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Storing Solar Energy in Rust, From Israel

Green Prophet

Scientists at Technion, Israel’s institute of technology recently found a new way to store solar energy. Their method utilizes a substance that some of us are all too familiar with, iron oxide– otherwise known as rust.

Sea Shepherd’s Paul Watson Offers $20K Reward to Catch Dolphin Killers


Captain Paul Watson is personally offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perps responsible. Read More The post Sea Shepherd’s Paul Watson Offers $20K Reward to Catch Dolphin Killers appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes News Top News paul watson

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Four Tips to Help You Save this Winter

Green Living Ideas

The following tips can help you save money throughout the year, but with winter almost upon us, saving money seems more important now than ever.

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Close Encounter With A Northern Saw-whet Owl

10,000 Birds

I was on a rather lackluster birding outing in Kissena Corridor Park in Queens when I heard Blue Jays mobbing something.

Smart Bra May Replace Mammograms

Green Prophet

A better device for early breast cancer detection is expected to be available in 2013-2014. Any woman who’s endured the pain and embarrassment of a mammogram would welcome a painless alternative. Even better would be one that doesn’t subject her to radiation.

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‘Solar Mama’ – A Film About Jordan’s Solar Women

Green Prophet

‘Rafea – Solar Mama’ marks a young mother’s battle to bring solar power to her village in the deserts of Jordan. Green films have been making a real splash across the region right now.

Robert Redford Unveils College Program for Eco-Changemakers


Environmentalist Robert Redford has teamed up with Pitzer College to create the Robert Redford Conservancy for Southern California Sustainability. Read More The post Robert Redford Unveils College Program for Eco-Changemakers appeared first on Ecorazzi. Causes Environment News Top News robert redford

The versatile bandana has gotten more versatile still

Green (Living) Review

Hoo-rag Product Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The versatile bandana has become more versatile still, thanks to the Hoo-rag bandana. Fair enough, the Hoo-rag is not a bandana, in the true and traditional sense and style.

Red Crossbills at Jones Beach State Park, Long Island, New York

10,000 Birds

Red Crossbills are the more difficult of the two North American crossbills to find. At least, that is what anecdotal evidence tells me and nothing is more accurate than anecdotal evidence, right? Right.

Omani Man Turns Palm Leaf Waste into Paper

Green Prophet

Lacking the necessary raw materials has been a major barrier to any kind of paper industry in Oman, but that could change if a young inventor commercializes his patented palm leaf waste to paper technology.

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11 Gluten-Free Grains for Better Health


Some wonderful alternatives for those suffering from a gluten sensitivity or looking to improve overall health. Read More The post 11 Gluten-Free Grains for Better Health appeared first on Ecorazzi. Eats Healthy Living Lifestyle News Top News

UK’s first zero-packaging grocery shop returns to East London with a new café

Green (Living) Review

Unpackaged, a model of sustainable city living, joins forces with talented chef to launch ambitious new site in Hackney in December Unpackaged, the unique Islington-based grocery shop where customers bring their own containers to re-fill with everything from olive oil to washing up liquid, is expanding to a larger site and launching its first café, which will be offering seasonal and local food in the best Unpackaged's tradition.

On Set at Harper’s Bazaar India Shoot: Green and Glam Makeup

Eco Chic

This piece originally published on The Green Beauty Team.

Hydroelectric Dam Threatens “Ecological Massacre” According To Turkish Conservationist

Green Prophet

The Aras River basin is home to more than half of Turkey’s bird species, but a planned hydroelectric dam would alter the river’s marshy ecosystem, driving away the birds. That’s the fear of Ça?an ekercio?lu, lu, president and founder of Turkey’s KuzeyDo?a

Ellen Degeneres Is Thankful for This Rescued Turkey


As for the not so common items to be thankful for, Ellen chose this, as of yet, unnamed rescued turkey. Read More The post Ellen Degeneres Is Thankful for This Rescued Turkey appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes Featured News ellen degeneres

How powerful are we when truly organized?

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) People don't understand often that they do not have to be the slaves of the political system in any way shape or form and that governments only have the level of power over us that we allow them to have. Let's take the case of the CB radio issue back in the 1970's as an example of the power of the people. The FCC was trying to get all the truckers to get a license for using CB radios.

6 Easy Ways to Have a Greener Kitchen

Green Living Ideas

Morning shows are fun, but they are kind of rough on a Monday morning! I have a new respect for all those morning show professionals who do it 5 days a week! We had a great time with Ebru Today talking about getting greener in the kitchen.

