better for the planet. The post What Renewable Energy Is Most Cost-Effective by Region? What’s one significant contributor to climate change? They’re called fossil fuels.

Brownfields to Renewable Energy Sites

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I found a couple of links about converting brownfields to sites for renewable energy via an article on Slashdot. Tags: renewable energy alternative energy sustainable development wind power electricity generation solar energy The first is an article about the idea from The Daily Climate and the second is a list of brownfield sites from the EPA. Despite the fact that we have thousands of these contaminated sites this sounds look a good idea.

U.S. Electricity Mix

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Tags: renewable energy alternative energy nuclear power electricity generation

Alternative Energy Investing

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If you think alternative energy is the future then maybe you want to invest in the sector. Tags: renewable energy alternative energy investing wind power solar energy A good analysis of sector ETFs by Charles Morand is available at SeekingAlpha. As with any investment do your homework. The sector, in my opinion, is gaining many entrants right now and at some point there will be a few great companies that emerge and define the industry.

Solar Energy Costs

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Combined with breakthroughs in PV technology, conservation and "smart grids" an alternative energy future looks promising. The price of alternative energy is the deal breaker for mass adoption. Tags: renewable energy alternative energy solar energy First Solar has recently announced that it reduced it's cost to $0.98 per watt. They are also close to producing 1 gigawatt of panels per year.

Alternative Energy Funding

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According to VentureBeat , the funding for cleantech dropped dramatically compared to the first quarter last year, with the exception of energy storage (i.e. The NY Times has reported that venture capital is shifting to efficiency projects over alternative fuels. Tags: renewable energy alternative energy electric cars energy use electricity generation I recently read about developments in venture capital funding in cleantech.

Despite Solyndra Bankruptcy, Solar Grew 69% From Obama Policy

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Republicans want you to believe that Americans hate clean energy. But Californa’s Solyndra was just one innovative clean tech investment among $90 billion worth of clean tech investments by the Department of Energy under the Obama administration’s Recovery Act. And the resulting solar job growth, at 69%, is the one bright spark in the dismal US economy, as we’ve covered here. ( BrightSource Solar Project to Make More Energy than Fossil Fuel Plants ).

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New Energy Economics book

Environmental Economics

Energy Economics  By Peter M. From the publisher: Energy Economics outlines the fundamental issues and possible solutions to the challenges of energy production and use, and presents a framework for energy decisions based upon sound economic analysis. This book focuses on both energy choices and the impact of these choices on market performance, environmental conditions, and sustainability. Schwarz.

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The world has two energy problems

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This leads to the conclusion that we really have two energy problems, one of the rich, and another of the poor. The lack of access to energy subjects people to a life in poverty. In addition to that we must find reliable ways of storing excess energy for use during the lean times.

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I signed the "Economists' Statement on Carbon Dividends"

Environmental Economics

Substituting a price signal for cumbersome regulations will promote economic growth and provide the regulatory certainty companies need for long-term investment in clean-energy alternatives. This system would enhance the competitiveness of American firms that are more energy-efficient than their global competitors.

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Opposition to Oil Drilling Begins to Boil in South Florida

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It sets a precedent to open more land for drilling at a time when we should be looking toward clean, sustainable energy alternatives such as wind and solar."  Dirty Money (oil) Energy Solutions Oil Our Wild America Politics

Ground-Breaking Solar Agreement Between LA and Nevada Tribe.

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Today Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa signed an agreement to purchase enough solar energy from Nevada's Moapa Band of Paiutes to power 105,000 Los Angeles homes. The Sierra Club has worked with allied environmental and community groups over recent months and years to galvanize public support for this transition to clean energy, as part of our My Generation campaign , and we also have a close partnership with the Moapa. View an alternate. Energy Solutions.

Revolutionary downdraft energy tower envisioned for US-Mexico border


First patented in 1975 by Phillip Carlson, the downdraft energy tower is a structure that will generate clean power through the use of wind turbines and solar heated air. 3000 Foot Downdraft Energy Tower. Dr Ramu Guetta and Prof Dan Zaslavsky of the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology have sought to implement Carlson’s idea and if all goes well, then the project will provide the residents of the border area with a clean energy alternative.

Thousands In Bangladesh March for 5 Days to Stop Proposed Coal-Fired Power Plant

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There are many alternatives for producing electricity but there are no alternatives to the Sundarbans. We can produce more and cheaper electricity using renewable sources of energy such as wind and solar power. But instead we have arranged for the destruction of the Sundarbans for the sake of only 1,320 megawatts of energy.” People across the world are joining together to fight deadly coal projects and demand the clean energy alternatives they need to power the future.

What are the Health Costs of Israeli Energy Security?

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Israel seeks energy independence and cleaner domestic sources, twin aspirations that support environmental and economic benefits. Is commerce subjugating exploration of renewable energy alternatives and protection of environmental rights?

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