Should You Invest in Renewable Energy for Your Home?

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Energy Information Administration (EIA). energy efficient lighting green home audit how to go green renewable energy saving energy saving money solar panels green home green home features green home improvements green home renovations improve home marketability save energy Residential electric bills are expected to rise two percent in 2014 and another two percent in 2015, according to the U.S.

Mining is for renewable energy!

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The Energy and Mines World Congress shows that 2019 will be considered the tipping point for solar and wind projects in the mining sector. The Energy and Mines World Congress that took place in Toronto provided great insights into the recent developments of onsite renewable energy applications at remote mines. Now the industry is understanding that renewable energy makes sense and cents. Sustainability goes well beyond renewables.


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Renewable energy investment matchmaking platform launched

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Renewable energy installations can provide round the clock energy in continents like Africa, where more than half of the people are without power. Advancing the renewables-based energy transformation is an opportunity to meet international climate goals while boosting economic growth, creating millions of jobs and improving human welfare by 2050, finds the first Global Renewables Outlook released by the International Renewable Energy Agency – IRENA.

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UK Government Introduces New Policy for Renewable Energy Producers

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A wind turbine that uses dragonfly biomimicry to maximize the wind’s energy. The government of the United Kingdom has announced their new energy policy, which is called Smart Export Guarantee. It is to replace FIT, which is designed to encourage uptake of a range of small-scale renewable and low-carbon electricity generation technologies. FIT officially closed in March, halting the payments of domestic and commercial green energy producers.

100% Renewable Energy as Centerpiece of a Climate Action Plan

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The rising economic, health-related, and environmental costs of burning fossil fuels, combined with the accelerating impacts of climate change repeatedly emphasize the urgency for transitioning to 100% Renewable Energy (RE). Those ready to lead the fossil fuel and nuclear phase-out and a 100 % renewable energy transition must speak up in New York and inspire the world. climate change green living renewable energy

Renewable energy will not support economic growth

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Renewable energy will not and cannot support perpetual economic growth, the way we have been doing it for so long, for too long, in fact. But unless we plan for the post-growth renewable future, and do this now, existing economic institutions may tend to shatter rather than adapt smoothly.

Renewable-Energy Cars Heat Up in Turkey

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TAK) hosted its first Alternative Energy Vehicle Races in the sunny Aegean coastal city. The event inspired Nihat Ergün, of Turkey’s Ministry for Science, Industry and Technology, to declare that the government will up its investments in renewable vehicles in coming years. Though Ergün expressed enthusiasm for developing renewable energies at the TÜB?TAK World’s First Integrated Renewables Combined Cycle Plant To Be Built in Turkey.

March Calls for Expansion of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

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This past Saturday hundreds of tribal leaders, clean energy supporters, and faith leaders from across the southwest joined the Moapa Band of Paiutes for a 16-mile "Coal to Clean Energy Walk." The march came on the heels of NV Energy announcing plans to retire its coal plants and stop drawing power from Arizona''s Navajo Generating Station. NV Energy moving to close the coal plant is the result of countless families coming together to demand change.

Meet the “Miss Pakistan” of Renewable Energy

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In 2011, she’s using her beauty and smarts to build a sustainable renewable energy climate in Pakistan. In Pakistan she works with the Alternative Energy Development Board , the Ministry of the Environment, and with private businessmen focusing on climate change and renewable investments. Paracha started working in development at the United Nations in 2007 where she covered the renewable energy beat around the Middle East, Latin America, and South East Asia.

Turkish Architects Reveal Plans for Renewable Energy-Generating Mosque

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A mosque slated to be built in the western city of Bursa will produce 120 kilowatts of electricity from solar and wind energy, according to Turkish paper Hürriyet Daily News. First Turkish mosque designed to run on renewables. But Bursa’s mosque will be the first to be designed as a renewable energy producer/consumer. Read more about renewable energy in Turkey: Mosque in Turkey Goes Solar. Energy mosques renewable energy solar wind

A Helpful Guide to Renewable Energy and Small Business

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There’s been a big crusade to get big business to adopt renewable energy. You see it every time a major corporation says they’re putting solar panels on their rooftops or buying energy from wind farms. However, small businesses can take advantage of renewable energy in a variety of ways too. Choose a Greener Energy Company You don’t have to put solar panels on your roof or buy a share of a windfarm to receive renewable energy.

