New Natural Gas Pipeline Proposals For U.S. West Cause Controversy

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There are currently dozens of proposed plans for infrastructure, renewable energy, oil and natural gas that are concerning environmentalists in the United States. Another concern for the environment is increased natural gas pipelines in the United States’ west. The Rocky Mountains are estimated to hold approximately 375 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. Proponents of the fuel point to the fuel emitting less greenhouse gas emissions than coal.

Energy Sprawl is the Largest Driver of Land Use Change in the U.S.

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To put that number into perspective, it’s the equivalent of the entire state of Texas – from Amarillo to Brownsville, El Paso to Houston with a little bit left over. This is important because by 2040, unconventional gas production in the United States is expected to double and will account for nearly 85 percent of all US natural gas production.”. This means that many areas previously unsuitable for oil and gas development – as much as 1.3

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