How Your Windows Affect Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

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By now, almost everyone must have investigated ways to make their home more energy-efficient, whether it’s something as simple as insulating the loft or a bigger step like installing a more energy-efficient boiler, or even putting solar panels on the roof to take advantage of free, renewable energy and the government’s feed-in [.]. Happy Earth Day!

Picture Perfect Energy Efficiency

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With that in mind, those same smart Resource Media folks did some testing to pick out what kinds of visuals capitalize on the widespread enthusiasm Americans have for energy efficiency to boost support for bigger picture policy initiatives. The opportunity: The good news is that people across the political spectrum support energy efficiency. The challenge: People view energy efficiency as a personal responsibility, not the job of government or regulations.


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New brand Enhabit to lead revolution in energy efficient building

Green (Living) Review

Enhabit specialises in the retrofit of existing buildings to incorporate high levels of insulation and other new technologies, so they are more air tight, more comfortable to live or work in and cheaper to run. UK Government Minister of State for Housing and Planning, Brandon Lewis said, " This Government is committed to insulating a million more homes and has already increased the energy standard for new properties by over 30% since 2010.

Warmer Winters, Cooler Summers: Your Radiant Barrier Insulation Questions Answered

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energy efficient materials green construction green remodeling saving energy saving money climate change home energy conservation home insulation The ideal home is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. But mother nature loves to play tricks on us. One of those tricks is that heat always loves to move to the coolest place – maybe it feels bad for the cold. In any case, it doesn’t help us humans out. What […].

Tax Breaks for Energy Efficient Homes

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In a bid to address climate change, promoting sustainability efforts and replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy sources are viewed as the key solution. To this end, among the actions undertaken across the world is the implementation of credits for renewable energy projects. A renewable energy credit is any tax credit offered by governments as an incentive for the installation and operation of renewable energy systems like solar and wind power.

7 Home Energy Efficiency Tips!

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Often older homes need retrofitting to become more energy efficient, but even new homes can benefit from simple tweaks to make your home cleaner and greener (and save you money). Below we’ve shared some of our favorite green living tips for homeowners new and old to make homes more efficient and healthier for all the residents. 7 Home Energy Efficiency Tips. Properly insulated and covered windows will let heat in when needed and keep it in as you like.

Energy Efficient Window Treatments

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But window treatments can be a major factor in how energy efficient your home is. Selecting the right treatment can help you lower energy consumption in your home which is not only good for the earth, but good for your wallet as well. Raising the shades on sunlit windows during the day and then lowering them at night will help make the shades as energy efficient as possible. The material is also very important when selecting an energy efficient window treatment.

Saving Money with Solar and Energy Efficiency in Southern California

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« The Latest Great Clean Energy News | Main. | New Ads Highlight World Banks Deadly Coal Plans For Kosovo » Saving Money with Solar and Energy Efficiency in Southern California. While much of the news recently has been about how President Obama can create his own legacy of action on climate change and clean energy, many Sierra Club chapters continue to help teach communities about the steps that can be taken locally. Energy Solutions. Energy Outlook.

Ayrshire Building Designer Welcomes Government Energy Efficiency Initiative

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Scottish Government plans to offer home owners interest free loans to install green energy generating equipment have been welcomed by one of the country's leading designers of energy-efficient buildings. However, Richard Maxton, one of the few certified PassivHaus designers in the country, is concerned the initiative doesn't go far enough and claims even more energy and money could be saved if new building projects were made more environmentally friendly from the outset.

Design your own LEED energy efficient dream green prefab with Blu

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Their website claims that Blu prefabs will drop household energy consumption by 50-70%. But prefabs tend to be more energy efficient and easier to maintain than conventional homes, so lowered operation and maintenance costs will – in the long run – help recoup your initial investment. Energy-efficient lighting and appliances. High performance insulation made with recycled content and soy-based binders.

What’s the Most Energy Efficient Home A/C Unit?

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Which are the most energy-saving models and should I go central air or window units? According to the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE), energy consumption for home air conditioning units accounts for more than eight percent of all the electricity produced in the U.S., Of course, foregoing A/C entirely is the most energy- and cost-efficient way to go, but some of us need a little cooling for comfort, especially in warmer climates.

