Watchdog Ofgem warns of UK energy price rise

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UK faces rising energy prices in 2013 caused by an increased reliance on imported energy and closure of many UK power plants and generation capacity could fall by 10% as soon as April by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Bolton, Lancs., UK: Alistair Buchanan, head of Ofgem the consumer energy watchdog, has said the UK is facing a rise in energy prices over the next few years caused by an increased reliance on imported energy and closure of many UK power plants.

Saudi Arabia to become more insulated than ever!

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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) will soon require increased insulation in all new buildings across 24 major cities that, in total, account for 80 percent of the country’s population. The action intends to substantially reduce energy consumption and waste, as a properly insulated structure can reduce electricity bills up to 40 percent. of the Kingdom’s buildings are thermally insulated. of the buildings lack insulation, the ratio is 72.6%


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Tackling the problem of fuel poverty

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million households in the UK were in fuel poverty in 2010, according to the most recent figures from the Department of Energy and Climate Change. A combination of low incomes, high energy prices and generally poor standards of heating and insulation across the country mean millions of people are struggling to heat their homes throughout the winter, with some even finding it necessary to make a choice between food and heating. Alternative Energy Solar Power

Brits still not switched on to energy saving, new study shows

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Despite ever-increasing fuel costs, the British public just can’t seem to get motivated on energy saving , regardless of our good intentions. According to a new study, while 94% of us say we want to become more energy efficient, only 37% of us currently rate ourselves as such – and it’s the basics that are still eluding us. How high do prices need to get before we think about making fundamental changes to the energy efficiency of our homes?

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Big freeze highlights problem of UK's cold homes

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The poll, commissioned by the environmental campaigning charity, found that 57 per cent of Britons kept the heating on non-stop for more than 12 hours to try to stay warm – despite energy price hikes that have seen the average annual gas and electricity bill rise to £1,228. "Many people mistakenly believe their home is properly insulated - in fact, £1 in every £4 we spend heating our homes is wasted due to poor insulation.

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Some timely energy saving advice to homeowners from the HVCA, the officially recognised organisation representing central heating contractors December 2009 - Energy prices have remained at record levels despite substantial falls in wholesale costs and the “big six” energy giants have told regulator OFGEM that it is unlikely gas and electricity prices will be cut in 2010. Insulate the cylinder to avoid wasting energy.

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61% say Energy-Saving is most popular reason for replacing windows & doors

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Manchester, United Kingdom - DGCOS (The Double Glazing and Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme) commissioned a survey by Opinium Research , which revealed that 61% of homeowners now consider reducing energy bills as the most popular reason for replacing windows and doors. Now the next most important reasons trail 18% behind energy-saving in the survey: 43% say making their home more comfortable is their most important reason, and 42% say it is making their home look better.

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More Brits die from cold than do Siberians

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From the winter fuel payment, which is essentially a seasonal boost to pensions that can be spent as the recipient chooses, to a poorly administered program to insulate and weatherize low-income homes, there seems to be little coordination and planning to really bring the numbers of fuel poor down. This problem is only exacerbated by a lack of regulation of the energy markets – each time global energy prices rise the energy bills go higher, each time they fall, the bills stay the same.

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Watt does it cost to run an electric heater?

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As the weather turns chilly, keeping warm at home is important and it’s tempting to warm up a room with an electric heater, but with concerns over energy bills, can you get energy efficient electric heaters? Ross from sust-it said, “The best thing to keep your bills down is to keep heat in and drafts out by insulating – low cost solutions such as lined curtains, draft excluders, thermal blinds will help. The huge £270 price tag may make it less attractive though.

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British public in the dark over the Green Deal, says ECA

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A staggering 62 per cent have never even heard of the scheme, despite this being the Government’s flagship energy saving initiative. However, after explaining the Green Deal scheme*, the figures also showed that approximately 53 per cent of people would be interested in participating in the scheme that ensures energy bills that are equal to or cheaper than their current bills, with no upfront costs – effectively what the new scheme offers.

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Devon Adopts Eco Homes

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This is where energy efficiency can come in, whether or not it can save the world it can certainly save you money. The hot water is heated using solar panels, a highly efficient and of course free system to use. Green oak cladding and pure wool insulation is used extensively, further protecting it from the elements. The house is, in fact, so well insulated that heating is only needed when it goes down to minus one degrees Celsius outside.

Green Deal Hunting: Shopping Around Before Signing the Dotted Line

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Despite the obvious attractions and incentives to sign up and make some energy saving improvements to your property, you should consider all finer points of the scheme. The basic purpose of the Green Deal initiative is to provide a facility for homeowners to obtain a loan that is specifically designed to provide you with the funds required in order to carry out some home improvements to your property that will help to reduce your energy consumption and save on fuel bills.

In From the Cold

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Skip to navigation Advanced Search Document Actions Sections Front Page Daily News Daily Score Blog The Daily Score In From the Cold Posted by Roger Valdez 12/10/2010 01:59 PM Recent energy assistance cuts forshadow effect of debt fears. But an irrational fear of debt is a big mistake—especially when it comes to energy efficiency. Check out this news report about big cuts in federal energy assistance. Helping these families pay their energy bills is a stop gap at best.

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EfficienCity is a virtual city but all towns and cities in the UK could be enjoying the same lower greenhouse gas emissions, cheaper bills and better energy security. As a result, they're enjoying lower greenhouse gas emissions, a more secure energy supply, cheaper electricity and heating bills and a whole new attitude towards energy. What is decentralised energy? The typical power plant in the UK is only 38 per cent efficient.

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