Hot Energy Conservation Ideas for Cold Winter Months

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Even though it’s getting cold, it’s a good time to start thinking about home energy conservation by turning down the thermostat a few degrees and checking your home for areas where heat. Energy Efficiency Green Living Tips Department of Energy Eco Resolutions Heating and Energy Efficiency

Window Placement: A Simple Idea to Promote Energy Conservation in Your Home

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Window Placement: A Simple Idea to Promote Energy Conservation in Your Home. easy green living tip green living green remodeling how to go green saving energy energy efficiency in the home save energy save money window placementGet the maximum benefits from sunlight for both lighting and heating your home.


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Tips To Make Your Pool More Energy Efficient

Living Green & Saving Energy

But for the person paying the bills, it can be a substantial source of energy use. There are a number of ways to cut down on costs, and make the pool more energy efficient. Here are some great tips for energy savings: Take care […]. saving energy energy efficient swimming pool home energy conservation saving energy with a pool Ownership of a home pool is a real source of joy.

Energy Efficiency Then and Now

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Energy Efficiency Then and Now. Nixon’s administration almost lost sight of the goal (which was, then as now, energy independence). At that time, energy efficiency was an entirely new concept, and one largely unfamiliar to a nation which had won WWII and never envisioned a day when its enormous financial and industrial base couldn’t support a need for twice as much oil as the nation had used in pre-war years. Department of Energy, or DOE).

Cut Your Home’s Energy Use & Save Money With These Simple Upgrades

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saving energy, home energy conservation, energy-saving home upgrades. easy green living tip energy efficient lighting green construction green home audit how to go green saving energy energy-saving home upgrades home energy conservation

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Going Green Made Easy: 4 Tips to Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient

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Most people have a big misconception about water and energy conservation. easy green living tip green living how to go green saving energy saving money going green and saving money green living tipsThey think that, if you really want to save the planet, you have to make huge, life-altering changes to your routine. But you don’t have to take your home totally off the grid on the first day to make a difference. Going green is […].

Warmer Winters, Cooler Summers: Your Radiant Barrier Insulation Questions Answered

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energy efficient materials green construction green remodeling saving energy saving money climate change home energy conservation home insulation The ideal home is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. But mother nature loves to play tricks on us. One of those tricks is that heat always loves to move to the coolest place – maybe it feels bad for the cold. In any case, it doesn’t help us humans out. What […].

Solar Hot Water Heaters

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We’re all looking for ways to reduce the waste and pollution that come from fossil fuel use, and what better alternative than the sun, nature’s own energy source. The sun is a nearly inexhaustible source of power: in fact, there’s more energy in the amount of sunlight that hits the Earth in an hour than the whole planet uses in a year! Check out Apricus Solar Water Heaters , a Connecticut-based company that’s putting the sun’s energy to work for you. Solar Hot Water Heaters.

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EnerAction: Lessons and Activities in Energy Conservation

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This expansive resource on energy conservation and efficiency meets learning outcomes for Grades 4 to 7. The student website and 11 lesson plans give you a range of ways to approach energy in the classroom. Lesson #1: Playing with Energy Students play with energy-related objects at a variety of stations and consider where energy comes from, discover different forms of energy and see energy transformations.

Eco Focused - Wonderful Source for Energy Efficiency Information 

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It is no secret that energy is a huge part of our everyday lives; we come in contact with the stuff almost every second of the day. Energy warms us up, cools us down, helps us cook and lights up the darkness. So it is easy to say that energy is here to stay. The trouble with consuming all this energy though is the negative impact doing so has on the environment. So we must urgently concentrate on switching to cleaner energy sources and conservation efforts.

Lumenhaus: Virginia Tech has built a “100% energy efficient.

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Lumenhaus : Virginia Tech has built a “100% energy efficient house … without sacrificing quality of living.” Home building is an area where huge energy conservation gains can be claimed, with large and lasting effects. It uses “responsive architecture” coupled with computerized smart features. This house responds to the weather and performs according to its resident’s lifestyle. Eco-houses like this design are in development largely for the high-end market as yet.

