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Morning Coffee with Eastern Imperial Eagle

10,000 Birds

May 2009. After a wakeup call at highly uncivilized 3.45 am, at the crack of dawn I am sitting in a car by the Suslik (European ground squirrel) pasture. It is still cold. No Susliks are to be seen – they are waiting for the sun.

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Fuel Economy Standards Are Essential to Our Health, Environment and Economy

Conservancy Talk

Mark Tercek is the president and CEO of the Nature Conservancy and author of Nature’s Fortune. Follow Mark on Twitter: @ MarkTercek.

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Recovery: Benefits of Salmon Failure

Nature Conservancy - Science

Of all North America’s Atlantic salmon rivers none compared in size or productivity with the 407-mile-long Connecticut River that drains Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Instead of Searching for Love, allow it to Arrive—Buddhist Style.

Elephant Journal

When we believe that our worth comes from the outside, we will always feel like we need more love. This is not news, but just honest information—as much as we want to believe it's not true, no one will ever be enough to fulfill us, if we cannot fulfill ourselves. Enlightened Society Meditation Non New-Agey Spirituality acceptance buddhism Buddhist Buddhist Style change healing Health & Wellness life love meditation mindfulness practice relationships self love spirituality

2017 30

Pin-tailed Sandgrouse

10,000 Birds

A Pin-tailed Sandgrouse flew across the front of the hide and landed on the other side of a freshwater sluice, just a few meters away under the watchful eye of a Slender-billed Gull.

2017 21

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Yarn scraps, twine or other such materials for nesting birds

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) We are seeing, once again, a lot of posts online, in Blogs and (other) social media suggesting putting yarn scraps, twine or other material outside as nesting material for songbirds. While the intentions may be good, please do not do this.

Birds of the La Paz Malecon

10,000 Birds

Every year, there is a phenomenon that occurs here in La Paz, as well as many major cities across the planet. Carnival just before Lent.

Veganism As A Dating Tool


You know the world has gone to pot when an important social justice issue is discussed as nothing more than a means of impressing a date.

Learning to Love your “No”—4 Tips for Boundaries in Dating, Business & Life.

Elephant Journal

I sometimes wonder how a world might look where we truly loved the word “no.” Would it be customary to send our exes a “thank you for. Enlightened Society Inspiring (Wow) Love Non New-Agey Spirituality Right Livelihood authenticity being okay with no conscious dating dealing with rejection rejection yes and no

2017 19

Nearly half Europe’s electricity could be produced by households by 2050, study shows

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) More than a quarter of a million Europeans could be producing their own energy by the middle of the century if certain policies are pursued, a new report has found.

Magpie-lark breeding near Broome

10,000 Birds

Magpie-larks are a very common bird throughout most of Australia and they are quite at home among the large cities as well as in the country towns and the remote parts of Australia.

Vegan Society Rejects Crufts, But Seems OK With All Other Exploitation


The Vegan Society in the UK has come out with a public statement condemning the annual Crufts dog show, asking for viewers to “boycott” Crufts either by changing the TV channel or not buying a ticket.

Spring Cleaning for our Chakras.

Elephant Journal

Think of it as sweeping out the dusty corners of your mind, opening the windows and inviting in a refreshing breeze for tea. Green Health & Wellness Meditation Non New-Agey Spirituality Anne Lamont cleanse detox donate Gary Zukav give stuff away have a facial help others journaling meditation Pablo Neruda rituals simplify spring spring cleaning writing

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Fighting climate change and poverty in the Third World at the same time?

Green (Living) Review

The Weird Tale of the Carrion-eating Swamp Wallaby

Nature Conservancy - Science

How can you make a wallaby less cuddly? Give it a dead seabird wing to chew on. Wallabies are various types of medium to large-sized marsupials found in Australia and New Guinea.

Why I’m Not Excited About Mandatory Vegan Options


Within the next 6 months, all public canteens in Portugal will be legally required to offer a vegan option. This includes (but is not limited to) universities, hospitals, schools and prisons. (). The new law has come in to effect on account of a petition that the Portugese Vegetarian Society circulated in 2015. It was discussed by the Portugese parliament in early 2016 after garnering the support of over 15,000 signatories. On face value, it seems like positive development.

Buddhapreneur: A new wave of World Leaders.

