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The Economic Impact of Birding on National Wildlife Refuges: Creating Local Jobs

10,000 Birds

Every few years, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) attempts to calculate the economic contribution of National Wildlife Refuge visitation to local communities. The most recent effort was released in June 2019.

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Yellow Stripey Stingy Things


Here's a useful guide to all wasp-like beings. All My Relations Spiritual Ecopsychology bees field guide nature wasps

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Reuse and Repair

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Half a century ago, we were a thriving culture of reuse and repair. What happened? What happened? Simple.

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A Night With the Platypus Scientist

Nature Conservancy - Science

Trapping for platypus is akin to searching for a needle in a haystack. A very adorable needle. From the Field Wildlife Asia Pacific Conservation Science Endangered Species Mammal Watching Urban Conservation

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Birds of the West Indies by Kirwan, Levesque, Oberle & Sharpe

10,000 Birds

Or How a Serbian Suave Playboy Promoted Birding the Caribbean. Oh, the joys of slipping through the pages of a new book that has just arrived, the Birds of the West Indies by Kirwan, Levesque, Oberle and Sharpe. I am checking the References and one name, expectedly, stands out: Bond, J.

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Khirret, A Vanishing Iraqi Sweet

Green Prophet

Khirret, an old-fashioned sweet made in southern Iraq, is concocted from male cattail reed pollen. It’s intriguing as an historical relict, but not so much for its taste.

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Overripe Summer Fruit: 3 Delicious Ways to Use It

Eco Chic

I’ll admit it; I go a little hog-wild this time of year at the farmer’s market with the fruit. And then I end up with overripe summer fruit. Here’s what to do with it.

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Attack of the Hooligan Bluebird

10,000 Birds

All my birding life, I had heard about certain birds going to battle with their images reflected by windows and mirrors. But it wasn’t until April of this year that it happened to me. Or rather, to my car… which suffered the fierce attack of a Hooligan Bluebird.

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Boyle and Kotchen: The Need for More (Not Less) External Review of Economic Analysis at the U.S. EPA

Environmental Economics

Abstract:  Under President Donald Trump, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has made significant changes to the way it conducts economic analyses of regulatory actions.

2019 151

Welcome to My New Column on Ecofeminism

Eco Chic

(Photo by Jennifer Hubacher). You’re probably here because you care about women, the environment, or both. You’ve come to the right place, because these two subjects are intimately tied to each other. . Hey everyone, welcome to my new column with Eco-Chick.

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Chinese Crested Tern at Nanhui, Shanghai

10,000 Birds

On Sunday morning, I was just lazily working on another post for 10,000 Birds – the (probably not much anticipated) part two of the most common birds in Shanghai. Then, I heard about the Chinese Crested Tern at Nanhui and headed for my car.

2019 182

Returning to St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge

10,000 Birds

The summer of 2019 will forever be defined by my move to Tallahassee. Though only three hours from my previous hometown, this relocation was still characterized by the endless sifting through things (do I take this? do I leave that?),

2019 177

Pied Oystercatcher chicks two weeks on….

10,000 Birds

We have observed the first Pied Oystercatcher chicks of 2019 over the past two weeks grow steadily. It is quite unusual to still have two chicks at this stage, because we usually lose one within the first ten days of hatching.

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Painted Ladies

10,000 Birds

Perhaps just once in a decade, the UK experiences an invasion of Painted Ladies , Vanessa ( Cynthia) cardui. Painted Ladies are part of the Aristocrat group of butterflies.

2019 170

Best Bird of the Weekend (Second of August 2019)

10,000 Birds

Those of us in the Northern Hemisphere can congratulate ourselves on experiencing another August weekend. While experiences vary all the way along the spectrum from abysmal to divine, we all get a head start on superior when the weather is amazing. I hope most of you got the boost we did.

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Pelican Brewing Company: Brut India Pale Ale

10,000 Birds

The recent taxonomy of India Pale Ale – more popularly known these days by its initialism IPA – is as confusing and unstable as any avian phylogeny.

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