People matter: Tanzania evicts thousands of Maasai for hunting safaris

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| Green Travel News | Thousands of indigenous Maasai are being forced off their land at gunpoint, in an illegal land grab orchestrated by the Tanzanian government and a company based in the United Arab Emirates that wants to operate luxury hunting safaris.

Do you count gulls? But how?!?

10,000 Birds

Cover photo: Yellow-legged (left), Caspian Gull (right) – Courtesy of cro-ringing.blogspot.com. How to count tens of thousands of birds that are all white below and grey above? I mean, it is easy to count them all, but what I want are numbers of individual species within such flocks and not just numbers of them all together. I am an experienced bird counter, but until a few years ago, I was mostly counting waterfowl, where you can easily tell the species apart, even in large mixed flocks.

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Tips to Shrink Your Business’ Carbon Footprint

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Companies that go green are also more productive, according to researchers from UCLA and the University of Paris-Dauphine. In addition to increased productivity, reducing your carbon footprint can help reduce your costs and overall expenses. According to the EPA, companies worldwide have saved millions simply by upgrading their air conditioning chiller installations. Going green doesn’t […].

Explaining why economics majors rank near the top in salaries earned

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From Paris: Finance Innovations Help Island Nations Adapt to Climate Change

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Mark R. Tercek is the president and CEO of the Nature Conservancy and author of Nature’s Fortune. Follow Mark on Twitter @MarkTercek. Small islands have big ideas.” Those were the words of my friend, H.E.

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Sixteen Building Blocks of a Green, Entrepreneurial, Cooperative Economy

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The transition from a capitalist to a cooperative economy could be one of the defining achievements of the 21st century. In history, everything changes.

California builds first farm-to-table new home community

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Urban farming is in the air and California is setting an example by creating the first American housing project of its kind with an urban farm built intentionally in the center of the community. The farm will be 7.4 acres and will include a teaching center for sustainable farming.

The 25 Scariest Texting and Driving Accident Statistics


Each year, about 1,300,000 people are killed in road accidents. This is a mind-numbing number of deaths for the worst reason in the world. This means that over 3,000 people die every single day due to collisions on the road.

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JustAhead app supercharges national park vacations

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| Green Travel News | A new GPS-powered travel app turns smartphones into hands-free audio tours of Yosemite, Bryce Canyon, Death Valley and several more U.S. national parks.

The slaughter tourism trade in Serbia

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Twenty years ago, flocks consisting of a thousand European Turtle Doves were a common sight in Serbia in spring. Ten years ago, those flocks were reduced to a few hundred birds. Nowadays, the flocks are even smaller, merely a few dozen birds. As we speak, in Serbia these birds are still hunted in August and September. Turtle Doves have been declining in Europe since the 1970s, and in this century alone, the continent has lost 40% of its population of the species.

Make Your Smart Home a Green Home

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Your current lifestyle depends on the usage of energy; however, with a rise in population and a decrease in natural resources, energy costs are growing exponentially.

Stop arguing with me--it's a scientific fact that I am smarter

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According to a collection of studies, drummers are super smart, due to a variety of factors relating to being in the rhythm section. The news comes courtesy of Polymic, who have compiled a series of reports from Oxford and Harvard universities to name a few. What they found was that that dude at the back of the band isn’t the head scratcher that you might think he is, in fact he is more likely to be the smartest of them all.

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Are the Best Years for Tropical Forest Conservation Still Ahead?

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I recently read an article in Ecosystem Marketplace – “2014: the year in forest carbon” – that highlighted some of the successes in reducing tropical deforestation last year.

She was Done.

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She realized she was the only self she could be—and not being unapologetically true to herself was a disservice to her soul and the world.

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Jon Stewart Gears Up For Greener Pastures of The Farm Variety


Jon Stewart recently purchased a farm in New Jersey with the intention of providing a sanctuary for farm animals rescued from cruelty. The news comes just as the talk show host prepares for Read More The post Jon Stewart Gears Up For Greener Pastures of The Farm Variety appeared first on Ecorazzi.

10 Great National Parks You’ve Never Heard Of

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Petrified Forest National Park. Photo: © Andrew V Kearns VIP/NPS. By Justine E. Hausheer, science writer for The Nature Conservancy. Grand Canyon. Great Smoky Mountains. Yellowstone. Yosemite.

Hubble Captures Jupiter’s Great Entourage of Moons

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Jupiter and its Entourage of Moons In anticipation of watching the new release of the science fiction/fantasy thriller Jupiter Ascending this weekend, I ran across this recent February 7 2015 article on Bad Astronomy , by author and astronomer Phil Plait.

