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Urban Nature Persists in San Joaquin, Heredia, Costa Rica, May 4th, 2021

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In birding circles, Costa Rica is better known for protected areas, quetzal tours, and glittering displays of hummingbirds than the things that fly in urban spots. That makes sense. I mean, who comes to Costa Rica to bird on city streets? In remnant riparian zones?

Strange and Surprising Facts about Opossums

Cool Green Science

Death fainting! Walking embryos! And other weird facts about the underrated Virginia opossum. The post Strange and Surprising Facts about Opossums appeared first on Cool Green Science. From the Field Latest Science Wildlife Mammal Watching Weird Nature


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Cultivated Meat Likely to Make Up 40% of Future Meat Intake, say Americans polled

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. Consumers envision cultivated meat to be a significant part of the meat market; Study reveals compelling support among young Britons and Americans.

Airbnb Honolulu Hawaii

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You can enjoy a coffee and breakfast out there with awesome views of the beaches which are less than 100. Fully furnished rentals include a kitchen and the amenities you need to live comfortably for a month or longer.

Shanghai birds in April

10,000 Birds

In April, many birds come to Shanghai, stay for a day or two and decide to move on. As all my cats are indoor animals, I do not feel particularly responsible or guilty for this. Still, it makes you wonder whether staying in Shanghai all year really is the best decision.

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More Cool Facts About the Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker

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Meet the scientist who’s a sucker for sapsuckers. The post More Cool Facts About the Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker appeared first on Cool Green Science. Birds & Birding Wildlife Birds

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Covid’s triple threat

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Severe symptoms of COVID-19 , leading often to death, are thought to result from the patient’s own acute immune response rather than from damage inflicted directly by the virus.

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Best Bird of the Weekend (Second of May 2021)

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May is a time for birding. We have the slow weeks and months for reading, writing, and dreaming about the birds we’d rather be seeing. Right now, though, we can watch and listen and enjoy.

Best 3 Wheeled Scooters For Kids- A Comprehensive and Thorough Guide


Kids no matter what age will always love having fun, it is up to us to provide them with the necessary toys and accessories so that they can enjoy themselves. What’s the first thing that you think when the word scooter comes to mind?

Car Detailing: Everything You Should Know About It

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Maybe you want to start a coffee van or a mobile business that is also eco. Car detailing is important for your brand. Unfortunately for many people, “car detailing” means simple car maintenance. But car detailing is so much more than ‘usual cleaning of your car’. .

Hawaii Photos

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Bilder Fotos Vektorgrafiken Illustrationen Videos. Hawaii strand ozean urlaub meer 542. Newborn Beach Baby Photography At Sunrise Wrapped In A Bowl In Hawaii Beach Baby Photography Newborn Beach Photography Newborn Baby Girl Gifts. Diamond head state park aerial – hawaii islands stock pictures.

The Warbler Brewery – Dissimulation India Pale Ale

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I realize this is the third time since March that we’ve highlighted a beer from Delmar, New York’s The Warbler Brewery. But can you blame me?

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Best Gravel Bikes – Your Complete Guide On The Top Gravel Bikes


Gravel Bikes are fun, easy, and comfortable to use, they are also known as an all-rounder and adventure bikes. Their unique construction allows them to perform well in any kind of terrain, may it be service roads or dirt tracks.

Smart reason to like mosquitos

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Can a protein found in a mosquito lead to a better understanding of the workings of our own brains?

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How Much Is A Ticket To Hawaii

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Flights from the east coast are obviously quite a bit more often in the 700-800 range. Nonstop flights between LASLAXPHXSANSEASFO and Hawaii. Pin On Free. Starting from 299 USD. How much is a ticket to hawaii. 25 of our users found tickets to Hawaii for the following prices or less.

Changing Bird Names (Again)

10,000 Birds

On April 16, 2021, the Diversity and Inclusion Committee of the American Ornithological Society (AOS), had a “ Community Congress on English Bird Names ” to discuss whether certain bird names should be changed and, if so, how quickly.

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Uncharacteristically Wet

10,000 Birds

I know many of us seek birds as an escape from dreary, depressing news that seems to permeate almost everything of late. Endless notifications about 3% of intact forest remaining here, another species falling into the endangered species category – it all can get overwhelming sometimes.

Keeping Cool in Tierra Caliente

10,000 Birds

I have often sung the praises of the beautiful birds I can see by driving 3,000 feet / 62 km / one hour down to the little town of Paso Ancho, on the edge of what Mexicans call Tierra Caliente (the Hot Country).

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Juvenile Varied Sittellas

10,000 Birds

The header photo above is of our local Varied Sittella. Varied Sittellas are endemic to Australia and widespread across the mainland. However, their plumage is quite different depending on your location. Our local bird is called the White-winged Varied Sittella and has distinct white wings in flight.

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Hawaiian Fried Rice

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Many Hawaiians use Spam in their fried rice as its extremely popular in these islands. It was originally brought there by American GIs and it became an important source of protein for locals. Hawaiian Fried Rice Recipe Fried Rice Hawaiian Fried Rice Family Dinner.

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