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Fall Birding at Nisqually NWR

10,000 Birds

Most of the estuaries of Puget Sound in Washington State have been developed, but one of the few that remain is the Nisqually River Delta, which was protected as a National Wildlife Refuge in 1974.

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Recommended reading: Another important VSL paper

Environmental Economics

Why not? Monetizing Bowser: A Contingent Valuation of the Statistical Value of Dog Life. Deven Carlson, Simon Haeder, Hank Jenkins-Smith, Joseph Ripberger  Abstract. Households in the USA spend about $70 billion annually on pets.

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Needs are problems looking for solutions, not products

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Needs are problems looking for solutions, not products, and we also have, quite seriously, to learn to differentiate between needs and wants. Often our wants masquerade as needs when they are not needs at all.

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When Turkeys Attack

Nature Conservancy - Science

Why are wild turkeys chasing down mail carriers and bicyclists? Birds & Birding Wildlife Birds

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Best Bird of the Weekend (Second of November 2019)

10,000 Birds

Whatever weather you experienced this weekend probably resembles your next four months or so, although probably not as extreme. The same applies to your weekend’s birding. Hope you enjoyed it!

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Embracing Small Acts

The Green Samaritan

Returning the grocery cart, holding the door open or picking up a piece of trash. What small act can you do to strengthen our interconnectedness? See the full post and more at Kindness, Mindfulness Quotes/Inspiration

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London College of Garden Design to sponsor planting design competition

Green (Living) Review

The London College of Garden Design has announced their sponsorship of a Planting Design Competition at the Belvoir Castle Flower and Garden Show 2020.

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Birding in Nanhui, Shanghai in October 2019

10,000 Birds

Sometimes I am tired of words, tired of writing. So, this post just shows 25 birds I spotted at Nanhui (coastal Shanghai) in October 2019. Not all of them rare, but all of them interesting (at least for me).

2019 248

5 Tech Investments That Are a Must For Your Startup

Green Prophet

Tech tools are applied to agriculture and other environmental applications, so developing them can have a positive knock-on effect for humanity. For startups everywhere, there a few tech tools that simply aren’t negotiable; these are must-haves for your success in business.

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Become a wildlife guardian this autumn

Green (Living) Review

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Owling: A Field Guide to Finding Winter Owls

Nature Conservancy - Science

Here’s how to enjoy the winter owl show in your neighborhood. Birds & Birding Wildlife Birds Outdoor Rec

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Australian Magpies in Broome

10,000 Birds

Australian Magpies are a species that most people are familiar with, but often for the wrong reasons. Australian Magpies are a very large black and white bird. Their plumage varies throughout Australia, but due to their size they are hard to mistake for another bird species.

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Savings Guidelines to Reduce Your Vacation Expenses in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Green Prophet

Having a blast while visiting Mount Pleasant does not always mean you have to spend a fortune. Mount Pleasant is a suburban community in Charleston County in the state of South Carolina.

How to Watch Birds in the Rains of Costa Rica

10,000 Birds

As birders, we face a particular set of challenges. Where can a birder find the best prices for quality optics? Which field guides to use, digital, paper, or both?

Grand River Brewery: 313 Polish Lager

10,000 Birds

It was in the great borough of Queens in New York City that I first discovered both beer and birding, two great loves of my life that happily intersect with great regularity here at Birds and Booze.

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Lake Cuitzeo gets good

10,000 Birds

Having come back to Mexico from Europe, I chose to make my first home outing to my local lake, Lake Cuitzeo. That is because, by October, the waterfowl and shorebirds that have migrated away from most of our readers, have come to spend the winter where I am.

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A Breakthrough for Chronic Wasting Disease?

Nature Conservancy - Science

A new paper finds for the first time a way to deactivate Chronic Wasting Disease, using a common household product. Wildlife Conservation Science Deer Disease & Parasites

2019 66

Bedazzled fruits twist your perception of decay

Green Prophet

“Bad Lemon (Creep)” (2019). New York-based artist Kathleen Ryan creates small glittering sculptures that conjure up conflicting emotional responses. Stay with me on this.

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Is Your Internet Use Destroying The Environment?

Green Prophet

The internet has changed our lives for the good, but think about the ecological impact. With our interaction with the internet being often superficial or surface-based, the environmental impact of the internet can easily be ignored.

2019 62

Take a Lazy Day to Clean Out You and Your Friends’ Closets

Green Prophet

This is upcycled clothing. We aren’t all that creative when it comes to unwanted clothes. Though it isn’t spring yet, you do have the chance to get ahead of the game before winter and get rid of some things you no longer need.

2019 60

How Amino Acid Supplements Can Enhance Your Fitness Regimen

Green Prophet

Starting a fitness routine is never easy, and you are going to hit many roadblocks along the way. In fact, it might be one of the most difficult journeys you’ll ever embark on, but it’s also very rewarding.

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When home swaps are not worth it, rent a villa instead

Green Prophet

House swaps are cool. But when you have a short time, rent a “green” villa instead. I am a fan of house swaps and I have done it 4 times – in Costa Rica, New York, Paris and most recently in Sicily, Italy.

2019 59

How is AI Reforming Future Trading?

Green Prophet

Artificial Intelligence can be used to grow vertical gardens in cities, to drive petrol-less cars, and to help us make banking decisions. With the progress of technology, great opportunities are coming up for people who are ready to benefit from it.

Can CBD Gummies Help With Sleep?

Green Prophet

CBD helps with sleep. Gummies are one way to self-medicate. We’ve all heard the hype around CBD, but what do CBD gummies really do for the body? Can they help you sleep?

2019 56

Ways to Clean Indoor Air At Home

Green Prophet

Plantware plants grow with the home. But in the real world we need to intervene with technology. When we think of cleaning our home, we often think about the walls, the floor, and the furniture.

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