Deep Energy Retrofit: What it is and How it Can Help Create an Energy Efficient Home

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More homeowners today realize the importance of having an energy efficient home. A decade ago, heating and cooling expenses created the bulk of energy bills. By implementing a deep energy retrofit for your home, you can reconfigure the way your dwelling uses energy so it’s more comfortable, healthier and cost-efficient. What is Deep Energy Retrofit? The following steps are included in a deep energy retrofit. Renewable energy sources.

Save money on energy bills with UK’s most energy-efficient ‘A’ rated door

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The more energy efficient your doors are, the less heat you lose, the lower your energy bills will be Nottingham, United Kingdom - A recent Government Green Deal paper says replacing an old entrance door with a modern insulated door is the third most cost-effective way of cutting home heat loss, after loft and cavity wall insulation. The BFRC rates products from A to E, with ‘A’ being the most energy efficient.

How To Measure Your Attic’s Insulation

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A great way to ensure that your home is using energy efficiently is to be sure that your attic is insulated properly. Did you know that a properly insulated home can save roughly 20% of a homes annual heating and cooling costs? Thankfully, measuring your attics insulation is a very straight forward and. The post How To Measure Your Attic’s Insulation appeared first on Green Living Ideas.

How do Home Energy Rating Systems work for Energy-Efficient Mortgages?

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Overview of Energy-Efficient Mortgages. The EEM, Energy Efficient Mortgage is a loan received from a lender for household repairs that will lead to a more energy-efficient household. To Remodelers or Refinancers: Who will spend less for more energy-efficient improvements. Qualifications for this loan vary but usually depends on the result of HERS (Home Energy Rating Systems) that is produced by a professional and certified home energy rater.

How To Insulate Your Hot Water Pipes

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One of the best ways to save money and energy around your home is to insulate your hot water pipes. It will allow you to lower the temperature on your hot water tank by 2°F–4°F, saving you a lot of energy and money. Just follow these easy steps to start saving money and energy today. . Things you’ll need for the job: Pipe Insulation (both 3/4″ and 1/2″). Instructions: how to insulate your hot water pipes. Place insulation on pipes.

Insulating older windows without replacing them: cost effective Window Inserts product review

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R values (a measure of insulation, measured in “resistance” of heat passing from one place to another) are very, very low for older windows. The post Insulating older windows without replacing them: cost effective Window Inserts product review appeared first on Green Living Ideas. Energy Efficiency Green Building/Remodeling Home Improvement inexpensive Insulation single pane window insert

How To Insulate Old Windows Without Buying New: Energy-Saving Window Inserts

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Insulation and your HVAC system are two such examples, but energy-efficient window inserts are also important, especially for homes with older, drafty windows. The post How To Insulate Old Windows Without Buying New: Energy-Saving Window Inserts appeared first on Green Living Ideas. Energy Efficiency Home Energy Usage Home Improvement double pane drafts Drafty window efficiency energy saving sealing triple pane

Greening Up an Old House.

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Drafty windows, inefficient insulation, and so many other factors make conscious living to. Old houses are a mixed blessing, though.

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How To Measure Your Attic’s Temperature and Assess Insulation Needs

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Keeping your home properly insulated can a long way when it comes to ensuring that it’s using energy efficiently, but did you ever stop to think about your attic temperature and insulation? Odds are it may be the last thing you think of when it comes to home energy usage, but you’d be surprised at. The post How To Measure Your Attic’s Temperature and Assess Insulation Needs appeared first on Green Living Ideas.

Fact Or Fiction: Five Common Home Energy Myths

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Fact Or Fiction: Five Common Home Energy Myths. Home energy myths. To help you sort out fact from fiction when it comes to saving energy at home, we’ve put together our list of the five home energy myths that need debunking. Leaving the lights on actually saves energy. This myth was resurrected more recently with the advent of computers, which initially took a great deal of time and energy to boot up. Appliances don’t use energy when they’re turned off.

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How To Insulate Your Hot Water Heater Tank

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Did you know that by simply insulating your hot water tank you could save anywhere from 4%-9% on your water heating costs? If you go one step further and insulate both the hot and cold water pipes as well, you’ll save even more! Luckily, insulating your hot water tank is a relatively inexpensive and straightforward task that doesn’t require much in terms of technical training. Instructions: how to insulate your hot water tank.

Saudi Arabia to become more insulated than ever!

