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Some Birding News about Birders in Costa Rica

10,000 Birds

In Costa Rica, our July birding news usually consists of interesting sightings during the mid-summer tours. Which tours saw the most roosting owls? Did Cope have another site for nesting Great Potoo ? This odd nocturnal creature is around the same size as a Barred Owl.

Teaching environmental and resource economics: A bibliography

Environmental Economics

Alden, Dave. "Experience "Experience with scripted role play in environmental economics." " The Journal of Economic Education 30, no. 2 (1999): 127-132. Anderson, Soren T., and Michael D. Bates. "Hedonic

2020 130

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Going back to so-called normal after pandemic would be madness

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Instead of waiting that everything goes back to “normal” after the pandemic and all this economic madness restarts would it not better to consider doing things differently?

2020 167

The Invasive Catfish That Walks Across Parking Lots

Nature Conservancy - Science

Walking catfish hunt prey in parking lots. A fish out of water story. Fish & Fisheries From the Field Wildlife Fish Fisheries Invasive Species Weird Nature

2020 105

Summer birding in Shanghai

10,000 Birds

Summer in Shanghai is not the best season for birding – most birds seem to agree with me that it is too hot. And yet, there are still birds to see … The Black-crowned Night Heron is one of my favorite common birds in Shanghai.

2020 204

Mosquitoes! Make Your Own Natural Remedies To Keep Them Away

Green Prophet

Nothing spoils a pleasant summer evening like mosquitoes buzzing around. If slapping at your ankles or neck isn’t your idea of fun, consider making your own mosquito repellent from the Lantana camera flower, or essential oils, vinegar and vodka. Lantana-Infused Coconut Oil.

2020 89

Buying a car in 2020

Eco Friendly Daily

COVID-19 has changed the way we do things in profound ways. One of these is when and how we use our cars. Acquiring a car can be a difficult decision at the best of times. It requires much involvement and several considerations.

2020 52

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The first Pied Oystercatcher chick of 2020

10,000 Birds

Our first Pied Oystercatcher eggs for this year’s breeding season were laid early and were due to hatch last weekend. This pair of Pied Oystercatchers never seems to have a problem with incubating their eggs. They take it in turns over the twenty eight days sitting or hovering over the eggs.

2020 183

Eco Alert: Advertised as ‘hidden paradise’ – more like ‘plastic hell’

Green Prophet

Everything counts in large amounts: July 13, near a beach in Turkey. Campers and locals creating a dump they will later burn. This eco alert hopes to stop widespread illegal dumping of consumer trash.

2020 81

Kindness 101 - Online Class with Steve Hartman

The Green Changemakers

Link: [link]. Education Holistic Education Kindness

2020 52

The Weird, Wondrous and Vulnerable American Horseshoe Crab

Nature Conservancy - Science

Can the horseshoe crab, an animal that has survived largely unchanged for 450 million years, continue its remarkable record of longevity in a world dominated by humans? Maybe. Maybe not. Birds & Birding Fish & Fisheries From the Field Wildlife Fish Health & Nature Weird Nature

2020 92

Best Bird of the Weekend (Third of July 2020)

10,000 Birds

One of the abundant ancillary benefits of identifying as a birder must be the commitment to the highest quality optics possible… or, at least, affordable.

2020 180

Solar panel “Roomba” Ecoppia gets $40 million investment

Green Prophet

It’s like a Roomba but for industrial scale solar panels. Meet Ecoppia. Robotics, we have shown with the Israeli solar helicopter invention to spin panels in 3D , is important in advancing solar energy goals and renewable energy at large.

2020 77

Birdy Boating in Baringo

10,000 Birds

I wrote previously about the prolific birding that is to be had in the small town of Baringo, Kenya. That post dealt specifically with the dry scrub that surrounds Lake Baringo, however. The lake itself is a whole other pot of gold.

2020 173

A Few of my Favorite Things

10,000 Birds

I often feel the need to remind my readers in this forum that I am neither a biologist nor a photographer. I am a birder, who began photographing birds as an identification tool. Eventually, taking all those photos produced some that weren’t bad.

2020 170

Russians make cheese and wine from invasive American weed

Green Prophet

Russian scientists found that an invasive plant brought from America has the enzymes to create a plant-based enzyme that makes wine and cheese.

2020 76

7 recommended ways to consume CBD-based products

Green Prophet

CBD-based products are trending like crazy. You can find CBD-based products available for sale online or at any cannabis dispensary or pharmacy. It doesn’t matter if they have legalized recreational marijuana or not because CBD is not a cannabinoid that causes psychoactive effects in users.

2020 76

The Future of Education: New Technological Approaches to Learning 

Green Prophet

I do my best learning out of doors, in nature. But Covid has kept teachers connected via technology. How can we approach distance learning using tech compatible with our human needs? It’s impossible to imagine modern educational settings without technologies.

2020 70

A Wildlife Lover’s Time Machine Wish List

Nature Conservancy - Science

If you could go back in time, what species would be on your wish list? Wildlife Endangered Species Traveling Naturalist Weird Nature

2020 69

Hassle-Free Method to Procure MMJ Card in Florida

Green Prophet

Medical cannabis may help you recover or be protected from Covid. Areas where medicine is needed, and not recreationally legal, may need help getting a medical card to obtain cannabis medicine. Marijuana is said to be the solution to several health problems.

2020 67

What kinds of posts generate the most views on Instagram?

Green Prophet

Glamping in Odom in the mountains of Lebanon, your favorite meal? A rare plant in your backyard? Or your latest handmade creation? Some of us need to grow our businesses on Instagram to weather the Covid storm but stay true to our eco values. How can we get the right green likes? .

2020 52

A Birder’s Guide to the Great American Outdoors Act

10,000 Birds

Congress has overwhelmingly passed (310-107 in the House and 73-25 in the Senate) the Great American Outdoors Act. It is expected to be signed by President Trump, which would be a rare bipartisan conservation achievement in a bitterly divided Washington D.C.

2020 229