Day 4 of Geothermal: What Does a Geothermal System Cost?

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Geothermal has proven to be a huge cost savings. A geothermal system for the home will cost more upfront than if you bought a separate forced-air gas-fired or oil-fired furnace and central air conditioning system, but not as much as you might think. We were surprised that thought there was a little more upfront, after our rebates Geothermal was hands down the least expesnsive path with the most benefits. Payback for most geothermal heat pump systems runs three to five years.

Day 1 of Geothermal: Why We’re Doing It

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When I mentioned to my parents (among others) that we were installing a geothermal system in our new house, they had blank stares. My long and winding path through the selection of the best heating and cooling system began six months ago and culminated with the selection of a geothermal system, which is right for us for so many reasons. Today’s post is the first in a four-part series on why we chose geothermal and what it is.


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Tax Breaks for Energy Efficient Homes

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offer tax breaks for home improvements that make homes more energy efficient. The United States is the world’s second largest energy consumer behind China, said the United Nations, which encourages the country to reduce its energy consumption and improve energy efficiency across all sectors including residential. To qualify for the Federal tax credit, homeowners must have qualifying energy-efficient properties in their main residences within the period of 2006 through 2013.

Deep Energy Retrofit: What it is and How it Can Help Create an Energy Efficient Home

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More homeowners today realize the importance of having an energy efficient home. By implementing a deep energy retrofit for your home, you can reconfigure the way your dwelling uses energy so it’s more comfortable, healthier and cost-efficient. The camera also detects low insulation levels and water problems. Visual test: The auditor looks for red flags like damaged insulation, mold growth or structural problems.

With a week left to file, did you remember your energy tax credits?

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I finished my takes last week, and all told we are receiving more than $38,000 in tax credits both federal and state from the installation of geothermal system and other ENERGY STAR products in our home in 2009. Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit for Solar Water Heat, Solar Space Heat, Photovoltaic, Wind, Geothermal Heat Pumps. o Solar Water Heat, Solar Space Heat, Solar Thermal Electric, Photovoltaic, Wind, Geothermal Heat Pumps, Solar Pool Heating.

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There’s Money Out There to Upgrade Your Home

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ENERGY STAR appliances, spray foam insulation, ENERGY STAR windows, metal roofs, and more, there are opportunites for you to use the government’s money to upgrade your home this year. Solar Water Heat, Solar Space Heat, Photovoltaic, Wind, Geothermal Heat Pumps : Amount: 25% of installed cost including labor and materials. Appliance and Equipment Efficiency Standards: Credit amount is based on the product. Insulation: 10% of cost, up to $5000.

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Researchers create PV metamaterial with 95 percent efficiency


Geothermal Energy. Researchers create PV metamaterial with 95 percent efficiency. Their project deals with a specific kind of metamaterial that can absorb a wide range of light, thus leading to a new generation of highly efficient solar cells. However, in this case, the design of the metamaterial is structurally evolved to form a wedge shaped pattern, composed from alternating layers of metal and an insulating material called a dielectric. Please login. Sign In.

Green Life Smart Life - Untitled Article

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When my husband and I embarked on this project I believed green living and a tech lifestyle could co-exist, what I found was that technology helped us be more energy efficient, more connected and smarter in the way we designed, built and live in our home. With spray foam insulation filling the building envelope the home received a HERS rating of 58. We are thrilled with our decision to install a five-zone geothermal HVAC system, including a dedicated heat pump for the wine cellar.

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Home Energy Tax Credits - How You Can Benefit

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Congress has now passed a total of 2 bailout bills in less than six months and in both pieces of legislation are a suite of tax incentives for homeowners and consumers interested in energy efficiency and using renewable energy sources in their homes and cars. Home Energy Credit for Geothermal, Solar, Wind. Geothermal heat systems (look for more info on how GLSL is incorporating this into the house project in an upcoming post!)

2009 40

How To Go Green: 5 Green Living Resolutions for 2011

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Buy an insulating blanket and wrap around the water heater. Check attic insulation and make sure there are no gaps allowing for heat loss this winter. Here’s a list of useful things you can do to make your home more energy efficient: [link] Monica January 18, 2011 at 12:36 pm If being green is as important to you as it is to me, you should definitely check out the Planet Green channel.

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How To Go Green At Home: Create A Greener Living Room | Living.

