Solar retreat in the Liwa Desert – futuristic functionality or rich man’s folly?

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An unnamed client hired London-based Baharash Architecture to design a luxury home that could fully function off the energy grid. Similarly, there is scant info on planned efficiencies for building systems and appliances. That’s a tall order for any residence in Abu Dhabi, now consider the challenges for one sited in the punishing clime of the hyper-arid Liwa Desert where summer temperatures top 100°F.

Supercomfy, Beautiful, and Efficient: The Many Benefits of Green Architecture

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Green architecture or a green building is defined by the EPA as: …the practice of creating structures and using processes that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building’s life-cycle from siting to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and deconstruction. From energy efficient office buildings to more efficient homes, you can find a number of cost savings in the day to day use and running of a green home or building.

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Maintenance Tips: Window A/C Unit & Energy Efficiency

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Creating a maintenance plan for any window A/C unit is an important first step in optimizing your comfort, while making sure each appliance is functioning with the best energy efficiency possible. The post Maintenance Tips: Window A/C Unit & Energy Efficiency appeared first on Green Living Ideas.

Energy Efficient Micro Appliances

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This stainless steel duo saves a ton of space, and is cleverly designed to be chic yet functional. They are 30%-50% percent more energy efficient than a traditional water heater, and the automatic shut-off features provides huge energy savings. Tagged: energy efficient appliances, energy efficient Microwaves, tankless water heaters. Tags: Energy Green Electronics energy efficient appliances energy efficient Microwaves tankless water heaters

7 Home Energy Efficiency Tips!

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Often older homes need retrofitting to become more energy efficient, but even new homes can benefit from simple tweaks to make your home cleaner and greener (and save you money). Below we’ve shared some of our favorite green living tips for homeowners new and old to make homes more efficient and healthier for all the residents. 7 Home Energy Efficiency Tips. Eco Home Living energy efficient home

Energy Efficient Living

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As the cost of energy continues to rise and budgets become less and less flexible, everyone is realizing the connection between living e a greener, more energy efficient life and cost savings. The dryer and the refrigerator use up the bulk of home energy usage, but both can be made more efficient easily. Also, checking your refrigerator and ovens for correct temperatures ensures that things are working properly and functioning at their most efficient.

Energy Efficient Living

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As the cost of energy continues to rise and budgets become less and less flexible, everyone is realizing the connection between living e a greener, more energy efficient life and cost savings. The dryer and the refrigerator use up the bulk of home energy usage, but both can be made more efficient easily. Also, checking your refrigerator and ovens for correct temperatures ensures that things are working properly and functioning at their most efficient.

Saving Money with Solar and Energy Efficiency in Southern California

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New Ads Highlight World Banks Deadly Coal Plans For Kosovo » Saving Money with Solar and Energy Efficiency in Southern California. Green Building Council to hold a forum on energy efficiency and solar installations. The forum ended up being a very popular event, as more than 65 people came together to hear about solar energy in their communities and energy efficiency tips for their homes. Compass. « The Latest Great Clean Energy News | Main. |

Modernize Your Home With These 3 Energy Efficient Upgrades

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Across the world people are increasingly embracing energy efficient retrofits that significantly lower financial costs while preserving valuable resources that would otherwise be wasted. Read on to discover three of the most popular ways you can modernize your home to become as energy efficient as possible. Energy Efficient Heaters. How do Energy Efficient Heaters work? The post Modernize Your Home With These 3 Energy Efficient Upgrades appeared first on Eco-Chick.

AOC Announces Energy-Efficient 50 Series Monitors at Staples

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AOC’s Energy-Efficient 50 Series Monitors Now Available at Staples Retail Stores Nationwide AOC’s slim 22- and 24-inch LED monitors ideal for home and office environments, offer impressive features and image quality at an affordable price Fremont, CA – April 2012 : AOC, a worldwide leader in monitor display technology, today announces the eco-friendly 50 Series of LED monitors is available at Staples office superstores nationwide.

Design your own LEED energy efficient dream green prefab with Blu

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But prefabs tend to be more energy efficient and easier to maintain than conventional homes, so lowered operation and maintenance costs will – in the long run – help recoup your initial investment. Energy-efficient lighting and appliances. But so far none have offered a fun function like Blu Homes’ “Configurator” , which may be the perfect tool to test if a lean, green living machine is the best place for you to hang your hat.

