The Downside of Wearing Conventional Makeup plus a DIY Natural Makeup Roundup

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There are two reasons for wearing makeup – to enhance particular features, and to cover-up unpleasant flaws. The lipsticks are effective at plumping subtle lips, while the eyeliner accentuates the eyes and the blushes rosey the cheeks.

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"The Red Faces of the Solar Skeptics"

Environmental Economics

Nancy Folbre: If the faces of renewable energy critics are not red yet, they soon will be. For years, these critics — of solar photovoltaics in particular — have called renewable energy a boutique fantasy.

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Birdie Magnetic Sense and Human Generated Electromagnetic Fields

10,000 Birds

Bird Navigation is an amazing, mysterious thing. For years, birds have outsmarted scientists over this issue, mainly I think because people looking into navigation originally made the incorrect assumption that birds are birds and there is a navigational method that they use.

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Profitable New Year’s Resolution: Build Wealth as you Live More Sustainably

Living Green & Saving Energy

My New Year’s wish for everyone is to be healthier, greener, and wealthier in 2015.

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10 Ways to Obtain and Maintain an Alkaline Body

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Disease is happiest when living in an acidic body. Fungi, bacteria and toxins multiply quickly and swim freely within – wreaking havoc in an acidic body. Nevertheless, the opposite is true for an alkaline body.

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Norm’s Farms Elderberry Wellness Products – A Review, Giveaway & A Recipe

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Legend has it, that if the leaves of an elderberry tree were hung on the door, all who inhabit the home would be protected from evil spirits. The elderberry tree is a distinct member of the honeysuckle family with deep roots in the world of natural medicine and folklore.

Book Review and Giveaway – 100 Organic Skin Care Recipes by Jessica Ress ends 9/17

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I remember standing in my shower as a preteen many many years ago scrubbing my skin with kitty litter – I had read somewhere that clay based litter could help shrink my large adolescent pores and detox my skin.

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8 Practical Ways to Use Solar Energy

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Solar energy refers to electricity derived from sunlight with the use of photovoltaic panels – this type of energy is effective at powering almost every application that relies on traditional energy.

San Francisco: Bay Area Green Tours leads the way

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10 Practical Ways to Generate a Positive Mind

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The idea of generating a positive mind often seems laughable when we look at our surroundings. Seriously, is it even possible to be positive when we live in a world filled with disappointments, stresses, diseases and injustice? The answer is yes!

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Bald Eagle Catching and Eating a Blue-winged Teal

10,000 Birds

Back in January, when I was enjoying my attendance at the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival down in Florida, I had an enchanting encounter with our national bird , the Bald Eagle.

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Graphic of the Day: Is it getting close to time to redefine the term 'Public' University?

Environmental Economics

From the Chronicle of Higher Education

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A Poem for Earth Month – Thank You Mother Earth

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Electronic Waste Recycling: Importance and Facts

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With waste management being one of the prime steps of the recycling process, it is evident that each and every part of your waste is segregated and sent for recycling. However, that is not the story in various landfills.

Happy Arbor Day – 5 of the World’s Most Beautiful Trees

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Founded by a Nebraskan politician by the name of Julius Morton, the very first arbor day took place in 1872. This day for the trees was formed to be an inspiration and a reminder to nurture, plant and celebrate trees of all kind.

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3 Natural Ways to Shoo Away Signs of Age – An Angel Face Botanicals Review/Giveaway

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While getting older is inevitable, feeling and looking that way is totally optional! Since the beginning of time, man has been searching for the illusive fountain of youth – a special potion, elixir or cream that can magically deter age spots, straighten frown lines and frighten away aches and pains.

Another Great Shorebirding Day at Jamaica Bay

10,000 Birds

Saturday morning, 30 August 2014, was a perfect time for shorebirding at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge’s East Pond.

Aloe Vera Water Recipe

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Best known for its external ability to soothe burnt and boo-booed skin, freshly de-skinned Aloe Vera can also be consumed for its wellness benefits.

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The Benefits and Methods of Sprouting Beans, Nuts and other Grains

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All foods supplied by nature is either alive or was alive. The bananas and oranges grow beautiful and plump on its mother tree and the seed, nuts and other grains mature into hearty eats for animals and humans to enjoy.

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Simple Chamomile and Rose Water Facial Toner Recipe

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Chamomile tea is widely known for its gentle ability to ward off stress and anxiety while also giving the immune system a boost, fighting free radicals and soothing GI issues.

