Energy-Efficient Products With Real Impact

Living Green & Saving Energy

Energy-efficiency is a hot topic and with all the clamoring voices out there, it can be hard to discern the wisest investment for an energy-efficient home.

Behavioral economics and benefit-cost analysis

Environmental Economics

Ted Gayer: A recent wave of government regulations mandates the energy efficiency levels of a wide range of consumer and business products, including passenger cars and commercial vehicles, clothes dryers, air conditioners, and light bulbs. The agencies attempt to mask this finding by claiming that the regulations save consumers and firms money, by forcing them to buy more expensive energy-efficient products.

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World's Largest Building Made with Recycled Beer Bottles Opens in Vegas


Since glass takes 4,000 years to decompose and is piling up in landfills, Realm of Design is proud to be a company that is helping to provide a resource and energy efficient product that helps close the glass-recycling loop and save landfill space Realm of Design's founder, Scott McCombs, worked years on developing and perfecting green architectural stone (aka GreenStone), which is made from 100% recycled glass aggregate and 99.8% renewable materials from Fly Ash.

Tax Breaks for Energy Efficient Homes

Environmental News Network

offer tax breaks for home improvements that make homes more energy efficient. As part of the fiscal cliff deal stipulated on President Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, homeowners will receive Federal tax credits for eligible renewable and energy efficiency improvements.


Green (Living) Review

The UK’s largest home improvement and garden center retailer, believes energy saving should be affordable for all and found 95 per cent of its customers agreed when surveyed that reducing VAT would encourage them to buy energy efficient products.

Chaim Weizmann’s Fermentation Invention Used for Biofuel Production in USA

Green Prophet

His process of Acetone Butanol Ethanol (ABE) fermentation helped produce explosives for World War I and now a team of chemical engineers at UC Berkley are close to perfecting his process for the efficient production of biofuels.

Anglian launches Energy Smart Kids activity booklet to get kids switched on to energy saving

Green (Living) Review

And while they’re busy solving the word searches and puzzles, why not spend some time thinking about some of the more fundamental changes you can make to the energy efficiency of your home? For more information and to view the full product range, visit the Anglian Home Improvements website.

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Fungi Could Clean Pollution, Give Fuel and Food: Egypt Research

Green Prophet

Abdel Azim and his team are bioprospecting some Egyptian fungi for the efficient production of biodiesel. Ahmed Abdel Azim and his team at Suez Canal University advance research in mycology (fungi).

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Make a difference!

The Green Changemakers

Get your friends involved Offset your Travel Re-use Recycle Insulate Use the “Off” switch Control Temperature Efficiently Drive smart and walk more Buy energy efficient products Plant a tree Don’t use a Screensaver Use Less Water Encourage others to conserve.

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Valpak sponsor Royal College of Art's environmental design awards

Green (Living) Review

The awards are for projects that encourage the innovative design of eco-efficient products and services, and their communication to industry and the public. Design can determine up to 80 per cent of a product's environmental impacts across its lifecycle. Valpak are working in partnership with The Royal College of Art sponsoring two design awards for Post Graduate Art and Design students.

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Bass Fiber Speakers: Sound of organic tunes


The idea is to get the best of both worlds as designers and makers of gadgets are constantly trying to satisfy us with smaller, sleeker and more efficient products. B.Sameer Kumar: Modern design is all about mixing ergonomics with style and form with function.


Green (Living) Review

Leading Lighting Manufacturer Earns Fifth Honor for its Ongoing Commitment to the Development of Energy Efficient Products RIVERSIDE, N.J., Selected annually from more than 12,000 organizations participating in the ENERGY STAR program, Sustained Excellence Award winners are recognized annually for their continued commitment to produce innovative, energy-efficient products that reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions. "We

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B&Q launches petition and cuts the VAT on energy monitors permanently

Green (Living) Review

B&Q believes energy saving should be affordable for all and when surveyed, 95 per cent of its customers agreed that reducing VAT would encourage them to buy energy efficient products. B&Q has evidence that price reductions through VAT cuts drives up sales of energy saving products like insulation and light bulbs. There is also currently no VAT reduction for the electrical goods that are the most energy efficient in their product category e.g. goods that are A rated.

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Vestas wins Ukrainian order for 90 MW

Green (Living) Review

The V112 turbine allows an efficient energy production and gives us justified return on investment," says CEO of Wind Power LLC, Guerman Ainbinder. DTEK's enterprises form an efficient production chain from coal mining and preparation to electricity generation and supply. This article is for your information only and the GREEN (LIVING) REVIEW does not (necessarily) approve, endorse or recommend the product, service or company mentioned

The First Tech Accelerator For Sustainability

Conservancy Talk

And we’re seeing a revolution in the ways great companies deliver traditional services and products. Organizations find hugely more efficient, productive ways of getting things done.

