Sat.Oct 17, 2020 - Fri.Oct 23, 2020

Best Bird of the Weekend (Third of October 2020)

10,000 Birds

Any time of year that features skies filled with birds pretty much all day demands attention pretty much all day. If your neck is sore from being on a swivel this weekend, may I suggest swiveling with your hips to get through the rest of the month?

2020 233

An Overlooked Threat to Freshwater Fisheries? Bowfishing

Nature Conservancy - Science

Bowfishing is often unregulated and unstudied. And that could be a big problem for native fish. The post An Overlooked Threat to Freshwater Fisheries? Bowfishing appeared first on Cool Green Science. Fish & Fisheries Conservation Science Fish Fisheries

2020 113

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The Best Cannabis Strains For Beginner Growers

Green Prophet

Cousin to the cannabis plant, hemp is also considered a healing herb – and one that is legal anywhere to grow. High amounts of CBD make it an interesting anti-anxiety medicine for many folks.

2020 102

How the Production of Foie Gras Impacts the Health of Ducks and Geese


As a result of increased animal welfare awareness in the past few decades, the production of foie gras has been thrown into question.

2020 57

Tenet Wines: The Pundit Syrah (2016)

10,000 Birds

At the risk of yet again reinforcing our predictable North American slant at Booze and Birds, it has to be noted that this year’s United States presidential campaign season has certainly been an occasion for drinking, especially as we enter the final two weeks before the election.

2020 212

When Domestic Birds Go Wild

Nature Conservancy - Science

When free-range poultry takes on a whole new dimension. The post When Domestic Birds Go Wild appeared first on Cool Green Science. Birds & Birding Wildlife Birds Weird Nature

2020 65

Secret oil pipeline revealed between Israel and the UAE

Green Prophet

The FSO Safer is a sinking oil tanker off the coast of Yemen. Rebels won’t let international bodies in to contain the oil which is slowly leaking into the Red Sea. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel signed an historic peace deal last month.

2020 94

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A Good Walk Well Spoiled

10,000 Birds

Golf is a good walk spoiled. — Mark Twain. Once, and only once, a while after I became a bit crazy about birding, my long-suffering wife decided to go along with me and see what it was all about. Now, my wife is extremely conscientious about exercise.

2020 187

Mammals of South Asia (Lynx Edicions)

10,000 Birds

I was lucky to visit India several times, but as a keen birder I carried along only a bird book, and even upgraded it to a new edition between the trips.

2020 183

Dollarbirds are back in Broome

10,000 Birds

In a year when there’s not a lot that is normal some things happen like clock-work. Nature continues its routine regardless of everything else that is going on in the world. We are lucky in Western Australia that we can move around our own state.

2020 176

Covid-19 survives sewage treatment, finds new study

Green Prophet

Oded Nir has isolated living Covid-19 virus at sewage treatment plants after treatment/Dani Machlis credit. Wastewater must be treated beyond conventional methods used today in Israel in order to eliminate Covid-19 , report scientists from Ben-Gurion University (BGU) in Beersheba, Israel.

2020 87

Ten Soups For Winter 2020

Green Prophet

Those wry jokes about the worst year known to living man may raise a laugh, but for real comfort while waiting for 2020 to turn, eat a soothing, home-made soup. We selected our best soup recipes for you. Some are familiar, some are truly exotic, and all are delicious.

2020 87

The hijab is the bombshell sportswear in this Afghan gym

Green Prophet

Women work out in a concealed gym in Afghanistan. Image credit: Reuters. Muslim women face varying amounts of oppression from men depending on where they live.

2020 87

Landmine detection using lasers and engineered glow bacteria

Green Prophet

Glow bacteria activated to sniff out nitrogen oxide, a gas emitted from old landmines. Buried landmines left and forgotten from wars and conflict of the past maim women, children and men alike.

2020 72

Eco-friendly ceramic tiles

Green Prophet

Eco-friendly materials are one of the biggest and fastest-growing trends within interior design.

2020 67