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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) will soon require increased insulation in all new buildings across 24 major cities that, in total, account for 80 percent of the country’s population. The action intends to substantially reduce energy consumption and waste, as a properly insulated structure can reduce electricity bills up to 40 percent. of the Kingdom’s buildings are thermally insulated. of the buildings lack insulation, the ratio is 72.6%

Energy efficient and sustainable prefab studios ready in just four days


The studios are idiosyncratic with energy efficiency and this is obvious in all constructions done by Sett Studio. The walls, floor and the roof are integrated with panels for insulation. This energy efficient space is not only beautiful, but is an apt example of environmentally conscious construction. Pratima Kalra: Texas based Sett Studio is famous for making inventive prefab studios that can serve as home offices, yoga spaces, playrooms, etc.

Taming the Energy Hog

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Taming the Energy Hog. Looking out my window and seeing the approach of winter puts me in a frame of mind to think about energy: where it comes from, how it’s made, and how much we Americans use. Government and energy industry leaders tell us that natural gas is abundant, clean-burning (compared to coal) and, best of all, domestic. AFUE, or annual fuel utilization efficiency, is a thermal efficiency metric used to rate furnaces or boilers.

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Datong Museum’s passive design to keep it energy efficient and resistant to atmospheric corrosion


This along with the high performance interior enclosure keeps the structure energy efficient with the roof well insulated with just 10 percent glazing. Pratima Kalra: China’s Museum of the 21st century, the Datong Museum is underway construction and most likely to open for public viewing in 2013. Designed by Foster + Partners, the main attraction of the 32,000 square feet venue will be the Grand Gallery.

Home Solar: Is it Worth Switching?

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Retro-fitting your home to run on solar energy either partially or completely can be a huge undertaking. Here are some things to think about if you are considering switching to home solar energy. You Must Have an Energy Efficient Home. Going solar does not simply mean slapping a panel on your roof and hoping it will store the sun’s energy for you to somehow use. It takes preparation and one of the first steps is making sure your home is energy efficient.

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12 Ways to Conserve Energy and Winterize Your Home

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12 Ways to Conserve Energy and Winterize Your Home. As much as half of the energy used in a typical American home goes toward heating and cooling, so help to conserve energy and lower your utility bills this winter by following these simple steps. Be Smart With Your Furnace ( Home Energy Conservation Kit ). Set the temperature low – For every 1° you turn down the thermostat you’ll reduce the energy usage in your home by 1-5%.

Back to School Green Tips

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Use a non-toxic water bottle for your child’s lunch looking for recycled aluminum, paint/plastic-less and eco insulated designs (see for a full list of safe, back to school friendly water bottles). COMPOSTABLE BIODEGRADABLE Energy Efficiency Going Green ORGANIC RECYCLABLE REUSABLE SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS SUSTAINABLY SOURCED USA MADE WATER ENERGY EFFICIENT environmental products going green Green kids green school Green tips non-toxic recycled recycled material

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Sneaky Home Energy Hogs

Green Home Blog

Sneaky Home Energy Hogs. Cutting down on energy use is a huge part of going green, but sometimes even our best efforts to be eco-friendly at home can come up short. So if you’ve updated your house but still can’t seem to bring down those sky-high utility bills, try looking out for these sneaky energy hogs that may be driving up your home energy needs. Energy vampires. Also make sure you’re using a high-efficiency fluorescent bulb.

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Maintenance Tips: Foil Wrapping Behind Radiators & Other Methods

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Old radiators in old houses — steam or hot water — seem to spur plenty of ‘how-to’ advice when it comes to becoming energy efficient and staying warm at the same time. Green Lifestyle diy double reflective insulation Dover Projects Energy Saving Trust energy-efficiency GreenAge Heating Radflek radiant heating Reflectix UK

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Maintenance Tips: Attic Tent Installation

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If you’re on the road toward smart energy efficiency and have an attic, attic tents need to be in your workbook. The company Attic Tent provides this sensible perspective about using this fixture: Through the years, homeowners who have been aware of air transfer/loss through the attic have attempted to remedy it by placing insulation.

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Reducing Electricity Use in Your Home

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Either way, we can reduce our electricity use by being able to control our lights from afar, whether simply to turn them off or to make the home appear occupied in the most efficient manner. Use Energy-Efficient Bulbs. Energy-efficient light bulbs may be more expensive when it comes to the initial purchase, but their ability to minimize electricity consumption means that your bill will decrease over the long-term.