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Green (Living) Review

Retrofitting existing buildings with energy and water efficiency measures is a cost-effective way to contribute to our climate change obligations, and would help stimulate a low carbon economy through significant job creation for fitters, assessors and manufacturers of efficient products and materials.

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How to Feed the World Without Killing the Planet?

Nature Conservancy - Science

1–3 And, as the human population grows and becomes more affluent, demand for food production is increasing, especially for luxury products that are more environmentally demanding. 4 How can we balance demand for agricultural products with biodiversity protection?

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Brits still not switched on to energy saving, new study shows

Green (Living) Review

According to a new study, while 94% of us say we want to become more energy efficient, only 37% of us currently rate ourselves as such – and it’s the basics that are still eluding us. For more information and to view the full product range, visit

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Current Carbon Offset Model Won’t Work For Saudi Arabia, 3 Reasons Why

Green Prophet

I think more than the star-crusted, latest new fad of buying carbon credits, what Saudi Arabia needs is a new model of carbon offset; a model where companies can offset their emissions by investing in their own renewable resources and energy-efficient products.


Green (Living) Review

He comments: “Of all the products in your home, the vacuum cleaner is easily the most wasteful of energy.

Another Reason to Watch “24”

Eco Friendly Daily

This television production has several goals in mind as they film the next season. The show will be taking important steps to clean up their sets and make them more efficient.

Green Building Perspectives: Whirlpool

Green Life Smart Life

Much like Green Life Smart Life, Whirlpool seeks to help families green their lifestyles with simple tips to help them be more efficient in the kitchen and laundry room. In a recent survey that Whirlpool conducted with Harris Interactive, 84 percent of consumers said that energy efficiency is most important to them in regards to appliances. How is your company evolving to address green living and energy efficiency? Our evolution can be seen in the products themselves.

EPA Recognizes Panasonic Home & Environment Company With ENERGY STAR® Sustained Excellence Award

Green (Living) Review

The EPA has awarded Panasonic Home & Environment Company a 2012 ENERGY STAR® Sustained Excellence Award in recognition of its continued leadership in manufacturing innovative and energy efficient ventilation fans. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded Panasonic Home & Environment Company a 2012 ENERGY STAR® Sustained Excellence Award in recognition of its continued leadership in manufacturing innovative and energy efficient ventilation fans.

Green Building Perspectives: Control4

Green Life Smart Life

Green Life Smart Life will provide the opportunity for consumers to learn about Control4’s Operating System and how it is integrated into any home to make life easier by providing a seamless platform that enables all of the home’s products and systems to work together. We have been and will continue to be committed to this space by making greater strides in product development and strategic partnerships to benefit green building and its consumers.

For the Love of Carrots & the Elephant Journal

Green Living Ideas

Luckily he was able to call-in again this week and talk about eco-tax deductions from energy-efficient technology. 5 Energy Efficient Tax Credits You Should Know About. Claim up to $500 in tax credits for energy-efficiency improvements in your primary home.

Responsible Bathroom Water Conservation Tour Shows Americans How to Reduce the Use

Green (Living) Review

Calculations of how much water, money, and energy consumers can save with efficient bathroom products. For instance, based on an average four-person household, using water-efficient products could amount to an annual savings of 36,456 gallons of water and $211. Our water-efficient toilets, faucets, and showerheads combine exceptional performance and superior style,” says Don Devine, American Standard president and chief executive officer. PISCATAWAY, N.J.

Electronics retailers need green to get back in black

Green Life Smart Life

All recently disappeared from the retail landscape) that they should focus like never before on green products and messaging in order to survive and thrive in the rebuilding economy. When people think of green, they think largely of household products and food, says the article. And if you’re a retailer selling products with these attributes, you should be crowing about it.

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Population or Environmental Food Crisis, Part 6: Alternative agriculture

Green Blog

This is part six of a series of articles that take a closer look on the relationship between increasing human population levels and the food production system that sustains human livelihoods. Both in developed and developing countries the production per unit area is greater on smaller farms.

Green Building Perspectives: Kohler

Green Life Smart Life

which makes toilets, sinks, faucets and all kinds of kitchen and bath products, has water conservation high on its list of priorities. With Kohler products, he said, “You can help the environment and save money along the way, without sacrificing performance.&#. It turns out that toilets have already become much more efficient than they were in the past. Kohler’s products are directly helping consumers cut down on water consumption.