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juwi Wind and Solar Plant in Egypt is Remote-Controlled from Germany

Green Prophet

German project developer juwi has installed their first combined wind and solar plant in Egypt to be used for desalinating and pumping irrigation water for farms and it is monitored and controlled remotely from Germany.

WATCH: Mercy for Animals Airs Commercial on Butterball Abuse


Mercy for Animals knows just how to get people to think twice about eating turkey this Thanksgiving. Read More The post WATCH: Mercy for Animals Airs Commercial on Butterball Abuse appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes Featured News

Video: Suzanne Rae’s F/W 2012 Collection Set to Brilliant New York City

Eco Chic

Passionate, complex and mythical are some women might describe themselves, and it’s that attitude that designer Suzanne Rae captures in her Fall/Winter 2012 collection (see our take on the runway presentation here ).

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10,000 Birds

This lovely tribute to a crow was written by Erin Baker, Animal Care Supervisor & Environmental Educator at Teatown Lake Reservation in Ossining, NY ( The photos show the lengths dedicated people will go to in order to keep non-releaseable birds happy and entertained.

Who’s Got the Wind Power in the Middle East?

Green Prophet

Who’s got the wind in the Middle East? Morocco and Egypt have the biggest wind power plants, but don’t discount Iraq, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Seth MacFarlane Happy Animal Deaths on ‘The Hobbit’ Exposed


No one can accuse "The Family Guy" creator, Seth MacFarlane, for abusing animals on set. Read More The post Seth MacFarlane Happy Animal Deaths on ‘The Hobbit’ Exposed appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes Entertainment Film/TV News Top News seth macfarlane

Green Adoption

Green Home Blog

Green Adoption. It’s not a subject most people think of when they are talking about environment and sustainability, but even adoption can be a highly “green” process.

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Birds-of-Paradise Documentary Airing Tonight!

10,000 Birds

You don’t want to miss this tonight on National Geographic at 10 PM Eastern! Here’s a sneak peak at one of the marvelous birds that will be featured. You can also read a review on Round Robin. Birding video

Qatar’s Solar-Powered Convention Center Cuts COP18 Carbon

Green Prophet

Every year it’s the same thing. Hundreds of delegates from around the world fly somewhere to agree to climate change solutions.

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Steve-O Narrates Touching Farm Sanctuary Short Film


Merry pankster, comedian, and unwavering vegan/animal activist Steve-O has quietly launched a new video for Farm Sanctuary called “What Came Before.” ” The touching film, which follows the lives of three Read More The post Steve-O Narrates Touching Farm Sanctuary Short Film appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes News Top News steve-o

A rush of cities join urban food growing project The Big Dig

Green (Living) Review

Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming [1] has announced that six new cities have joined the Big Dig [2] bringing the total number of cities involved to twelve. Bath, Bradford, Birmingham and Newcastle have all become Big Dig cities following the lead of Oxford and Nottingham.

Where Are You Birding This Fourth Weekend of November 2012?

10,000 Birds

Most Americans are enjoying an early Thanksgiving weekend, for which I’m thankful. My family and many others are looking forward to veritable feasts to honor the fall harvest, for which I am also thankful.

Leaf-Shaped Market Square Filters Rainwater and Trash in Morocco

Green Prophet

While the souq or market is integral to Moroccan culture , they are frequently crowded and polluted as population density expands throughout the North African country.

‘The Hobbit’ Responsible for 27 Animal Deaths


Around 27 animals are now dead thanks to horrific living conditions, during the filming of Peter Jackson's new movie, 'The Hobbit. Read More The post ‘The Hobbit’ Responsible for 27 Animal Deaths appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Entertainment Film/TV News Top News peter jackson

Kate Quinn Organics Clothing for Little Ones - 50% off Sale Code

Hug a Tree with Me

Launched in 2006 by Kate McIntosh Quinn, Kate Quinn Organics is a store that offers us trendy certified organic clothing for our little ones from ages 0 months to 8 years of age.

American Crows Mobbing A Great Horned Owl

10,000 Birds

Early Sunday morning I was out and about at Jones Beach State Park hoping to track down the hordes of crossbills that I had seen on Saturday for some more photographic fun. But I was distracted by the harsh cawing of a murder of American Crows.

Green Israeli Design for Russia’s Nikola-Lenivets Artist Community

Green Prophet

Israeli eco-innovation is spreading to all reaches of the planet, often sowing great green seeds where it touches down.

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