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For example, a living room without R-22 insulation in the walls will lose a lot of heated air in the winter and cooled air in the summer. Blowing insulation into the walls can help prevent that energy loss. Finally, decorator decisions might have made the living room less energy efficient as well. The cost effectiveness of using insulating wall coverings can be surprisingly dramatic.

2011 133

Small is Beautiful: We Don't Need to Go Big To Create New Energy Sources

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It’s going to depend on being heavily insulated, high efficiency building, with solar energy and geothermal energy. PERI's Robert Pollin, author of Greening the Global Economy, says community-owned renewable energy sources are the path to the future PAUL JAY, SENIOR EDITOR, TRNN: Welcome to the Real News Network. I’m Paul Jay coming today from the PERI Institute in Amherst, Massachusetts.

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New Year’s Resolution #11 – Conserve Energy

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The easiest way to make sure you’re being as efficient as possible is to get a programmable thermostat that will automatically adjust the temperature in your home, even if you forget. Also be sure to close off vents in unused rooms and to insulate your home well. These appliances will be guaranteed to meet EPA standards for high energy efficiency while still maintaining the standards of regular appliances. Like water, energy is something it’s easy to take for granted.

Can Your Home Become a Net Zero Home?


They’re able to do this through high efficiency and producing their own energy, often by installing solar panels. 1 Increase efficiency. You can then correct these issues by putting in better insulation or sealing gaps around windows and doors. You can also install more energy efficient windows. You can also check the energy efficiency ratings of the appliances you have in your home and replace those that are older and are more efficient.

2018 42

Generating power from seawater using graphite foam


Geothermal Energy. Geothermal power is the only constant green source of base power, unlike solar and wind power, which are unreliable. Apart from OTEC the technology used to build these heat exchangers can also be helpful in improving the efficiency of other types of plants. Energy-efficient way to Desalinate seawater using ocean waves! UK researchers have observed that ocean waves could be used as an energy-efficient way for desalinating seawater.

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LEED for Homes Point by Point – Energy & Atmosphere

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Based on a 100 point scale which is an average home, a home achieving HERS 85 is 15% more efficient. In our case, our preliminary HERS rating based on our building envelope leakage rate of less than 4%, our windows, our solar gain, our roof’s solar reflective index (SRI), our sprayfoam insulation, our geothermal HVAC system , and all of the design elements placed us at a HERS of 58, making our home 42% more efficient than an average home. Energy and Atmosphere : 21.5

Heating in a Post-Oil Age World

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It is the woodland management – or lack of it – that needs changing first and foremost and even then we may still have problems unless we can get super-efficient stoves for cooking and heating. after oil we also and foremost must insulate them so that the heat loss is reduced to an absolute minimum and that they retain heat. Lots of glass, for instance, even if it is triple-glazed, does not make for an efficient building, as far as heat retention is concerned.

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Huge eco-friendly luxury living project coming to Cairo

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The project is intended to balance the efficient distribution of 1000 apartments and a contemporary and sustainable identity. It is eco-designed according to bioclimatic rules (solar cycle, prevailing wind directions, endemic plant species etc), and by incorporating renewable energies (wind turbines, thermal solar energy, photovoltaic solar energy, geothermal energy, biomass etc). Luxury usually comes at a high price, not only financially but environmentally too.

Federal Tax Credits for Tankless Water Heaters

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The maximum credit has been raised from $500 to $1500; however some improvements such as geothermal heat pumps, solar water heaters, and solar panels are not subject to the $1500 maximum. Insulation. Geothermal Heat Pumps. Tankless water heaters, which are also called instantaneous or demand water heaters, are becoming extremely popular these days because of their efficiency. It’s almost tax time, and you know what that means – finding every last deduction!

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World Could Run on Renewable Energy by 2090

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The report creates a scenario that includes biomass, geothermal , solar and wind energy providing the bulk of the world's power. While the development of those sources is key, the larger component of the scenario is major increases in efficiency. These gains would be made by instituting rooftop wind and solar so that energy is generated close to the consumer, as well as retrofitting and maximizing the efficiency of buildings, particularly through better insulation.

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The Power of an Example: New Net-Zero Energy Office an Inspiration

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Here are the basics of the building : Geothermal HVAC. Energy efficient building envelope (state-of-the-art eco-insulation). Sierra Club members and staff have been working to make our homes energy efficient and powered by clean energy, and now, our volunteers and staff in Florida can come to work for the clean energy future in an office building that matches our values. Compass. « COP 18: This Is Why Were All Here | Main.