ICARDA scientists save 80% of a priceless trove of Syrian seeds

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A team of Syrian scientists at the International Center for Agricultural Research in Dry Areas (ICARDA) braved the terrors of civil war to protect a critical piece of global heritage, meticulously transporting plant genetic material from a seed bank in Aleppo to the Svalbard Seed Vault in Norway.

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These 2 Children Grew up in a Bike Trailer (and Loved It)


Alice Goffart and Andoni Rodelgo biked around the world for 7 years. They started shortly after their first child Maïa was born, kept going through their second pregnancy and gave birth to Unai on the road!

BookDifferent.com to publish carbon emissions for 593,000 hotels

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| Green Travel News | Several travel booking websites now call out eco-friendly lodgings, but in a world-first, not only is the Netherlands-based BookDifferent revealing which hotels have a valid green certification—they are also publishing nearly 600,000 hotels’ carbon emissions.

A Marvelous Marsh Hawk

10,000 Birds

Most birders in the northern hemisphere are familiar with the Marsh Hawk , an expected denizen of marshes, tundra, and grasslands across a huge swathe of the globe. Otherwise known as the Northern Harrier (in the Americas) or the Hen Harrier (in the English-speaking Old World), Circus cyaneus brings terror to voles and other small mammals as it courses low over open country, ready to plunge, talons-first, at the first sign of movement.

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Benefits of a Green Home

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Benefits of a Green Home. green building green construction green remodeling Benefits of a Green Home

Seventh Annual Conference and Meeting | Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis

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Thursday, March 19, 3:45 – 5:15 Session 4. Non-Market Recreational Welfare Effects of Changes in the Diversity and Abundance of Species. Chair: Trudy Ann Cameron, University of Oregon. Presentations: A Combined Revealed/Stated Preference Model for Projecting the Impact of Aquatic Nuisance Species on Recreational Angling in the Great Lakes, Upper Mississippi, and Ohio River Basins, Gregory L. Poe*, Cornell University; Richard C.

Funds Are Needed for Marine Protected Areas

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This letter first appeared in The Times of London. Sir, We live in a world with a growing population with increasing demands. Yet we are unsustainably exhausting our seas.

“Star Of Bethlehem” Visible on June 30th for the First Time in 2,000 Years.

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The conjunction of these two planets has been building throughout the month of June and the result will be a dazzling bright spectacular on June 30th. Non-New-Agey Spirituality (Religion, Philosophy) Popular Lately Z ADMIN Spirituality Featured Today Astronomy Star of Bethlehem

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China Now the Leading Global Market for Solar Panels


It’s already the world’s leader in making solar panels, so perhaps it shouldn’t come as a shock that China is now also the globe’s biggest market for the energy saving Read More The post China Now the Leading Global Market for Solar Panels appeared first on Ecorazzi.

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The End of Coral Reefs? Not Yet.

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When I think of my life on coral reefs I feel old.

Nature Cooperating & Laguna’s Bottlenose Dolphins

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Dolphins helping fishermen catch mullet A few posts back, I discussed the phenomenon called “ endosymbiosis ” by Dr. Lynn Margulis, who posited a cellular evolution based on ‘cooperation’ rather than simple ‘competition’ between viral or bacterial infection and host cell.

Huge eco-friendly luxury living project coming to Cairo

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Luxury usually comes at a high price, not only financially but environmentally too. But plans for a new building in the heart of Cairo hope to change this high cost to the environment, combining luxury living with eco-friendly technology.

What If Polluters Paid and You Got the Money?

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What if we could click our ruby slippers and transport ourselves to a magical place where polluters pay and we all get checks in the mail? The Oregon legislature is considering two bills that would take us there.

Hilton teams with World Wildlife Fund

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| Green Travel News | Hilton Worldwide, in an effort to reduce its impact on the environment, has forged an alliance with World Wildlife Fund (WWF). As Hilton’s signature environmental partner, WWF will work with the company to evolve its global business practices.


10,000 Birds

Worried by the lack of appropriate action by the authorities (as described in the previous post ), this year I invited two more wildlife protection organisations to take part in the annual census of Pygmy Cormorants in Belgrade. Here is a joint media release: WWF, Decembar 11, 2015 – This December, 3,800 Pygmy Cormorants are wintering by the river Sava in Belgrade, Serbia, representing 2 percent of the global population and 5.4 percent of their European population.

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6 Ultimate Ideas to Use Renewable Resources for a Greener Home

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Summary When we think of a greener planet where everything is nature-loved, then we should also think of going green in our daily routines.

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Raise your hand if you want to work with me.

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The Department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics (my department) in the College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (my college) at The Ohio State University (my university) is hiring for four new faculty positions--and I am not ashamed of taking advantage of this blog to promote the positions.