3 Easy Ways To Make Your Computer More Energy Efficient

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So to help you lower your monthly electric bill, we’ve come up with three easy ways to make your computer more energy efficient: 3 easy ways to make your computer more energy efficient. The whole idea behind screen savers was to keep your computers monitor from getting images “burned into it” However, computer technology has come a long way and this isn’t really a big concern for more modern computers, yet, they still have the screen saver function.

Enecsys announces the cost-saving, solar PV Duo: the power and functionality of two micro-inverters in one package

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The Enecsys Duo micro-inverter has 95% peak efficiency and 93% Euro efficiency. 360W dual micro-inverter reduces costs, maintains individual MPPT for maximum energy harvest from each solar PV module and simplifies system design and installation Cambridge, UK, March 2011: Enecsys Limited , a solar photovoltaic (PV) micro-inverter company, announces the Enecsys Duo micro-inverter.

Reasons to Use a Business Energy Provider 

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All businesses require energy to perform their daily functions. Lifestyle Energy Efficiency renewable energyEvery home should feel like an eco oasis, and it can be done by saving energy. Here’s how it can be done. It is an unavoidable expense, which can be a bit costly.

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Tunneling through to power saving gadgets with efficient electronics


But even with the alternates the best way to move forward would be to increase the efficiency of electronic gadgets and make them more eco-friendly. Electrifying Trends for Efficient Tomorrow. Modern research has shown that doped Graphene is a far more efficient and effective for fabrication of electrical components than pure sheets of Graphene. Graphene can help synthesize electrical components that are far more efficient than those available today.

Blueair Sense air purifier is energy efficient and effective


It also uses the company’s own HEPASilent technology that is said to deliver cleaner air more efficiently and silently. It also enables Sense to function without consuming too much energy. Sonia Renthlei: We’re living in a world where pollutants are the norm in view of the many factories and automobiles that exist and spew carbon emissions every second. Since we’ve come this far, there’s only so much we can do to reverse the trend.

LEDs, Let There Be Light

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Invented in 1907 and refined in the early ‘60’s to provide visible-spectrum light, LEDs function via a semi-conductor in a plastic housing, making them stronger and more shock-resistant than standard (incandescent) light bulbs. Defining Green Energy Efficiency Going Green Green Energy Holidays Living Green NON-TOXIC BIO-BASED RECYCLABLE USA MADE WATER ENERGY EFFICIENT CFL incandescent LED mercury wide-spectrum lightingLEDs, Let There Be Light.

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Researchers create PV metamaterial with 95 percent efficiency


Researchers create PV metamaterial with 95 percent efficiency. Fundamentally, defined as artificial materials that are created to exhibit some unique property that doesnt occur naturally, their functionality is based on their intrinsic structure, rather than composition. Their project deals with a specific kind of metamaterial that can absorb a wide range of light, thus leading to a new generation of highly efficient solar cells. Please login. Sign In. User Name / Email.

Top 10 Tips for a Greener Summer Vacation

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This will make it run more efficiently and waste less gasoline or diesel so the air stays cleaner. You can plot your course using Google maps, and mark the green restaurants along the way using the Green Restaurant Association’s search functions. Going Green Green Energy SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS SUSTAINABLY SOURCED USA MADE WATER ENERGY EFFICIENT eco travel green camping green home green living greeningTop 10 Tips for a Greener Summer Vacation. Go Camping!

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The Lifecycle of an Aluminum Can

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This coating, bisphenol A or BPA, which has been linked to cancer, obesity in children, reproductive anomalies in girls and inadequate thyroid function and lowered male hormones in newborn boys, also has the long-term potential of causing severe retardation in future generations. Tagged: aluminum can , ENERGY EFFICIENT , RECYCLED-UPCYCLED , Recycling , SUSTAINABLE. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle aluminum can ENERGY EFFICIENT RECYCLED-UPCYCLED Recycling SUSTAINABLE

Dubai, Abu Dhabi ban high energy incandescent light bulbs

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“These include electrical safety, energy efficiency, functionality and a limit to the content of hazardous chemicals.” . This will be especially problematic in the UAE, where Emiratis still pay a fraction of what energy really costs because of government subsidies, which means there is little incentive to buy the more efficient bulbs that are also more expensive. Cities CFLs Energy Efficiency energy shortages LEDs Middle East UAE light bulb ban

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Could This Egyptians Laser Panels be the Future of Solar Power?