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A Green Fall Yard Cleanup

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While it may be beautiful, all this change can create waste that takes time and energy to clean up. If your pile is mostly grass clippings (so-called “green waste,” which is rich in nitrogen), be sure to add a carbon source like leaves or straw (“brown waste”) to provide energy for the organisms doing the decomposing. Gasoline powered mowers, leaf blowers, and string trimmers may make that work faster, but they also use a lot of energy and create hazardous fumes.

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10 Ways to Use Electricity more Sustainably

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Insulate your home by filling in all your air leaks, updating your windows and doors, and also by planting shady-trees and hanging energy efficient blackout curtains throughout the home. Shopping around for other electricity companies will educate you on renewable energy options, additionally, switching companies may also be more cost efficient. Green your laundry: The first thing that you should do is, update your washer and dryer to more energy efficient varieties.

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What Is Your Carbon Footprint?

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Generally, the more energy you use – whether it’s gas for your car or electricity for your home – the larger your carbon footprint will be. Efficiency starts at home. The easiest way to reduce your carbon footprint is to be efficient with your home energy use. Seventy percent of electricity is produced by burning fossil fuels, so the less energy you use in your home the smaller you can make your carbon footprint. What Is Your Carbon Footprint?

New Year’s Resolution #11 – Conserve Energy

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Like water, energy is something it’s easy to take for granted. That’s why reducing the amount of energy you use in your home is one of the most important things you can do to go green. Fortunately, there are lots of easy changes in you can make in 2012 to follow Greenhome’s eleventh New Year’s resolution to conserve energy. Heating water and refrigeration also use a large percentage of household energy. Switch to green energy sources. •

Just In Time for Christmas

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CONSERVES WATER ENERGY EFFICIENT HEALTH SENSITIVE SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS Water and Energy Conservation blizzard climate change global warming shelter snow storms UncategorizedJust In Time for Christmas. … It’s still green here in the Upper Midwest, and natives are starting to grouse about the lack of snow.

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Hot Heating Conservation Ideas for Cold Winter Months

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Even though it’s getting cold, it’s a good time to start thinking about home energy conservation by turning down the thermostat a few degrees and checking your home for areas where heat. Energy Efficiency Green Living Tips Department of Energy Eco Resolutions Heating and Energy Efficiency

Why Aren’t We More Energy Efficient?


Considering that cutting down on our energy use is beneficial to both the environment and to our wallets, you’d assume that everyone would be looking for appropriate energy solutions. Elisa Wood, energy expert and writer, explains why the energy efficient movement is failing to gain traction, and what this means for us as consumers. “T o most people, energy efficiency is like dieting.”

As Energy Demand Swells, Turkey Falls Dark for Earth Hour 2011

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That’s roughly 400 megawatt-hours per year, which is approximately the amount of energy consumed by 200 average Turks, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.) Energy Lifestyle & Culture Earth Hour energy conservation Energy Efficiency energy saving TurkeyIstanbul’s incandescent Bosphorus Bridge will join iconic structures around the world in turning off its lights for Earth Hour this year.

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EU Upgrades Relations with Israel, Energy Over Politics

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In advance of the annual EU-Israel Association Council meeting on Tuesday, the European Union stated it will offer Israel upgraded trade and diplomatic relations in over 60 areas, including energy and agriculture. This announcement came almost a week after the European Commission and Israel announced they are increasing cooperative efforts to develop sustainable water supplies and energy-efficiency, including oil fuel alternatives.

Lights Out During Earth Hour 2011 in Israel this Week

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Tel Aviv has traditionally observed Earth Hour by gathering residents in Rabin Square for a free biodiesel and/or cyclist-energy-powered concert by a popular musician, and this year will be no different as The Giraffes (seen in the clip above) will be performing together with Carolina and Red Band. Lifestyle & Culture Earth Hour energy conservation Energy Efficiency energy saving Israel LightClick here to view the embedded video.

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3 Eco-Svelte Energy Slashing Contracts Awarded in Lebanon

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Slashing energy consumption and improving efficiency can be eco-svelte too! Energy efficiency is to svelte new solar fields what a grey tweed coat is to a bright cherry one: decidedly dull in comparison. The Four Seasons Hotel, IFC, and the UNDP have each awarded contracts to Energy Efficiency Group (EEG) – a leading Energy Services Company (ESCO) in Lebanon – to reduce their energy consumption.

