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Birding Beljarica in August

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Last month, I birded my favourite local patch, Beljarica – the best eBird hotspot in Belgrade city and the 3rd best in Serbia – four times.

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Reply to "Reply to Whitehead" by Desvousges, Mathews and Train: (4) My treatment of the weighted WTP is biased in favor of the DMT (2015) result/conclusion

Environmental Economics

DMT (2020) draw attention to my treatment of the weighted WTP estimates. The regression model for the second scenario has a negative sign for the constant and a positive sign for the slope.

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Iconic island pays for our cans of tuna and flip flops

Green Prophet

Your tuna is contributing to more than 80% of the plastic waste clogging up the Seychelles Islands. It would make David Attenborough cry. . You are a good citizen. You post selfies cleaning up trash from your hike or swim at the sea. You buy fair trade tuna only.

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Product Review

The Green Samaritan

As far as products and reviews, we were impressed with how Nordgreen spends their time and efforts on the watches they offer and the positive steps they are taking in terms of sustainability. See the full post and more at Green Living

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What are the Costs of Changing Bird Names?

10,000 Birds

The birding world has been debating whether honorific common bird names ( e.g. , Clark’s Nutcracker or Baird’s Sandpiper ) should be changed.

2020 211

The Rainbows of Bristol Bay

Nature Conservancy - Science

Research on the rainbow trout of Bristol Bay reveals the complexity of this watershed. Fish & Fisheries Conservation Science Fish Fisheries

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5 Ways to Improve the Environment in Your Own Home

Green Prophet

The environment of your home is essential. It appeals to almost all of our senses and it can help alleviate all of our stressors too. Covid-19 has made every single one of us acutely aware to how important the home is to our everyday well-being and sanity.

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Welcome, Wood Warblers!

10,000 Birds

Dear U.S. and Canadian birding friends: I feel your pain. I understand that my gain is your loss. Although, technically, I mostly felt your pain… for the past four months, while about a dozen beautiful migratory Wood Warblers were nowhere to be found here in central Mexico.

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Best Bird of the Weekend (First of September 2020)

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Whether your weekend is still rolling or you are already preparing for the next one, you probably saw some excellent birds during the first weekend of September. This time of year is just that good.

2020 151

Pied Oystercatcher chick at 40 days

10,000 Birds

Last week I said we were “ cautiously optimistic ” about the Pied Oystercatcher chick at Gantheaume Point surviving. Well, another week has gone by and we really are quite certain that it will fledge now.

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Collaborative list – August 2020

10,000 Birds

Mike complains of a dearth of birds in his BBOTW post for the last weekend of August and I am sure that many of us know exactly how he feels. Try to find new ways of getting your kicks from the common stuff. But Fall is almost upon us and a gentle breeze stirs the Summer doldrums.

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Ancient Date Palm That Lived 2000 Years Ago Bears Fruit Again

Green Prophet

Judean dates were famous in the Levant and Europe in ancient times, prestigious fruit treasured for their superior taste and alleged medicinal qualities. Jewish farmers grew them.

2020 81

How CBD companies can be more sustainable

Green Prophet

Regenerative agriculture, like the proposed Hydropolis in Egypt, is one way to green the CBD and hemp industry. If there’s one thing that CBD companies have in common, it’s their deep-seated desire to help their customers. Why else would you get into such a niche (but growing) industry?

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Beirut design studio repairs people and culture after the blast

Green Prophet

Bokja founders in their studio. Lebanese designers from the much-loved embroidery collective Bokja in Beirut have offered to suture and repair home furnishings damaged in the Beirut explosion on August 4. This is the same collective that burned tires in their own special way a few years ago.

2020 66

Online Poker – The Eco-Friendly Alternative

Green Prophet

The impact of live poker and associated travelling can be reduced by playing more online poker and we look at the possibilities and options players have in the 21 st century. . How Online Poker Can Save the Environment in Comparison to Offline Poker.

2020 62

The Environmental Impact of Dentistry

Green Prophet

Look out for an eco dentist to avoid exposure to dangerous chemicals at a young age. In our everyday lives, almost everything we do has an environmental impact that can affect this generation and the next.

2020 59

Work Remotely & Cut Your Energy Bills with an Eco-Office

Green Prophet

You can make an eco office work in the city or the forest. Thanks largely to the internet and the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home has become the norm for many employees as well as entrepreneurs.

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