Save the world

The Green Changemakers

Buy energy-saving, compact-fluorescent light bulbs and other energy efficient products. When replacing major appliances purchase energy efficient ones - look for the government's EnergyStar label. 10 EASY THINGS YOU CAN DO TO HELP THE EARTH THIS EARTH DAY, APRIL 22 1.

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The Green Changemakers

Keynesian economists soon discovered that full employment today meant a bigger economy tomorrow because some of the investment expenditures required to keep unemployment down: on infrastructure, buildings and equipment, also expanded the productive capacity of the economy. We would enjoy more services and fewer but more durable and repairable products, and we would value use over status when deciding what to buy.

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The global crisis in land use.

The Green Changemakers

Without a highly efficient, productive, and resilient agricultural system, our society would collapse almost overnight. And, if we want any hope of keeping up with these demands, we’ll need to double, perhaps triple, the agricultural production of the planet in the next 30 to 40 years.

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Global Warming Solutions

The Green Changemakers

We need to drive smarter cars, save money with energy efficient homes and offices, and build better communities and transportation networks. DRIVE SMARTER CARS Choose an efficient vehicle: High-mileage cars such as hybrids and plug-in hybrids use less gas and save money. Sealing drafts and making sure that your home has adequate insulation are two easy ways to become more energy-efficient. Buy energy-efficient appliances.

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Qualitative Growth

The Green Changemakers

The UN''s Human Development Index (HDI) first estimated this unpaid productive work in 1995 at $16 trillion ($11 trillion by women and $5 trillion by men) simply missing from 1995''s global GDP of $24 trillion.

20 Ways to Make a Difference

The Green Changemakers

Go from energy efficiency production to beach and river clean-up and then save the dolphins. When we do what we were made to do, mentoring others and finding volunteer opportunities, we discover that we all have resources to create a personal legacy, using our time, our money, and our ideas.

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MIT researchers light up LEDs with over 100 percent efficiency


Green Products. MIT researchers light up LEDs with over 100 percent efficiency. A team of MIT researchers, who addressed this issue, has emerged up with an unforeseen power-efficiency mechanism for LEDs, more than 100 percent! This range is called ‘unity efficiency.’ Scientists Create 230-Percent Efficient LED Bulbs Picture Gallery Scientists Create 230-Percent Efficient LED Bulbs Scientists Create 230-Percent Efficient LED Bulbs. Please login.

Little Sun: A cost effective, solar powered LED lamp for the.


Green Products. Envisaged as a solar powered LED lamp; this bantam contraption would provide affordable yet efficient lighting for rural people living in developing countries. Fueled by its advanced yet efficient LED system, the optimized charging of 4 hours can be easily followed after, during the day time. And, that is not all; as in the larger ambit, the designers are also looking forth to design other equally energy efficient products in the future.

Best green household products must for every home


Green Products. Best green household products must for every home. But it is also important that these products don’t release harmful toxins and chemicals which can pose a danger to the health and the environment. In keeping with increasing demand for green products, manufacturers of household items are rolling out eco friendly and useful objects designed to making life easy. Easy to cultivate and abundant, it is often used to manufacture disposable products.

12 steps to unite to combate Climate Change

The Green Changemakers

Everything an individual, organization, business or government does or uses embodies some form of carbon, either in products themselves or in the energy and materials it takes to make them. The toy suppliers saved on packaging costs while Wal-Mart used 230 fewer shipping containers to distribute their products, saving about 356 barrels of oil and 1,300 trees. Another example: you can buy paper or wood products that adhere to internationally certified standards.

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Steps toward a greener workplace

The Green Changemakers

Replace light bulbs with compact fluorescent ones, or move from T-12 to the more efficient T-8 tube light bulbs. Buy processed chlorine-free, 100% recycled content printing and writing paper and tissue products. more efficient or conserving energy through specific behaviors.

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Guide to Eco-products Pt3 - "better stuff"


A while ago I was quite harsh on " eco-efficient products ", but what is the alternative? But she is not very efficient - a tree casts hundreds or even thousands of seeds to the wind, yet only one or two might grow into a tree. As an example, under solar, cyclic, safe, you would use biodiesel rather than buying a fuel efficient car. One answer is to look out the window.

Guide to Eco-products Pt2 - "eco-efficiency"


At the end of last year I promised some posts on what makes a product 'green' - see the summary here. The first way a product can be green I mentioned was "using less stuff". The technical term for this is 'eco-efficiency' - the amount of use we can get out of each unit of natural resource. For example, if you buy a more fuel efficient car, you will get more miles (the use you want) out of each gallon (the natural resource required).