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Having pursued his interest in physics in his spare time, he’s come up with a theoretical method of improving upon the efficiency of the photovoltaic solar cells currently in use the world over. According to Gooda’s calculations, this will enable his cells to operate at 70% efficiency, a noteworthy claim that given that current cells are only able to convert 40% of their solar input into usable power.

Solar panels and saving money at home

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This could keep your pets safe, even when the electric company cannot keep the power functioning during bad weather. Cities Energy Efficiency green home pets Solar Energy solar panel How would you like to save money by no longer paying electric bills? There are several ways in which this can be accomplished. The first option is to go completely off the grid, and choose not to use electricity of any kind.

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Stunning Resort In Abu Dhabi Desert Will Celebrate Bedouin Architecture

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And we love that the designers have planned to use local materials , water-sparing indigenous flora, and smart design that will make this resort energy efficient. Since the desert dwellers had to build clever buildings, the design will also serve a functional purpose. In that sense, the 70 hectare resort will be energy efficient and definitely takes important strides towards sustainability.

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The Ten Benefits of Lighting Control

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The baseline benefit of incorporating lighting control in a built environment stems from the disparity in efficiency between the conservation and creation of energy. He goes through a great deal of detail, and explains down to the penny how much more efficient dimming is than power generation. The summary of Dr. Rowbottom’s findings is this: it is 4 to 22 times more efficient to conserve energy using dimming than to generate energy via a power plant.

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FilterWatch: Save Energy for Heating and Cooling

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If your home has a heating and cooling system, you might be shocked to know that it’s probably not functioning at its best. FilterWatch is a revolutionary way to ensure that your heating and cooling systems are running their best, keeping your air clean and being the most energy efficient. After years in the heating and cooling industry, these guys knows the importance of a properly functioning heating and cooling system. Eco Home Living energy-efficiency filters HVAC

Mnuchin vs. Thunberg vs. Neoclassical Economics

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  The main focus of intro econ courses is more likely the efficient functioning of the market.    It's been called Econ 101-ism , or Economism - the idea that the simplest supply and demand, invisible hand, perfectly-functioning markets examples from Econ 101 actually describe the real world, and therefore that the proper policy solution to almost anything is to cut taxes and reduce the size of the government. 

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Experiencing the Power of Breath.

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Each little factory needs two different types of workers in order to function well. A cell needs 32 molecules of oxygen for every one molecule of glucose to function efficiently! Each cell in our bodies is like a factory. The first is glucose, which comes from the liver when it breaks down our food. The second is oxygen.

How To Install And Use A Timer Strip for Energy Savings

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By now your timer strip should be installed and function properly. If you’re looking for more ways to save energy around the home, consider installing a smart strip or water efficient shower head. DIY (do-it-yourself) Projects Eco Friendly Home Maintenance Eco Home Living Energy Efficiency Green Lifestyle Home Energy Usage Home Improvement dial electronic devices outlet save energy save money swtich timer

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Green Building Perspectives: Whirlpool

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Much like Green Life Smart Life, Whirlpool seeks to help families green their lifestyles with simple tips to help them be more efficient in the kitchen and laundry room. In a recent survey that Whirlpool conducted with Harris Interactive, 84 percent of consumers said that energy efficiency is most important to them in regards to appliances. How is your company evolving to address green living and energy efficiency? Eco-efficiency is a significant focus for Whirlpool.

Selecting the best appliances for energy and water savings

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As available appliances for the project will bear the ENERGY STAR label and assist us in maintaining the highest level of energy efficiency throughout the home. Our selections include: Whirlpool Brand Resource Saver Dishwasher – Features the eco-friendly Resource Saver wash system and CEE Tier II recognition from the Department of Energy Consortium for Energy Efficiency ratings. A more precise set of heat and moisture detection sensors allows clothes to dry more efficiently.