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Prune, Flax and Apple Cider Vinegar Anti-Constipation Juice

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This anti-constipation juice recipe includes spinach, prune and flax for its fiber content and gentle detoxing ability. The apple cider vinegar will encourage the presence of good bacteria while the cucumber and celery promote an alkaline environment.

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Anti-inflammatory Massage Oil with Lavender and Eucalyptus

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Inflammation is a painful symptom that can cause the growth of disease as well as immovability and depression. While the body needs a certain level of inflammation to help with the process of healing, too much of it can certainly be bad.

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How often do economists commit misconduct?

Environmental Economics

Retraction Watch: We haven’t covered that many retractions in economics , and a 2012 paper found very few such retractions. Now, a new study based on a survey of economists tries to get a handle on how often economists commit scientific misconduct.

Fighting Female Western Bluebirds

10,000 Birds

On a beautiful sunny day last week I decided it was time to check on bluebird nest boxes. I had seen several Western Bluebirds ( Sialia mexicana ) scouting for possible nesting sites and it is that time of year to make sure the boxes are in good shape, clean and ready to go.

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The Meaning of Environmental Sustainability in a Cup of Tea

Living Green & Saving Energy

The Meaning of Environmental Sustainability in a Cup of Tea. green living how to go green sustainability Green living Steps to Sustainability sustainable living

Wood Ducks! Need I say More?

10,000 Birds

There is a hidden cove in Anderson River Park in Northern California where birders know they can almost always find Wood Ducks (Axi sponsa). Since I hadn’t been to Anderson River Park for awhile, I stopped by last week and found some Wood Ducks at the usual spot.

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Happy Earth Day – 5 Facts you Didn’t Know About the Environment

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The artificial world that we currently live in has blinded us to the natural beauty around us. We walk on its soil and breathe in its air, we point and awe at the animals and quench our thirst with its liquid, yet we truly no nothing about the environment.

Restoring Hot Oil Treatment Recipe for Dull and Damaged Hair

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Hot oil treatments are used as a pre-shampoo to help restore damage inflicted from the use of chemicals, dyes and heat. Homemade hot oil treatments are easy to make, natural and inexpensive.

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Why Did They Name This Duck the Ring-necked Duck?

10,000 Birds

I’ve heard many people ask “why don’t they call it the Ring-billed Duck?” ” They do have a white band toward the end of their bill. But if you look closely, you can see the dark violet band around the neck of the male Ring-necked Duck ( Aythya collaris ).

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Drones: The Next Thing Birders Will Be Arguing About

10,000 Birds

Amazon had a brilliant press release on Cyber Monday 2013 about using drones as a possible delivery service for their products in the near future.

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5 Daily Practices to Promote a Happy Mind

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The life of an adult can be a roller coaster ride of negativity, disappointments and tears. Life can be a bully that knocks us down and keep us down if we let it, and often times, we do let it.

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Lacto-Fermented – A Quick Lesson Plus a Recipe Round-up

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In the gut of every man, woman and child lives a bounty of bacteria – some good, others not so much. As gross as it may seem to be the host to millions of tiny bacteria, those boys are actually detrimental to our health.

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3 Natural ways to Repel Insects: An Iwilla Remedy Bug-Off Review/Giveaway

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In most parts of the world, warmer weather is synonymous with connecting with nature – we garden more, go fishing, hiking, camping, swimming and just bask in the sun because it feels hella good.

Required reading for anyone thinking about going to graduate school

Environmental Economics

From the conclusions of a new paper in the Journal of Economic Perspectives *: If the objective of graduate training in top-ranked departments is to produce successful research economists, then these graduate programs are largely failing.

2014 231

Cooper’s Hawk Eating a Road-Killed Canada Goose

10,000 Birds

On the same day that I journeyed out to eastern Long Island to enjoy birding Shinnecock Inlet in the fog I also explored the fields of Riverhead, where large flocks of geese congregate and where a Yellow-headed Blackbird had been reported recently amid a large flock of icterids at a Buffalo farm.

Flip the Switch: Upgrade to Energy Efficient Lighting Today

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When buying light fixtures we often forget to look past the aesthetics, and we overlook the types of bulbs that are used. According the U.S. Energy Department, when you change one light bulb in your home you save up to $6 per year per light bulb.

For the Love of Ants

10,000 Birds

Kathi Borgmann and Josh Beck are living the dream of many a North American birder. They packed up in June of 2013 and headed south from San Diego with the southern tip of South America as their destination.

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