Conservation Future: Announcing the 2013 NatureNet Fellows

Nature Conservancy - Science

Nine young scientists — with specialties ranging from energy infrastructure to urban ecology, Kenyan pastoral techniques to nanotechnology — have been named as inaugural NatureNet Science Fellows , a Nature Conservancy partnership designed to help kick-start conservation toward addressing the challenges facing people and nature in the 21st century. The fellows begin their two-year assignments this fall, working within the Conservancy’s U.S.

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Morocco’s Atlas Kasbah Eco-Lodge is 80% Solar-Powered

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It may look like a castle, but this beautiful red-earth building is actually an 11-roomed hotel that receives 80% of its energy from the sun. No doubt relying on their extensive education, the couple have devised a multi-tiered approach to making the Atlas Kasbah worthy of its title as a sustainable development, namely: water conservation, energy conservation, waste management, traditional architecture and energy. The pair also use low-energy light bulbs.

Energy-aware Dubai airports pre-empted Earth Hour – why not all year?

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Spurred on by the annual Earth Hour campaign, the airports’ action will save an estimated 300,000kw hours of energy and 129 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Airports that embrace conservation see an immediate cash payoff. Energy efficiency projects (energy management systems, installing high efficiency lighting and occupancy sensors) have slashed Dubai Airports’ electricity and fuel costs by $4.33

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Clean Technologies For Cooling And Heating Your Home

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Today there are all sorts of different systems you can have installed in order to green your home and make it more energy and water efficient, but which ones give you the best bang for your buck? After all, your home is a serious financial investment and making it as energy and water efficient as possible could mean a lower overall cost of ownership and a higher resale value down the road.

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Turkey’s “Mrs. Energy” Campaign Should Lose Gender Roles, Columnist Says

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“Empty your vacuum bag often” urges Mrs. Energy (“Energy Han?m”) An energy conservation campaign recently launched by the Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and the Ministry of Family and Social Policies has already aroused ire among female commentators in the country. a columnist in the Turkish daily Hürriyet newspaper (in Turkish), one of the papers which featured a full-page advertisement from the Mrs. Energy campaign.

12 Ways to Conserve Energy and Winterize Your Home

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12 Ways to Conserve Energy and Winterize Your Home. As much as half of the energy used in a typical American home goes toward heating and cooling, so help to conserve energy and lower your utility bills this winter by following these simple steps. Be Smart With Your Furnace ( Home Energy Conservation Kit ). Set the temperature low – For every 1° you turn down the thermostat you’ll reduce the energy usage in your home by 1-5%.

How To Insulate Your Hot Water Pipes

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One of the best ways to save money and energy around your home is to insulate your hot water pipes. It will allow you to lower the temperature on your hot water tank by 2°F–4°F, saving you a lot of energy and money. Just follow these easy steps to start saving money and energy today. . Luckily, this home improvement project is inexpensive and easy to do. Things you’ll need for the job: Pipe Insulation (both 3/4″ and 1/2″). Measuring Tape. Sharpie.

Conserving Resources

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Conserving Resources. So Greenhome wants to help you focus on using less, not just to conserve the things we need, but also to minimize the damage we do the environment we all share. is the world’s second largest energy consumer; only China uses more. Recycling a ton of mixed paper saves the energy equivalent of 165 gallons of gasoline. energy comes from petroleum, 25% from natural gas, 21% from coal, and 9% from nuclear plants.

List Of Solar Energy Government Tax Breaks

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American solar energy incentive programs are increasing every year. California’s Million Solar Roofs initiative is the latest of a number of solar energy tax breaks being legislated in the US. Corporate Exemption: Residential Energy Conservation Subsidy Exclusion (Corporate). Solar and Geothermal Business Energy Tax Credit. Federal Grant Program: Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency Improvements Program.

Big Brother? Masdar Monitors Student Energy & Water Consumption

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A one-year investigation by researchers will hopefully reveal what incentives are most likely to encourage energy and water conservation among Masdar’s student body. In an effort to understand what incentives and stimuli drive students to switch their lights and taps on or off, Masdar will track their energy and water consumption over the next year. . The last group will be offered energy credits – effectively capping the amount of power they can use.

Go Green and Beat the Heat

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Green Advantage: You’ll conserve water and energy by helping your fridge perform at top efficiency when it is full. Green Advantage: Energy savings from making the most of your cooling power. Efficiency and plan that work with the natural rhythms of the day can save you time and money. Green Tips energy conservation water conservation No one has to tell you that it’s hot outside.