Turkey Ripe For Renewable Energy Boom – So Why The Delay?

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Despite its vast solar and wind energy potential, Turkey’s renewable resources have only been developed in small pockets of the country, such as the windy Aegean island of Bozcaada (pictured above). Given Turkey’s high dependence on energy imports , the main reason behind its current account deficit, and Turkey’s rapidly growing energy demand, now is the perfect time for the country to expand its local energy production in a more local, sustainable direction.

How can countries ensure renewable energy technology is developed sufficiently?

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The world’s largest solar energy dish in Sde Boker, Israel. The demand for energy in today’s world is rising, specifically electricity, as there are now around 1.1 Having access to energy is key for human wellbeing, economic development and poverty prevention, and ensuring everyone has access is an ongoing challenge for global advancement. The UK has already made a step forwards in its mission to produce much more renewable energy. Energy

Michigan lawmaker wants to call burning tires “renewable energy”

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A Michigan house representative is trying to re-define renewable energy, with a bill that would make burning tires and other industrial solid waste count towards the state’s mandate of generating 10 percent of its energy from renewables. The bill states that, if passed, it will “remove unnecessary burdens on the appropriate use of solid was as a clean energy source.” Yet waste-to-energy programs raise some serious concerns.

Masdar Unveils Plan for a 100% Renewable Energy Micro-grid

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The Masdar Institute (MI) has teamed up with the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) headed by Denmark’s former Prime Minister, and the Research Institute for Industrial Science and Technology (RIST) from South Korea to develop a 100% renewable energy micro-grid in Abu Dhabi. Led by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Directorate for Energy & Climate Change and coordinated by the GGGI, the project was recently launched at the Shangri-la Hotel in Abu Dhabi.

Meet Morocco’s Renewable Energy Market at EneR in November

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Meet billions of dollars in human capital and renewable energy finance at the EneR event in November. Morocco to invest 8 billion Euros in renewables over the next 8 years. As the first Arab country to make a serious government commitment to renewables for the masses – 35 percent by 2040 - it has kept true to its promise of an impressive 8 billion Euro commitment in renewable energies and energy efficiency within the next 8 years, in 2020.

Renewable energy coalition releases 12 step manifesto

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UK’s leading renewable energy organisations sign up to joint General Election manifesto 12 proposals to help ensure delivery of 2020 targets Urgent need to act due to climate change, decommissioning of ageing plant and energy security Nine of the UK’s leading renewable energy trade associations have signed up to a joint Manifesto, outlining proposals for the timely delivery of 2020 targets and urging the Government to act now on the looming energy and climate crisis.

Renewable Energy Tour of Cuba


Once again, in 2012, Solar Energy International and Global Exchange are offering an amazing opportunity to study renewable energy and energy efficiency policy and programs in Cuba. Cuba has already undergone an energy famine."siad The research tour, April 19-29, 2012, involves policy meetings and installation site visits in Havana City, Pinar del Rio and Santiago de Cuba, as well as the CUBA SOLAR conference in Santiago de Cuba. "We

Cuba 66

RenewableUK: Government’s renewable energy proposals ‘credible’

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Government pledges ‘£200 million for the development of low carbon technologies including offshore wind technology and manufacturing at ports sites’ Industry awaits details RenewableUK, the country’s leading renewable energy trade association, stated that, given the range of cuts necessary to reduce the UK’s deficit, the part of the spending review dealing with renewable energy and the environment is credible and considered.

Renewable energy growth statistics released from NREL


The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has released the 2012 Renewable Energy Data Book on behalf of the Energy Department’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. energy statistics for 2012, including renewable electricity, worldwide renewable energy development, clean energy investments, and data on specific technologies.

Was the Arab Spring Good for Renewable Energy?

