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Environmental Economics

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A Field Guide to the Birds of Mongolia

10,000 Birds

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Weird and Unbelievable Facts About Earwigs

Nature Conservancy - Science

From caring mothers to strange courtship, earwigs are full of surprises. Wildlife Insects & Pollinators

2020 91

These popular hummus brands worst for cancer-causing Roundup

Green Prophet

The conventional hummus product with the highest level of glyphosate – more than 2,000 ppb in Whole Foods Market Original Hummus – was nearly 15 times the benchmark set by a US enviro group.

2020 87

Here is Episode 1 of Anything but Dismal (aka, "The Pilot")

Environmental Economics

Here is the website: [link]. Episode 1: Sports. Reporter: John Whitehead. Release date: July 15, 2020 9:00 pm ET. In this episode, we look at how the pandemic has impacted sports and sporting events and how we can open the pro sports season again.

2020 130

Best Bird of the Weekend (Second of July 2020)

10,000 Birds

Another weekend is in the books. With hope, this was a memorable one for you, even if the birds weren’t particularly rare. My best sighting was a Herring Gull with a mantle so dark, I suspected Lesser Black-backed.

2020 216

Backyard Birding in Central India to Beat Lockdown

Nature Conservancy - Science

An Indian nature photographer finds solace in the birds viewed from his balcony. Birds & Birding Birds Urban Conservation Wildlife

2020 63

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Neversink Spirits: Neversink Spirits Gin

10,000 Birds

Juniper is a decidely wintery spice, and its piquant, piney flavor is generally used to season game, offal, and charcuterie, steaming heaps of sauerkraut, warming cordials, and other hearty fare best enjoyed during the shorter, darker days of the year.

2020 177

Back to Tierra Caliente

10,000 Birds

What with lockdown and all, it had been a while since I had made the one-hour drive down to Paso Ancho, my closest option for birding a full-blown tropical thorn forest habitat. At 3,300 feet (1,000 m), this is the edge of what Mexicans call Tierra Caliente, the Hot Country.

2020 164

Summer Birding at Conboy Lake NWR

10,000 Birds

I recently drove from my home in Portland to Conboy Lake NWR in southern Washington for a birding day-trip. Located on the eastern slope of the Cascades near the base of Mt. Adams, the refuge is one of the few breeding locations for Sandhill Cranes in Washington.

2020 164

Where Are You Birding This Third Weekend of July 2020?

10,000 Birds

Welcome to the doldrums. As we ascend to the height of the season, we become more likely to encounter extreme weather coupled with extremely mundane birding.

2020 156

Cable Beach Pied Oystercatchers

10,000 Birds

A few weeks ago I introduced you to the first pair of Pied Oystercatchers to start to breed this year. It is earlier than other years, but now some of the other pairs of Pied Oystercatchers have started to nest. Broome’s Cable Beach has become a lot busier over recent weeks.

2020 158

Recipe: Vegetarian Tahchin, Iranian Rice With Eggplant and Portobellos

Green Prophet

Searching for a vegetarian alternative to traditional chicken-based tahchin, I was pleased to find this recipe by Yasmin Khan, author of The Saffron Tales. Meaty eggplant and Portobello mushrooms give the dish the necessary heft to become a festive main dish.

2020 85

Popular cholesterol drug to treat Covid?

Green Prophet

In lab studies, the cholesterol-lowering drug Fenofibrate (Tricor) showed extremely promising results. Could a simple cholesterol drug, that has been on the market for decades, be used to treat COVID-19 ?

2020 83

Gene editing or gene modification in agriculture? What’s better – or worse?

Green Prophet

Vernon Hugh Bowman a US farmer fought Monsanto and lost. He wanted to save and grow patented seeds. He lost the battle. . Genetically modified (GM – or GMO) crops are unpopular.

2020 78

Build and brand your own electric car onto Ree’s flat-packed modular chassis

Green Prophet

Like the cellphone industry, the automotive one likely won’t go electric like Japan. With Tesla like Apple, bet that all the automobile players will rally around components like this one, a chassis by an Israeli company Ree.

2020 76

Tel Aviv makes Covid-friendly breathing sidewalks

Green Prophet

Tel Aviv has expanded sidewalks for breathing space at cafes and city restaurants. Tel Aviv is a dense city; these sidewalks make it more liveable and dineable. Tel Aviv used to be an urbanist’s nightmare, but it is learning fast.

2020 74

Clover rolls over from fluoride in our water and toothpaste

Green Prophet

For most of us, our closest encounter with the element fluorine is likely to be our toothpaste or a municipal water supply with added fluoride. But excess fluorine can be a problem. For example, high levels of fluorine in the soil can hurt plants.

2020 56

Tips to Reduce Energy Usage at Home

Green Prophet

We all want to live in a home that is warm, comfortable and relaxing, and being able to keep temperatures at the right level forms part and parcel of your home environment.

2020 59