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Assessing Your Living Space For A Window Air Conditioner

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You’ll need to consider more than just the size of the room to ensure both proper installation and function of a window A/C unit. These equations will give you the square footage of the room, which will determine the size of A/C unit you will need to efficiently cool the space. Conservation DIY (do-it-yourself) Projects Energy Efficiency Green Lifestyle Home Energy Usage A/C A/C Unit Measuring Tape Window Air Conditioner

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Rustic Modern Wall Art and Decor Ideas

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Work spaces certainly need personality, and walls are excellent places to decorate without affecting the efficiency of work processes. By combining the functionality and boldness of modern design with the simplicity of rustic home and furniture style adds character and wisdom to any work space. More efficient wall art might include using rustic materials or designs, like old style wooden shelves, crates, or hooks to organize modern materials like technology, books, coats, or tools.

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Identity Economics and Environmental Policy

Environmental Economics

  Basically, identity economics modifies a person's utility function - in addition to caring about the normal stuff like consumption, people also care about how their actions conform to the norms of the identity that they belong to.    We want people to reduce their energy consumption, say, by purchasing fuel efficient cars or appliances. 

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How To Spot A Dying Mobile Battery

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Nowadays, phones are no longer limited to simple functions such as call and text. Alternative Energy Energy Efficiency Green Lifestyle Home Energy Usage Sponsored Posts batteries Battery life charging dying battery energy tips mobile devices As mobile phones get more complicated, problems with battery life become more prevalent. There are a number of pages online that speak of ways to improve battery life though how do you know when it needs replacing?

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Revamping the Bathroom

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The bathroom is an area that gives a homeowner the chance to combine good design, efficiency and functionality into a pleasing space. Bathrooms are sometimes hastily designed to be purely functional resulting in a room that is unpleasant to occupy. Part of revamping a bathroom involves updating fixtures and making the room more efficient. This will reduce water usage while still allowing the toilet to function as expected.

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Giving Your Bathroom an Eco Makeover

Green Furniture Home Design

The bathroom is an area that gives a homeowner the chance to combine good design, efficiency and functionality into a pleasing space. Bathrooms are sometimes hastily designed to be purely functional resulting in a room that is unpleasant to occupy. Part of revamping a bathroom involves updating fixtures and making the room more efficient. This will reduce water usage while still allowing the toilet to function as expected.

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Batteries that Run on Blood?

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Conservancy NatureNet Science Fellow Won-Hee Ryu owes the inspiration for his latest breakthrough — using a biomolecule from blood to improve the efficiency of lithium-oxygen batteries — to his wife and her tendency to leave textbooks open around the house. “I I saw bloody pictures she was studying for medical school and thought they were horrible,” he says, but then, he remembered that one of the main functions of blood is “to transport oxygen to organs in the body.”.

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Behavioral economics and benefit-cost analysis

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Ted Gayer: A recent wave of government regulations mandates the energy efficiency levels of a wide range of consumer and business products, including passenger cars and commercial vehicles, clothes dryers, air conditioners, and light bulbs. The agencies attempt to mask this finding by claiming that the regulations save consumers and firms money, by forcing them to buy more expensive energy-efficient products.

Are You Smarter Than A Trash Can?

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Besides having a function to compact the trash which would require less pickups, the cans also had solar panels to be self reliant. BigBelly Solar, the company responsible for these innovative trash cans, was founded in 2003 with “the goal of transforming one of the least efficient and resource-intensive industries on the planet — waste collection. BigBelly Solar wanted to fix these issues by inventing a smarter, more efficient, method for collecting trash in cities.

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"The economics of carbon taxes"

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Panelists also discussed how carbon taxes would function in an international framework and their potential macroeconomic effects. Donald Marron of the Urban Institute argued that carbon tax revenues could be used to lower corporate tax rates to increase economic efficiency in the US. This looks good: With the growing need for reform in the US fiscal system, the idea of a tax on carbon has emerged as a possible solution.

Ford’s Vision for the Future – The Focus EV

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The lighter the electric vehicle is, the more efficient its battery becomes. The 2012 Ford Focus includes a function that automatically calculates the electricity spent from using the air conditioner and other car accessories which make it easier for the driver to determine the capacity or driving range of the car. efficiency. The Ford Focus Electric vehicle is an eco-friendly vehicle manufactured by Ford Motors Incorporated. It does not depend on gas or oil to run.

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An overview of potential climate policies

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It’s the fact that the economy won’t function very well in a world full of droughts, hurricanes and heat waves. The middle of the article  is a summary of the available climate policy options, and their relative efficiencies, over the next 4 (3? The beginning and end: GREEN jobs have long had a whiff of exaggeration to them. The alternative-energy sector may ultimately employ millions of people.

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