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Around the World For Penguins: A Penguin Fan’s Book Review

10,000 Birds

Penguins! Penguins here! <pause> <pause> Do I have your attention now? There are few bird names that will elicit great big smiles and Penguin is one of them.

2020 229

Beneath snow, seeds still remember


Happy Hallowe’en, Samhain (a.k.a. Celtic New Year), All Souls Day, and Dia de los Muertos, y’all.

2020 160

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Israel approves 30% renewables goal for 2030: Revolution or low bar?

Green Prophet

Golan Heights wind farm, Israel. The Israeli cabinet has approved the proposal to increase Israel’s 2030 renewable energy target from 17% to 30%.

2020 80

Cool Green Fall Book Review

Nature Conservancy - Science

Six nature and science books to entertain or inspire you when you need it. The post Cool Green Fall Book Review appeared first on Cool Green Science. Ideas Our Nature Reads

2020 72

Costa Rica Opens! What About the Birding?

10,000 Birds

Back in March, back when the world realized that a pandemic was happening and that it was spreading with tenacious unconscious determination, Costa Rica closed its borders.

Great Election Signs 2020


In situations of dire consequence, I appreciate the use of gentle, yet pointed, creative humor. It seems to give me back a bit of clarity and life force. Here are some of my favorite USA 2020 Presidential elections signs.

2020 168

Hard Kombucha, The New Eco-Cocktail

Green Prophet

Kombucha is tea fermented over a floppy, gelatinous pad, the mother culture that provides friendly bacteria and yeasts. It’s said that kombucha originated in China centuries ago, traveling along with precious tea leaves over the Silk Road, eventually reaching Europe.

2020 78

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The Things We Do For Birds

10,000 Birds

Late Sunday afternoon I was relaxing at home trying to recover from my early awakening due to having turned back the clock one hour for daylight saving time. Well, that and over imbibing on Halloween candy, if I’m being honest.

2020 221

5 Weird Sex Facts That Will Make You Laugh and Cry

Eco Friendly Daily

Sex is a beautiful, natural process that can create an inseparable connection between two people. When it’s all said and done, it brings life into the world. Still, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Sex can be a bit weird. Like, really weird. Your body can perform some strange feats when aroused.

2020 52

Estée Lauder shows the planet beauty is more than skin deep

Green Prophet

The niece of a Hungarian chemist, Estée Lauder, nee Mentzer, was trained in the art of face creams at an early age. She founded what is today a global brand, still run by the family. Being pretty comes with a cost to the environment. Buying stuff, travelling places, eating things from far away.

2020 74

Puddleglum, or Puddleglee?

10,000 Birds

In C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia , one of the many fantastic characters is a rather human-like frog creature named Puddleglum. Puddleglum is an endlessly pessimistic, though kind-hearted, ally to the story’s several heroes.

2020 193

Ospreys in the Desert

10,000 Birds

Adam Cairns is a photographer, writer and poet. He is returning to the UK after a four year spell in Qatar, in the Middle East. He posts photos and descriptions of the birds he finds on his blog, Birderlife. This is Adam’s first contribution to 10,000 Birds.

2020 189

Best Bird of the Weekend (Last of October 2020)

10,000 Birds

The final weekend of October carries a particularly macabre yet playful resonance in most years. The horrors of this particular year seem to have stolen most of the joy of Halloween, if the meager stream of trick or treaters we saw this weekend were any evidence.

2020 186

Domaine de l’Hortus: “Le Loup y es-tu?” Blanc (2018)

10,000 Birds

Usually when I think of unseasonably mild autumn weather, I picture a last gasp of summer manifesting itself with an early fall heat wave in September, or maybe a stretch of warmer weather in October before Hallowe’en. But here in eastern upstate New York, as we near the end of the first week of November, we’re a few days into a nearly balmy spell of clement temperatures that’s forecasted to last into early next week. The highs for the next few days are supposed to be in the upper 60s.

2020 123

Birding crème de la crème: Asia – Corbett to Taman Negara

10,000 Birds

I bought a new rucksack yesterday and the first thing I checked when I brought it home was, how easily my spotting scope with a mounted window clamp fits in – test passed with flying colours. What purpose rucksack did I choose?

2020 226

Mary Pool rest area

10,000 Birds

Western Australia is a very large state and often there are vast distances between towns. The closest town to Broome if we head south towards Perth is around 600kms. Derby lies around 200kms to the north. The capital city, Perth, is over 2000kms away.

2020 164

How to Remove Scratches from Eyeglasses

Green Prophet

Maybe they are made from sustainably sourced bamboo or handmade wood. Whatever the source you need to protect those glasses so they last you a lifetime. Here’s how. Perhaps you’re tired of getting a new pair of glasses every time the old one gets some scratches on them.

2020 70

4 Reasons Why Work-Life Balance Is Incredibly Important

Green Prophet

Life balance went out of whack in 2020. Some of us are already booking eco-cruises out of this year! People who are very passionate about their work have strong work-ethics. They devote a massive part of their days to their work and try to do as much as possible to get higher in the world.

2020 63

5 Ways to Use Canvas Prints in Your Next Home Decoration Project

Green Prophet

When you are a working individual who hardly finds time to make your place look more decorative, the only way to go through the house is to decorate your home space room by room. Instilling canvas prints in your home decor is a great way to add some splash of color in any room.

2020 61

How a Green Space Can Affect the Way You Work

Green Prophet

An office of your dreams in the trees? Going green doesn’t have to stop at your home. You can also do it at your workplace. We spend many hours at the office so why not make some eco-friendly changes here too?

2020 60

Anxiety, Depression, and Full Spectrum CBD: A True Story

Green Prophet

CBD helps with sleep. Research shows it. Everyone knows someone who knows someone who has been helped by THC and CBD. . Let me tell you a story about Katie. The story centers around a lady by the name of Katie who is in a deep depression. She had been dealing with depression and sleep apnea for years. She could feel herself spiralling out of control and then got really bad at one point. She noticed how everyone around her became jolly and happy. They started acting totally out of character.

2020 58

Top 14 YouTube Channels that Thrive in an Unpopular Niche

Green Prophet

Youtube is a natural selection for streaming earth-centered films. Learn from successful niches on how to master the tools to be expert in your green field. YouTube is a huge platform with diverse creators and viewers. For this reason, you can find channels on any niche you can imagine.

2020 52

5 best ways to leverage Instagram followers 

Green Prophet

Travel bloggers can’t really earn an income now because of Covid. But if you are thinking about changing the world through social media and sustainability you can start building a following now.

2020 52

How to design your modern master bedroom?

Green Prophet

Designing your bedroom can be an exciting task if done right. You don’t have to let it sit cold and dark, but you can do something unique with the space to ensure it becomes your comfort zone.

2020 52

Alternative Health Treatments Are More Popular Than Ever

Green Prophet

Most people trust their doctor’s advice. However, in the United States, many doctors feel beholden to certain pharmaceutical companies or medical suppliers that help them pay their bills. This has led to a deteriorating trust between physicians and the general public. False reports of vaccine side effects and complications have only worsened the situation in many segments of the population. As a result, some patients are seeking alternative health treatments for their chronic conditions.

2020 46

Student exposes fake news propaganda machine in Macedonia

Green Prophet

One student goes to the heart of the Macedonian fake news industry. She is asked to pay for her research interview in sex or money. . If the average monthly salary in your city was $400 but you could make $1200 from a page of fake news what would you choose?