Elephant Journal

There has never been a more important time to break free from a materialistic, egotistical way of doing business. Enlightened Society Non New-Agey Spirituality Right Livelihood bodhicitta buddhism business entrepeneur focus meditation mindfulness success

2017 16

Elho turn the table on the trend for Grow Your Own

Green (Living) Review

Product Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The elho Green Basics Grow Table XXL Elho turn the table on traditional grow your own, with the introduction of the contemporary Grow Table XXL.

Where Are You Birding This Third Weekend of March 2017?

10,000 Birds

While those of us living in the northeastern United States are currently buried under what passes for the current season, you may be in position to enjoy it.

Post-Women’s Day Blues


International Women’s day has been and gone. The colourful meme’s that dominated social media platforms last week are left to stagnate in a cyber graveyard of past timelines; the resurrection of such causes only to appear again for most people the same time next year.

The Psoas is not the Muscle of your F ing Soul.

Elephant Journal

I cannot tell you how many times in my practice someone has come to me with back pain who was previously told to. Health & Wellness Z ADMIN Wellness Featured Today back muscles back pain muscles physical therapy psoas Yoga

2017 15

The reason Sweden keeps running out of rubbish

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Time and again we read headlines and hear in the news that Sweden is so tremendously good at recycling that they keep running out of rubbish. This message the media is being told to hammer home to make us believe that other countries, especially Sweden, etc.,

Is the White-naped Xenopsaris Migratory? or The Limits of Citizen Science

10,000 Birds

That’s a question you’ve probably never asked yourself. There’s a decent chance you’ve never even heard of it before. I hadn’t until a little over a month ago when while flicking through one of my volumes of the Handbook of the Birds of the World (HBW) I came across it.

Speciesist Vegans


We’ve all experienced it – the jaw-dropping moment when a fellow vegan sells out the interests of animals for the sake of their image or societal conformity.

Three Ways to Silence our Inner Critic.

Elephant Journal

Once a negative thought begins to attack our conscious, we can’t just “not” think about it. Health & Wellness Non New-Agey Spirituality inner advocate inner critic mindfulness monkey mind negative thoughts positive thinking

2017 14

Wind energy to be created using lamp-posts

Green (Living) Review

An IT company has joined forces with a green technology firm to develop wind turbines which attach to lamp-posts. The NVT Group's partnership with Own Energy Solutions is set to create 25 jobs over the next 12 months which it hopes will rise to about 300 within three years.

The Pacific Wren of the San Francisco Botanical Garden

10,000 Birds

The air was cooler in the Redwood Grove than the surrounding, sunlit areas of the San Francisco Botanical Garden. The light that did make it through the thick branches of the trees reached the ground in patches, making patterns on the thin, winding trails.

Profitable “Free Range” Milk & False Claims In The Guardian


A tidal wave of “free range” milk seems to be upon us in the UK. The media would have you believe that this new onslaught of baby calf fluid is in response to a growing demand for higher welfare animal products. The reality is that producers have merely identified the concept of “free range” as a rather profitable one given the steady decline in milk prices over the last few years.

Depression: 6 Small Ways to Battle Back.

Elephant Journal

Depression keeps us indoors, in our beds, on our couches, away from the world. It prevents us from being interested in anything. It’s like waking up with a. Health & Wellness Inspiring (Wow) Yoga chronic illness depression eating disorder laughter yoga mental health vitamin D

2017 12

How to Construct Houses with Plastic Bottles

Green (Living) Review

It may seem unbelievable but you can build houses out of plastic bottles filled with sand. These projects are made especially by NGOs from African countries. For example, the house from the video below was made by the Samaprman Foundation.

Best Bird of the Weekend (Second of March 2017)

10,000 Birds

We may be mere weeks away from rolling over into a new season, but the one we’re mired in may feel a lot to you like a permanent climatic moment. Worry not. This too, like everything else, will pass!

Friday beer post

Environmental Economics

From the WaPo : Ireland’s leader was in Washington for a series of events in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, including breakfast with the vice president, a luncheon at the U.S. Capitol, a one-on-one meeting with President Trump and a long-standing annual ceremony in which the U.S. president is presented with a bowl of shamrocks.

Intuitive Reading for the Full Moon in Virgo: The Heart will Triumph over the Mind.

Elephant Journal

Are you able to tune into your breath and feel your energy in your solar plexus rise and grow, feeling your truth bloom like the wild magnolias on a spring evening?

Solar 11

What Gardening Can Do for Us

Green (Living) Review

Many years ago, not long after gardening came to me* and stuck, I read a statistic that said something to the effect that just looking at a plant lowers our heart rate. This was so long ago now that I no longer recall the exact phrasing, nor where I read it, or why.