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How is the Arab Spring, which has caused massive financial losses on one side, also able to influence growth and development of renewable and green sources of energy? Renewable energy has become more attractive. Net importers of energy face great economical challenges caused by the high and unstable oil prices. Rising fuel costs and increasing demand in solar power reduces the need of governmental incentives to support the growth of renewable energy.

How Your Windows Affect Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

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By now, almost everyone must have investigated ways to make their home more energy-efficient, whether it’s something as simple as insulating the loft or a bigger step like installing a more energy-efficient boiler, or even putting solar panels on the roof to take advantage of free, renewable energy and the government’s feed-in [.]. Happy Earth Day!

Australia's Renewable Energy Journey in Numbers


The age of the fossil fuel is dying out, and the time for energy efficiency is rising. The focus instead has now shifted to renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, hydro and geothermal. The technology to convert the earth’s natural, and extremely powerful, sources of energy is rapidly developing and already a large number of Australian households are installing photovoltaic

Energy Efficiency Then and Now

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Energy Efficiency Then and Now. Nixon’s administration almost lost sight of the goal (which was, then as now, energy independence). At that time, energy efficiency was an entirely new concept, and one largely unfamiliar to a nation which had won WWII and never envisioned a day when its enormous financial and industrial base couldn’t support a need for twice as much oil as the nation had used in pre-war years. Department of Energy, or DOE).

Newly Anti-Nuclear Japan Scrambles for Renewable Energy Solutions

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With the disastrous tsunami of March 11, 2011 looming not far in the background, Japan is struggling to decide what to do about record energy shortages. Public opinion has turned strongly against nuclear energy and put plans for nuclear expansion, popular up to the time of the earthquake, suddenly out of the question. Even with drastic energy-saving measures in place, the hopes for making severe cuts to energy consumption are not high.

Reasons to Use a Business Energy Provider 

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Every home should feel like an eco oasis, and it can be done by saving energy. All businesses require energy to perform their daily functions. Finding the right energy deal can transform your business while helping you achieve your goals in the best way possible.

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Israel approves 30% renewables goal for 2030: Revolution or low bar?

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The Israeli cabinet has approved the proposal to increase Israel’s 2030 renewable energy target from 17% to 30%. A plan by Ministry of Energy , presented in July, foresees as an increase of the cumulative solar PV capacity of Israel from currently around 2 GW to 15.77

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The Effect of Climate Change on Renewable Energy

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The western states depend upon hydropower for a significant portion of their energy needs. As an energy source, hydropower is a clean alternative. That means that other energy sources will have to fill in the gaps. Perhaps the findings by Madani can lead the state on a path to more efficient operations and mitigate the environmental costs. The drought conditions of the summer of 2012 have brought global warming and the effects of climate change to the surface.

Investing in green bonds with RE Royalties and Peter Leighton

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The year 2020 onwards will be the decade of action for renewable energy. Renewable energy is something we all want. Green Prophet: A wind energy farm in British Columbia. What has been the perception of renewables since Covid-19, before and after. .

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Wave Energy Converters: Large-Scale Renewable Energy

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Energy produced using the movement of water—hydroelectric energy—is one of the most efficient ways to create electricity. The problems with hydroelectric energy come from its non-energy-related side effects, like flooding people out of their homes and creating reservoirs full of organic plant and animal matter that decays underwater and produces mercury. Alternative Energy Videos

The Great Transition, Part I: From Fossil Fuels to Renewable Energy

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The great energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy is under way. As fossil fuel prices rise, as oil insecurity deepens, and as concerns about pollution and climate instability cast a shadow over the future of coal, a new world energy economy is emerging. The old energy economy, fueled by oil, coal, and natural gas, is being replaced with an economy powered by wind, solar, and geothermal energy.

Picture Perfect Energy Efficiency

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With that in mind, those same smart Resource Media folks did some testing to pick out what kinds of visuals capitalize on the widespread enthusiasm Americans have for energy efficiency to boost support for bigger picture policy initiatives. The opportunity: The good news is that people across the political spectrum support energy efficiency. The challenge: People view energy efficiency as a personal responsibility, not the job of government or regulations.

