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San Francisco area: an organic ranch with a storied past

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| Lovely, Rustic Luxury | In Marin County’s tiny Marshall, little more than an hour’s drive from San Francisco, Straus Home Ranch is not just an unforgettable vacation rental and event venue.

A Birder Attends a (Virtual) Ornithology Conference – Part II

10,000 Birds

Last week, I “attended” the virtual North American Ornithological Conference (NAOC). Because NAOC is so large, it is more accurate to say I sampled small parts of the enormous event.

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Reply to "Reply to Whitehead" by Desvousges, Mathews and Train (the correction)

Environmental Economics

As described in the introduction of my (draft) "Reply to 'Reply to Whitehead'" , I suspect that I have used the incorrect confidence intervals when analyzing the Desvousges, Mathews and Train (2015) data.

2020 130

Regenerative agriculture the solution, says Woody Harrelson

Green Prophet

In a time where it seems like we need to choose light or dark, fear and hope, building or destruction, some stars and models lend their voices and faces to a solution to what appears to be the world’s biggest challenge right now: climate change.

2020 94

Campground Critters: A Natural and Personal History

Nature Conservancy - Science

Outhouse porcupines led me away from camp…and to a naturalist’s life. From the Field Wildlife Outdoor Rec

2020 72

Classy, Elegant Bird Art from Costa Rica

10,000 Birds

In the era of digital cameras and social media, images of birds are easy to come by. Even photos of the rarest of birds can be found, even heart-wrenching images of bird species that are no longer with us.

Reply to "Reply to Whitehead" by Desvousges, Mathews and Train (an introduction)

Environmental Economics

Desvousges, Mathews and Train ( Land Economics, 2015 ) use the contingent valuation method (CVM) to conduct an adding-up test (i.e., does WTP A + WTP B = WTP A+B ?). They use the nonparametric Turnbull estimator and find that the data do not pass the adding-up test.

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Hawai?ian Snails: A Tale of Discovery and Rediscovery

Nature Conservancy - Science

A new Hawai?ian ian snail species is described for the first time in 60 years. From the Field Wildlife TNC Science

2020 68

Welcome Back

10,000 Birds

This pervasive pandemic we’re currently experiencing has squashed everyone’s travel plans – humans that is. Migration (in particular bird migration) is well underway, however. And when I say bird migration I’m referring to a specific group of birds – shorebirds.

2020 184

Birding at a Historic Sporting Estate

10,000 Birds

I didn’t expect to see any birds. It was over 90 degrees F on a Georgia afternoon, the humidity adding an extra dose of discomfort.

2020 170

The many poses of a Striated Heron

10,000 Birds

Striated Herons are fairly easy to observe around Broome even if they are rather sneaky around the port area. At Gantheaume Point they are reliably found throughout the year.

2020 167

Herons and Egrets of Nanhui, Shanghai

10,000 Birds

A few days ago, I saw a Yellow Bittern trapped in a fishing device. The bird got very nervous when I approached, trying to strike me with its beak through the net. Now, I am sure there is one Shanghai fisherman cursing the evil person who cut a hole in his net.

2020 161

Best Bird of the Weekend (Third of August 2020)

10,000 Birds

August weekends don’t always promise birding excitement, but the tantalizing prospect of a singular sighting always exists. Don’t ever think that the best birds can’t appear at the most unexpected times.

2020 163

Leapin’ Grassquits, Sandy!

10,000 Birds

Back when I started birding during my youth in California, it didn’t take long for me to notice and appreciate how Northern Mockingbirds would sometimes do backflips in the air while singing.

2020 153

Environmental psychologist creates ready-to-wear “jump” fashion from hemp

Green Prophet

Parkour, dancing, singing and dancing– all ready for Haptic Path’s hemp-based, slow fashion which is ready-to-wear for men and women. Every once and a while you meet somehow who inspires – like Ondi in India. They are all over the world and you will find them if you are listening.

2020 87

Solar powered yacht – sails and moors for off-grid escape

Green Prophet

A movable home that can plunge its support deep into the water against hurricanes, or be brought on land to live off-grid. I grew up as a Dutch girl in Canada.

2020 87

Beloved climate change scientist Konrad “Koni” Steffen loses life falling through melting glacier

Green Prophet

Konrad Steffen: “Immense man. Immense loss. Tears falling around the world.” ” Glaciologist Konrad “Koni” Steffen passed away at aged 68 on August 8 in an accident in Greenland.

2020 83

Delta8 THC: A Uplifting THC Experience Without The Psychotropic Effects

Green Prophet

There is growing evidence that medical cannabis can alleviate symptoms caused by Covid. When the THC count is low, as in some brands, you can use medical marijuana without federal repercussions. The debate about the legality of cannabis-related products has persisted with quite some time now.

2020 79

Planet Sharing Point in Tel Aviv to green your city

Green Prophet

Made from upcycled pallets, the Plant Sharing Point allows green thumbs to share their little green babies. A group of makers and creatives in Tel Aviv launched a pilot for a plant-share depot in Tel Aviv recently.

2020 65

Finding the Other Hand: How to Practice Science for Impact

Nature Conservancy - Science

Advice from scientists for scientists: a set of guidelines and principles to help increase the odds that your research will be used to identify, define and solve real-world problems. Ideas Conservation Science TNC Science

2020 61

7 Must-Have Travel Tech Accessories

Green Prophet

Once the most important travel tech was your film camera, a map, some cash and a compass. Now don’t travel without a local SIM card, and a solar charger for your iPhone. Travelling is the most intriguing part of a person’s life because it allows them to go on a social detox.

2020 57

Berkey Water Filter: What You Need to Know

Green Prophet

The Brita takes too much effort. And all that plastic! How about a non-electric Berkey Water Filter for your kitchen? Takes out the stuff you don’t want, leaves the good stuff in. The Berkey. For those of you who have one, nothing more needs to be said.

2020 56

What is Ethical Engineering and How Does it Work?

Green Prophet

Drones can be used in engineering to help harvest better crops. Technologies like Flux help collect data using the blockchain. How can we ensure our future engineers are trained with ethics in mind?

2020 56

Death Valley peaks hot – the highest since ’31 at 130F

Green Prophet

Death Valley, USA. It’s looking pretty hot out there. Think we know what’s in store for us? Abu Dhabi stands at an average high of about 110F in August, and now Death Valley, California peaks a record hot high at 130 degrees F (or 54.4 degrees Celsius) this month, the highest since 1931.

2020 52