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LEED-H and the Quest for Less Than 4% Duct Leakage Rate

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We just finished our sprayfoam insulation which means we also just went through another LEED-H test. As part of our LEED performance path we needed to install insulation to meet the Grade II specifications set by the National Home Energy Rating Standards (HERS index) and the installation must be verified by an energy rater or Green Rater conducting a pre-drywall thermal bypass inspection. All the homes had similar insulation levels.

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How to Love and Live in Your Eco-Inspired Home

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Insulating your home, using an energy-efficient space heater , and good old fashioned bundling up will certainly help you do your part in reducing energy consumption. But for extreme green, try installing a geothermal heating system, with loops deep in the ground around your home, and a heater exchange to collect relative heat from the ground. The use of rugs is a quick DIY insulation that gives you a chance to add a new style element in your living space.

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Tips for interviewing and Choosing a LEED professional for your project

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Also, I have found that longtime raters are not big fans of geothermal because it uses more electricity despite achieving 100% efficiency in COP and incredibly high SEER rating. Call it what you want; it’s clean, efficient, safe and independent of the oil and gas utilities. For us, one item we could have done was install an insulated concrete foundation as opposed to traditional.

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4 The tumbling cost of PV and the falling cost of other renewables is likely to lead to an explosive growth of PV and substantial growth in clean power from such things as onshore and offshore wind power, combined-heat-and-power (CHP), wave power, power from tidal streams and tidal lagoons, power from biomass, biogas and biomethane, enhanced geothermal systems (EGS), hydropower, and large-scale generation of solar power and wind power in desert regions.

15 Future Wonders of Green Technology

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A large thermoplastic ‘umbrella’ on the garden roof of the house shades and insulates the house and collects solar energy. The circular design of the structure will allow efficient circulation of air to enhance the passive heating and cooling of the building. The structure is anticipated to have a LEED gold rating; it will be outfitted with rainwater harvesting systems, geothermal cooling and high performance glass designed to protect migratory birds.

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Towards a Sustainable Energy Future

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For a sustainable energy future, we have abundance of renewable energy potential and we should improve more our energy efficiency in all aspects from technology, manufacturing, building to daily life consuming. Saving energy and improving energy efficiency The first and foremost available solution is energy conservation, through reducing energy waste and increasing energy efficiency. It is completely renewable, and very efficient.

Geneva International Airport gets CERN developed solar panels


Geothermal Energy. They provide the PVs ’ heat chambers with higher insulation ensuring a considerable reduction in heat loss. This strengthens the efficiency of the system. CERN Provides Geneva International Airport With Solar Panels The ultra-high vacuum created by CERN provides the panels’ heat chambers with outstanding insulation. What’s Next: Harnessing geothermal energy from volcanoes. Please login. Sign In. User Name / Email. Password. Forgot Password.

Stunning products made using recycled paper


Geothermal Energy. It has been double stitched for insulation and provided with a green cord made from natural cotton so that you can carry it with you, wherever you go. What’s next: Energy efficient electric vehicles. Please login. Sign In. User Name / Email. Password. Forgot Password. Dont have an account? Join Now. Login. slideshows. Greenlists //. gallery //. Transportation. Architecture. Technology. Green Products. Solar Power. More >>. Renewable Energy. Green Homes.

Kiwi House is a tiny sustainable dwelling nestling amidst the.


Geothermal Energy. Photovoltic panels capture the sun’s energy and the interior of the house has been given a super insulation construction, which considerably keeps the house off the grid. For the insulation part, firstly, the public wall of the house has been constructed using local Montana stone and reclaimed redwood has been used for the other walls. Most efficient solar panel technologies promising enhanced power output. Please login. Sign In. User Name / Email.

FrieslandCampina's Vietnam headquarters combines stunning.


Geothermal Energy. The sloping living green roof is a functional patch of vegetation that absorbs rain water, insulates against noise and heat and reduces the overall heat island effect (a phenomenon that sees urban areas witnessing higher temperatures than the surrounding countryside). Weve always believed that the future of computing lies in computers that are either powered by renewable energy or carry highly energy efficient chips. Please login. Sign In.