5 Ways to Improve the Environment in Your Own Home

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The design and layout and even energy use and recycling practices in the home influences how we perceive the room. To help you out, here are five ways to improve the environment of your home, ideas which include sensible, sustainable design and using good energy. Let in natural energy.

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The Energy Report -100% Renewable Energy by 2050

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Two years in preparation, The Energy Report presents a provocative scenario, set in 2050, of a world run entirely on renewable energy. By 2050, we could get all the energy we need from renewable sources. Paramount will be the substantive increase in measures to conserve energy in all sectors. MB pdf The Energy Report (high res) 82.00 MB pdf The Energy Report - Part 1 (low res) 6.62 MB pdf The Energy Report - Part 2 (high res) 4.82

BMW makes sustainable aluminium with Dubai’s Sun

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Producing aluminium is energy intensive, and generating electricity accounts for some 60 per cent of the global aluminium industry’s greenhouse gas emissions. One key example of this is by improving the efficiency of vehicles through reducing their weight.

What are the most efficient solar panels on the market?

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when looking for the most efficient solar panels is that high efficiency does not always provide the highest return on investment. When deciding which solar panels are the best for your project, you should consider a system that will offer you the best financial benefits rather than just the most efficient solar panels. Quick Navigation for Most Efficient Solar Panels on the Market. Monocrystalline: Most efficient. Tips to improve the efficiency of your panels.

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Why Businesses Should Go Green With Their Architectural Plans

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But, behind these looks is also the increased demand for energy production. Green architecture refers to the concept of constructing and designing buildings while taking into consideration sustainable sources of energy. Improvement in Energy Efficiency.

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Sharp Sets New Solar Cell Efficiency Record

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Yes, the race is on to see what company can create the most efficient solar panel, the ultimate goal being 50% efficiency. efficiency in May with their new triple-junction compound solar cell. This is a big advance over their previous panel which had a reported efficiency of 36.9%. Everyone knows that solar power panels generate clean energy and are an excellent alternative energy source to fossil fuels, but the low efficiency is problematic.

Subsides Jeopardize Renewable Energy Projects In The Middle East

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Energy subsidies keeping petrol and electricity prices low in the Middle East are jeopardizing the chances of renewable energy projects. The steady supply of cheap energy also means that petrol prices in Gulf nations are some of the lowest in the world, with many paying under $0.2 In fact it represents a wasteful use of energy that is driven by energy subsidies. GDP per unit of energy consumed whilst the more energy efficient European Union generates $8.1

Eco Focused - Wonderful Source for Energy Efficiency Information 

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It is no secret that energy is a huge part of our everyday lives; we come in contact with the stuff almost every second of the day. Energy warms us up, cools us down, helps us cook and lights up the darkness. So it is easy to say that energy is here to stay. The trouble with consuming all this energy though is the negative impact doing so has on the environment. So we must urgently concentrate on switching to cleaner energy sources and conservation efforts.

Tax Breaks for Energy Efficient Homes

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In a bid to address climate change, promoting sustainability efforts and replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy sources are viewed as the key solution. To this end, among the actions undertaken across the world is the implementation of credits for renewable energy projects. A renewable energy credit is any tax credit offered by governments as an incentive for the installation and operation of renewable energy systems like solar and wind power.

Endesa’s Solar House 2.0 Pavilion adapts to maximum renewable energy potential


is a rare structure that adopts to maximize the renewable energy potential of its location. These protrusions are designed to creatively maximize the use of energy; they allow a steady absorption of the sun’s energy independent of the seasons. The building structure has been constructed from wood and it efficiently exploits its thermal and natural expanding properties. Pratima Kalra: The Endesa Pavilion, Solar House 2.0,

At the Intersection of Renewable Energy and Historic Architecture, A Wreck of Old Forms and New Ideas

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Louis neighborhood must be made of wood–a highly inefficient material that wastes a significant amount of energy. Building owners have been faced with accusations that their energy-efficient goals don’t line up with the neighborhood’s historic look and feel, especially by activists who feel that certain types of replacement windows would change the character of the neighborhood. Renewable energy suffered another blow, and Hiscox went to the press.