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A Green Fall Yard Cleanup

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While it may be beautiful, all this change can create waste that takes time and energy to clean up. If your pile is mostly grass clippings (so-called “green waste,” which is rich in nitrogen), be sure to add a carbon source like leaves or straw (“brown waste”) to provide energy for the organisms doing the decomposing. Gasoline powered mowers, leaf blowers, and string trimmers may make that work faster, but they also use a lot of energy and create hazardous fumes.

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5 Ways to Green Your Pool (and keep it clean)

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During the summer, for example, a typical backyard pool will use enough energy to power a whole house for three months and more water than the average family of four will use indoors in a month. Use solar energy. Heating pools and spas requires a huge energy investment, but you can lift some of that burden by relying instead on the sun’s power. Also be sure to look for energy-efficient models and to get the smallest size that will work for you.

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Internet of Things – From Smart Fridge to Smart City

Green Prophet

Ninety-five percent of its 15 watts went into heating the well-insulated box and spoiling $50 worth of food. Green Tech and Gadgets Energy Efficiency green technology IoT smart cities urban farmingLike Cloud, Big Data and other technological buzzwords, the definition of the Internet of Things (IoT) is often stretched to fit a corporate sales pitch. But what is it? The internet of things connects ordinary objects to the internet.

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Is More Manufactured Housing the Solution to Helping Britain Become More Green?

Living Green & Saving Energy

Housing within the UK is amongst the least energy efficient in Europe and running them accounts for nearly half of our carbon emissions. Housing is so poorly insulated that athird of all UK homes (6.7 million) are rated E or worse on their energy performance certificate, meaning they have a poor standard of energy efficiency. […]. Green News green remodeling saving energy sustainability More green Britain

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What Is Your Carbon Footprint?

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Generally, the more energy you use – whether it’s gas for your car or electricity for your home – the larger your carbon footprint will be. Efficiency starts at home. The easiest way to reduce your carbon footprint is to be efficient with your home energy use. Seventy percent of electricity is produced by burning fossil fuels, so the less energy you use in your home the smaller you can make your carbon footprint. What Is Your Carbon Footprint?

Four Home Energy Inefficiencies You Can Remedy This Weekend for $100 or Less

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Turning a standard home into a pillar of energy efficiency is often thought to be an expensive and time-consuming process, but this doesn’t have to be the case. In particular, there are four quick and cost-effective ways to green a home and begin saving immediately on energy costs and the household’s overall carbon footprint. Example of an energy efficient home. Wrap the Water Heater in an Insulated Blanket.

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Stunning Resort In Abu Dhabi Desert Will Celebrate Bedouin Architecture

Green Prophet

And we love that the designers have planned to use local materials , water-sparing indigenous flora, and smart design that will make this resort energy efficient. The windows and door frames also hearken the longstanding Bedouin tradition on which the UAE is based, while also provided thermal insulation. In that sense, the 70 hectare resort will be energy efficient and definitely takes important strides towards sustainability.

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A Dedicated Green Roof Research Center Opens in Israel

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Long known to improve air quality, capture rainwater runoff, and enhance the energetic efficiency of buildings due to the insulation properties, a proliferation of green roofs in Israel and the rest of the Middle East could help to slash energy consumption. Travel & Nature biodiversity Energy Efficiency Green Roof Middle East University of Haifa

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Sustainable Architecture Saudi Style: King Abdullah Financial District

Green Prophet

Even though all kinds of alternative energy and passive design techniques have been incorporated into its design, this 3,300,000 sq m mixed use center is audacious, expensive, and about as glitzy as it gets. The various retail, financial, residential, and cultural facilities will have green roofs that provide insulation and smart lighting solutions that will further ensure that energy use is kept to a minimum.

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Recession sets off great interest in efficiency

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Instead of looking at getting a Prius or solar panels that will likely never pay for themselves, consumers are thinking of low-tech, quick-return energy-saving measures. According to a new survey from The Shelton Group, 71% of people considered buying energy efficient products "to save money" in comparison to 55% who said it was "to protect the environment." In this setting the recession could be good for the environment and those that produce such energy efficient products.

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