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Laguna del Lagarto: Bird Photography in Costa Rica at its Best

10,000 Birds

Thanks to steadfast advances in optics and digital cameras, bird photography has become quite the popular way to appreciate birds. Unlike the old days of slide film and carefully managed shots, today, with the right equipment, just about anyone can take some pretty fine pictures of the avian kind.

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When Only a Hippopotamus Will Do

Nature Conservancy - Science

Hippos for the holidays? Some weird stories of human-hippo relations. The post When Only a Hippopotamus Will Do appeared first on Cool Green Science. Wildlife Natural History Weird Nature

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9 Ways to Make Your Dental Practice Green

Green Prophet

As consumers we can buy miwaks, natural tootbrushes and opt for fluoride free. BUt what are some of the choices dentists need to make when facing a toxic environment like mercury and the chemicals needed in dentistry?

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Roger Wolfson – Benefit of Surrounding Yourself With Ambition and Positivity

Eco Friendly Daily

I often watch the videos which Roger Wolfson puts up on his channel and in particular I am often inspired by the way in which he talks about growth and success, and how to find it. One particular aspect which I have seen him touch on numerous times, is the need to have good friends around you.

2020 52

CBC Shenanigans

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As I gather the relevant documentation for our upcoming CBC this Sunday I caught myself daydreaming of CBCs past. The very first CBC I attended was eight whole years ago – but I remember it quite vividly.

2020 198

Birding Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, China

10,000 Birds

Menglun in Xishuangbanna is less than 50 km away from the Chinese border to Laos and Myanmar, and it has a big botanical garden.

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How to Prevent Common Ailments as You Age

Green Prophet

It’s no secret that as a person gets older, they become more susceptible to certain ailments and medical conditions. This could include minor issues like everyday aches and pains, or serious conditions like breast or prostate cancer.

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6 Practical Tips That Will Make An Office Space More Eco-Friendly

Green Prophet

Even fast food businesses can do small bits that add up. How about solar powered “neon” signs? There can be no two opinions that the Earth is facing a severe climate crisis in the shape of global warming.

2020 52

How To Create A Lasting And Effective Bedtime Routine

Green Prophet

Do you know just how important sleep is to your overall health? With nearly 1 in 3 Americans not getting enough sleep, it’s safe to say that many of us seriously underestimate just how crucial a good night’s rest is to our health. When’s the last time you had a good sleep?

2020 52

Roger Wolfson – Tips on Reducing Stress and Actually Enjoying Christmas

Eco Friendly Daily

Christmas is supposed to be a truly wonderful time of the year where people from all faiths, backgrounds and cultures can join together to celebrate the modern version of what Christmas is.

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Fairly Few Feathered Friends, Fairly Fun Photos

10,000 Birds

As I have commented on more than one occasion, I have used this pandemic season as motivation to try out a number of new, less populated birding sites.

2020 175


10,000 Birds

In a year with so much uncertainty around the world we are all lucky that we can still enjoy nature. Maybe you can’t go far from home, but nature will come to you. As Christmas fast approaches I wondered what bird would be appropriate to share with you this year.

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Best Bird of the Weekend (Third of December 2020)

10,000 Birds

We’ve entered that most wonderful time of the year… that’s right, it’s Christmas Bird Count season! Whether you celebrate with others or observe in spiritual solitude, we hope you have a plan to enjoy holiday cheer the way only birders can.

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