The Little Big Year-Week 44: Off to the islands ‘Mon

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A 14 hour driving day got us to El Paso, and then a short drive the next day got us back in the Tucson area with a half day to wrap up some business, get packed and get to the airport by 4:30 Saturday morning. I was fortunate enough to be following in Mike and Corey’s shoes, and between referring back to their posts here, and an e-mail from Corey, at least had formed a plan of sorts.

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New Natural Gas Pipeline Proposals For U.S. West Cause Controversy

Eco Friendly Daily

There are currently dozens of proposed plans for infrastructure, renewable energy, oil and natural gas that are concerning environmentalists in the United States. The Ruby pipeline, proposed by the El Paso Corp., An additional concern for the El Paso proposal is the amount of water required for the project. Recent details of the proposal by El Paso Corp.


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The 20th Anniversary of the Environmental Justice Executive Order

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EJCP has worked closely with communities in: Appalachia, Detroit, El Paso, Flagstaff, Memphis, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Puerto Rico and Washington DC. Through EJ Plan 2014 (and EJ activists' advocacy around it), the EPA is facilitating the active participation of the aforementioned federal agencies with a coordinated approach to address the suffering of the overburdened EJ communities.

Energy Sprawl is the Largest Driver of Land Use Change in the U.S.

Nature Conservancy - Science

To put that number into perspective, it’s the equivalent of the entire state of Texas – from Amarillo to Brownsville, El Paso to Houston with a little bit left over. rooftop solar), and thoughtful planning for siting and mitigation of future development. Research Update from the NatureNet Science Fellows.

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Design Cities for Happiness

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He views cities as being planned for a purpose—to create human well-being. It now has spread to numerous Colombian cities as well as San Francisco; Quito, Ecuador; El Paso, Texas; Las Cruces, New Mexico; and is being explored for Chicago, New York, Portland and Melbourne, Australia. Economics, urban planning, ecology are only the means. Place-making Urban Planning Happiness Design

Bring It On

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OTC Plan B by Cory Doctorow used under CC BY-SA 2.0 When Plan B emergency contraceptives became available without a prescription, I sent my teenage daughter, Marley, and her friend Amanda out to do a little research. Researchers in El Paso, Texas, studied 500 women who got pills by prescription in the United States and 500 who got pills over the counter across the border.