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Parrots in My Costa Rican Neighborhood

10,000 Birds

Costa Rica is a country situated well south of the Tropic of Cancer and like most places without a winter, parrots are an essential part of the local avifauna.

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5 Things You Should Know About Indoor-Grown Hemp Flower

Green Prophet

Cousin to the cannabis plant, hemp is also considered a healing herb – and one that is legal anywhere to grow. High amounts of CBD make it an interesting anti-anxiety medicine for many folks.

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Cool Green Summer Book Review

Nature Conservancy - Science

Butterflies, wildflowers, mongooses and more: new nature books reviewed. Ideas Our Nature Reads

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Sampling Manakins

10,000 Birds

Birding in Trinidad and Tobago has been likened to an introductory chapter in the book of birding in the Neotropics. And for good reason.

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Two Birds

10,000 Birds

Here`s another entry in the category “Rejected topics for bird-related coffee table books”, following my recent “Blue Birds” post. With remarkable accuracy, each of the photos below shows exactly two birds. African Penguin (Cape Town, South Africa, Nov 2018).

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Where Are You Birding This Final Weekend of June 2020?

10,000 Birds

And what is so rare as a day in June?

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Pied Oystercatchers are breeding early again!

10,000 Birds

Regular readers will know that we keep an eye on our resident and migratory shorebirds all year around. At this time of year we are on the lookout for the start of breeding season in Pied Oystercatchers. I have written plenty about Pied Oystercatchers over the years!

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Stairway to Heaven

10,000 Birds

Last week, I told you about my second visit to the roads on the way to the tiny Mexican town of La Escalera (the Stairway).

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Paddling Piney Z Lake

10,000 Birds

Four months ago, a full parking lot wouldn’t have caused my blood pressure to spike. Four months ago, I would have taken to the crowded pathway at Lafayette Heritage Trail Park like a horse to pasture, reveling in the outdoor exercise and rare time away from my new baby.

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All about Gath, Goliath’s hometown

Green Prophet

An overview of the upper section of Gath – photo via Eric Welch, University of Kansas. Somewhere halfway between Jerusalem and Ashkelon, there is a place known as Tell es-Safi and it represents a multi-period site – where numerous cultures over time lived and overlapped and built again.

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Solar “helicopter” moves quick and in 3 dimensions to catch the sun

Green Prophet

Alexei Grigoriev and his helicopter-inspired 3D solar panel. An Israeli-Russian electro-mechanical engineer has created a new mechanical solution to optimize efficiencies in solar power plants. And when you see it working on your balcony, you might wonder when you will have lift-off!

2020 93

Tunisia’s lagoon farms and hanging gardens recognized as world heritage sites

Green Prophet

Tunisia’s traditional Ramli agricultural systems in the lagoons of Ghar El Melh (above) and its hanging gardens from Djebba El Olia, have been recognized as Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS), a designation managed by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

2020 90

When To Try CBD In Your Everyday Life

Green Prophet

Strengthening your immune system is crucial to avoid contracting diseases. This is especially true because we are amid the life-threatening coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic. Aside from eating nutritious foods, incorporating food supplements like CBD oil in your diet can boost your immunity.

2020 82

Biofriendly’s fuel additive makes dirty fuel burn cleaner

Green Prophet

Until we all own one of these, getting cleaner fuel at the pump should be on your radar. Okay the electrified Tesla you are dreaming about doesn’t exactly match your budget thanks to layoffs or a reduced workload from COVID-19.

2020 82

VIDEO: Israelis 3D print an entire airplane and test pad

Green Prophet

A team of Israeli students have completed a maiden voyage of a 3D printed airplane. The big idea is to find a way to redesign aircraft of the future so they are more fuel efficient and less damaging to the planet.

2020 75

The Winnowing of the Wilson’s Snipe

Nature Conservancy - Science

Now is the time to see the elusive (but real) snipe. Birds & Birding Wildlife Birds Traveling Naturalist

2020 70

Putting Communities At the Center of Freshwater Conservation

Nature Conservancy - Science

What does an effective, community-based freshwater conservation program look like? Fish & Fisheries Fisheries Indigenous Peoples TNC Science Water

2020 65

Agriculture Can be a Solution for Deforestation in Chiapas, Mexico

Nature Conservancy - Science

Like many of the places where The Nature Conservancy works, Chiapas, Mexico, is a biodiversity hotspot under threat: as the fertility of existing agricultural lands decreases, the agricultural sector expands into bordering forests.

2020 66

The Evil Eye And How To Avoid It

Green Prophet

We wrote about smudging to clear bad vibes out, and now let’s have some folklore from the Middle East. Above, you see brisk business being done in protective amulets at the Carmel Shuk, Tel Aviv (in pre-Corona times).

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Resolving Wildlife Conflicts Humanely in Urban America

Green Prophet

As cities in the United States continue to grow, wildlife wandering into big cities is becoming more and more common. In the suburbs, where public parks provide the perfect environment for a variety of animals, countless encounters with wild animals are seen.

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7 Things You Should Know Before Getting a Tarot Card Reading   

Green Prophet

Anxious about the future? Some of us dig into our inner subconscious with the help of a card reader. A tarot card reading is the process of getting in touch with the past and the present to gain an insight into what the future holds through the use of a special deck of cards.

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