Do You Know Your Electricity’s Pedigree?

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This renewable component is largely wind energy, and hydroelectric energy with just a shadow of solar energy. fuel (or electricity use versus energy conservation) equation, moving public utilities beyond the energy supply regime into teaching customers about various fuels and their effect on climate change, and convincing consumers that they have a powerful role to play in intelligent and earth-friendly energy choices.

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Ways to go GREEN in College

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Water Conservation: Global fresh water sources are extremely limited. Green energy: Renewable energy sources like small solar panels and wind turbines can be easily installed on college campuses. They promise the only sustainable method of energy conservation and resources for our future. COMPOSTABLE BIODEGRADABLE Going Green NON-TOXIC BIO-BASED ORGANIC RECYCLABLE REUSABLE SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS SUSTAINABLY SOURCED WATER ENERGY EFFICIENT Green tips school

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120 Dubai Buildings Latch On To Energy Saving Cloud Tech Every Day

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In order to reduce their energy consumption, hundreds of buildings are being connected to Pacific Control Systems’ M2M technology. Over one hundred buildings in Dubai are latching on to Pacific Control Systems’ machine-to-machine energy efficiency technology every day. Rahulan explains that M2M technology uses virtual robots called Gbots that manage energy efficiency and other data systems remotely.

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Israel Environment Minister Proposes Cuts to Gaza Electricity to Bridge Shortfalls

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We should all keep an eye on the Levant this summer as it manages a severe energy crisis, because what is currently unfolding on a regional scale is likely to eventually take place internationally as well. Israel, Jordan, Egypt and the Palestinian Territories are all taxed by dwindling energy supplies and rising demand, and each country’s response to this dual challenge is worth noting. Cutting energy next door. Improve energy management first.

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Ohev Sholom is America’s First Jewish “Energy Star”

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As California’s LEED synagogue hits the auction block , a more sustainable “light unto the nations&# might be the DC synagogue’s Energy Star rating. Orthodox Judaism rarely gets mentioned in the same breath as energy conservation. Brand-new T8 fluorescent lights rather than less efficient T12 lighting fixtures. Those little things add up to tens of thousands of dollars in potential energy savings. Studying the energy bills.

Sustainable Architecture In The Middle East – Interview with Karim Elgendy

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As well as a growing team of representatives, they are hosting an event at the UN Conference of Parties (COP 18) at Doha in December and have also launched 24/7 Electricity , a research project that looks into energy generation challenges in Lebanon. Elgendy: The architect’s role is to ensure a balance between human comfort and enjoyment on one hand, and the efficient use of resources on the other.

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What can small cities do to fight climate change?

Green (Living) Review

needs to adopt policies to restrain its profligate energy use. Our huge and wasteful appetite for energy sucks money out of the economy and produces greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change. Senate Republicans even blocked a bill that would have assisted the private sector in purely voluntary conservation measures and saved money by increasing efficiency in federal agencies. CARROTS BEAT STICKS Everyone should know by now that the U.S.

Energy Sprawl is the Largest Driver of Land Use Change in the U.S.

Nature Conservancy - Science

According to a new paper out today in PLOS ONE , energy sprawl – the development of new land area required for energy production – is, and will likely continue to be, the largest driver of land use change in the United States for the foreseeable future. Most people recognize that air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions are a significant problem associated with energy development. A Different Perspective to Understand How Energy Impacts Biodiversity.

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How Home Automation Saves Energy and Money

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Automation of one’s property involves multiple levels of safety and energy conservation, from security to green power, monitors and detectors, solar panels, even small appliance control and remote accessibility. Energy Efficient Bulbs & Thermostats — Adding energy efficient devices to the home will save you big once monthly bills are dropped into the mail. The world of Home Automation doesn’t just include items like security systems.

A price floor on gas and diesel in China

Environmental Economics

Barely a month after world leaders signed a sweeping agreement to reduce carbon emissions, the global commitment to renewable energy sources faces its first big test as the price of oil collapses. In China, government officials are also taking steps to ensure that the recent plunge in oil prices to under $30 a barrel does not undermine its programs to improve energy efficiency.

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