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Hornbills of Yunnan

10,000 Birds

China is not that well-known for its hornbills, but in Yunnan province, on the border to Myanmar, some species can be found.

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Nature as Therapy: Does it Help?

Green Prophet

Forest bathing is a kind of therapy called for in some cultures like Japan. Many people are turning to going outside more in order to improve their mental health. While there are many plants to see, even those which may go extinct soon , there is also some benefit to nature as therapy.

2020 90

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Entertaining Guests at Home and Elsewhere

Eco Friendly Daily

It can be such a joy to be around some of your favorite people on the planet. It can be particularly fun to meet up with people you haven’t been around for a while. Many things can stop friends and family members from meeting up in person. Busy schedules can do so. Travel plans can do so.

2020 52

Kenyan LBJ’s (The Sequel)!

10,000 Birds

In my last piece dedicated to the tiny brown blobs we often ignore, I mentioned the trials and tribulations involved in whittling the selection down to suit a single post. It was only during the preparation of that post I truly realized how many images I had of these little brown birds!

2020 211

The Cutting Edge II: Hummingbird Feeders

10,000 Birds

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service estimates that Americans spend nearly $1 billion annually on bird houses, feeders, nest boxes, and baths. A billion dollar market means competition and manufacturers have long sought patents for innovative feeder designs.

2020 172

Best Bird of the Weekend (First of November 2020)

10,000 Birds

Most birders I know across the United States–and well beyond–seemed happier than usual this weekend, even ecstatic. Is a winter finch irruption really that exciting? I didn’t catch up with any crossbills this weekend, but my travels took me from Rochester to NYC and back.

2020 168

Two James Spirits: Doctor Bird Jamaica Rum

10,000 Birds

In the midst of a global pandemic, medical professionals have been heralded as heroes, with some even rising to the status of pop culture icons – even as some supposedly advanced nations have been plummeting into the depths of anti-science superstition lately.

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Birds of the United States (and Provinces) of (North) America

10,000 Birds

We birders have a different perspective of the world from most other people. To us, borders seem much more porous, and somewhat less real. Most of us don’t like walls, because they might keep living things from moving as freely as they should. The word migration brings us joy and expectation.

2020 232

Collaborative list – October 2020

10,000 Birds

Fall is well and truly underway and the shoreline is filling with waders and wildfowl. October has seen the return of closer to normal activity for the beats and collaboration has been as high as it has been since February. Included in the numbers are 2 new life-listers; a Long-tailed Koel from Duncan and a White-throated Rock-Thrush from Kai. This brings our all-time total to 4040. 7 countries (Costa Rica, China, USA, UK, Mexico, New Zealand and Serbia) were birded by 11 beats during October.

2020 135

Computers now understand how to print smell

Green Prophet

The scent of a woman? From being able to realistic flower or sea aromas to your vacation pictures on social media, giving computers the ability to interpret odors in the way that humans do could have an impact on environmental monitoring and the biomedical and food industries.

2020 78

Relaxation, yoga and CBD oil 

Green Prophet

CBD oil and yoga have a natural connection , as both the cannabidiol and the relaxation techniques strengthen the mind and body. CBD products are now everywhere around us: in the kitchen, like beauty products, for hair and skin treatments , as CBD drinks and candies, etc.

2020 76

Infarm raises $200 million to add “farm” to cities

Green Prophet

Infarm’s Israeli founders take on Berlin and the farm to table movement with high-tech farms. Infarm, a company that grows fresh produce inside supermarkets, has recently announced a $170 million USD funding round to help the company expand across Europe.

2020 63

Green Planet: How Nations From Around the World Are Working to Save the Planet

Green Prophet

Hybrid or full electric? Elon Musk who seems so American made the electric car dream attainable. But he’s from South Africa. Sometimes, US citizens have a hard time thinking globally. We get caught up in local politics and are less likely to read sources of world news.

2020 56

What to Do If Someone Is Harassing You Via Your Cell

Green Prophet

Imposters can prey on your vulnerabilities, hopes and dreams. They might speak like a suave sustainability consultant saying they want to invest in you and your venture. Be aware if you are at risk.

2020 52

Can Weight Loss Supplements Really Help You Burn Fat?

Green Prophet

Keto, paleo, vegan, gluten- and sugar-free, or intermittent fasting? How does a sustainabilist choose how to diet for health or weight loss? Losing weight is something that a lot of people struggle to achieve.

2020 52