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Climate Change Producing More “Fire Weather” as Far East as Oklahoma

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Climate change is setting the stage for wildfires beyond California and Oregon, fueling hotter, drier conditions in places such as Oklahoma and Nebraska not historically prone to large wildfires, according to a new analysis from Climate Central.

Algae against IBD

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The Dutch use algae in design. IBD for inflammatory bowel disease can cripple, even kill a child or grown up. Treatments and operations are limited but researchers and a commercial group are now funded with about $9 million to investigate the promise of algae as a treatment.

How to Practice Ethical and Sustainable Fashion

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As the global warming conversation continues to reverberate throughout society, one of the industries so many people point the finger at is the fashion industry. Landfills are overflowing with items like apparel.

The End of Trash Fish

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It’s time to put the idea of “trash fish” where it belongs—in the trash. The post The End of Trash Fish appeared first on Cool Green Science. Fish & Fisheries From the Field Fish Fisheries

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NASA at Your Table: Climate Change and Its Environmental Impacts on Crop Growth

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Around the world, agricultural practices have developed as a function of topography, soil type, crop type, annual rainfall, and tradition. NASA at Your Table: Climate Change and Its Environmental Impacts on Crop Growth

17,500 tree species on at-risk extinction list

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World’s oldest olive trees are in Lebanon. A new report finds that 30% of the world’s trees are at risk for going extinct. Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) has published a landmark State of the World’s Trees report.

Kia Niro EV Crossover Utility makes North American Debut

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The new Niro EV opens a world of new possibilities for consumers who love crossover characteristics but also want all the benefits electric vehicles have to offer.

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Wind Energy Accounted for 42 Percent of New U.S. Power in 2020

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Wind energy accounted for the bulk of new power-generating capacity in the United States last year, according to a trio of new reports from the Department of Energy. Wind Energy Accounted for 42 Percent of New U.S. Power in 2020

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Kids with nicotine in their hair!

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We already know how processed food is degrading our kids’ bones. And while smoking seems so 70s, people are still doing it around their kids and the effects are showing up in their hair.

Genesis GV60 design that speaks luxurious EV

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Tomorrow’s drivers are expecting more from their vehicles, with EVs at the forefront of a bold new era in mobility.

Why is the COP26 climate meeting catering to the climate catastrophe?

A Greener Life

COP 26 should take meat of its menu PETA says. Photo credit: Credit: Peggy Greb. By Anders Lorenzen. The host and organiser of COP26 , the UK government, has come under fire for not offering a plant-based menu at November’s crucial climate conference.

Warming Atlantic Forces Whales Into New Habitats, Danger

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Warming oceans have driven the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale population from its traditional and protected habitat, exposing the animals to more lethal ship strikes, disastrous commercial fishing entanglements and greatly reduced calving rates.

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Watch out for Frankenchickens says watchdog group

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KFC, Nando’s, Greggs, Marks and Spencer and Waitrose are among the 250+ companies in the UK and EU to have committed against Frankenchickens, but supermarkets including Morrisons, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Lidl are refusing.

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14 Ways to Live the Most Eco-Friendly Life

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Many people gradually realize the need to protect the earth and its resources for the oncoming generation. Every day, our activity impacts the planet, from our water consumption habit to our driving method, to the package we use for grocery shopping.

London introduces hydrogen-powered double-decker buses

A Greener Life

Mayor Khan posing in front of London’s new hydrogen buses. Photo credit: The Mayor of London’s Office. By Anders Lorenzen. In June London’s then recently re-elected mayor Sadiq Khan announced a new fleet of hydrogen-powered buses.

Global Warming Threatens the Existence of an Arctic Oasis

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The most significant Arctic oasis is susceptible to climate change – researchers say that global warming is threatening the region’s ecosystem, and predict that the oasis will cease to exist. Global Warming Threatens the Existence of an Arctic Oasis

What Are the Benefits of CBD Edibles?

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Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural health supplement that can benefit your health in a number of ways. It may relieve pain and information, reduce stress and anxiety, improve your quality of sleep, and may help supplement other treatments and medication for a variety of health conditions. .

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Tesla goes Greenwich Avenue in Greenwich

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First of all, let’s hear it for Greenwich Avenue, Connecticut. For I have been a bit off schedule on these type of posts until now. So Tesla Inc has a new store in Connecticut. Yes I mean it. I mean at: 340 Greenwich Avenue.

Wind-powered lamp post helps reduce light pollution


Tobias Trübenbacher, a design student from Berlin, has created a wind-powered lamp post that uses an integrated wind rotor to generate energy and a motion detection system to create an insect-friendly light spectrum

Flash Floods from Ida Swamp the Northeast

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Many of the worst-hit areas in Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York saw 6 to 10 inches of rain fall in just a few hours. Flash Floods from Ida Swamp the Northeast

Indonesia’s pipeline of coal plants undermines pledge to only build renewables

A Greener Life

An aerial view of the construction site of the Sumsel-1 mine-mouth coal-fired power plant in Indonesia’s South Sumatra, taken in November last year. Photo credit: China Dialogue. By Arpan Rachman.

4 Useful Hacks to Better Deal With Your Home Waste

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Have you ever wondered how to contribute to your government’s effort to reduce carbon emissions and help the environment? If so, you have come to the right place! One person can make quite a difference by implementing some simple changes to one’s personal habits.

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Trees face extinction, too. What can we do about it?


What provides habitat for half the world’s known plants and animals, is a vital component of biodiversity and an important economic crop? If you guessed trees, you have an inkling of their importance in the world — and will be horrified that a new study says many tree species are at risk of extinction

Beyond Extinction: A New Emphasis on Species Recovery

Environmental News Network

The Sumatran rhino, the smallest, shaggiest, and most endangered of the world’s five rhinoceros species, is found only on the Indonesian islands of Sumatra and Borneo. . Beyond Extinction: A New Emphasis on Species Recovery

How to Stay Healthy as You Get Older


No one likes getting older. Wrinkles, gray hairs, and other signs of aging are often met with frustration, anxiety, or even denial by many health-conscious people. The good news is,… The post How to Stay Healthy as You Get Older appeared first on Ecofriend.

5 Reasons Why Alcohol Is Not Eco-Friendly

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Alcohol consumption is pretty common in our society, so it is not surprising that many people ignore or overlook what it takes to mass-produce such drinks. Yet, critical insight into the requirement for producing alcohol can open our eyes to shocking details of why people should reduce consumption.

England plans single-use plastic ban


England has announced a planned ban on polystyrene cups and single-use plastic cutlery and plates. But frustrated activists say the government is moving way too slowly

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Climate Change Pushes Fires to Higher Ground

Environmental News Network

Wildfires in the western United States have been spreading to higher elevations due to warmer and drier conditions. Climate Change Pushes Fires to Higher Ground

Let There Be Housing in Downtown Anchorage

Sightline Daily

Anchorage’s new mayor, Dave Bronson, is on point in putting downtown near the top of his to-do list. A world-class urban center in Alaska’s largest city has long been the Holy Grail for Anchorage leaders.

XPeng G3 Ranks Top Quality Among Compact Battery-powered Electric Vehicles In J.D. Power 2021 Study

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(GUANGZHOU, China, July 22, 2021) – The XPeng G3 ranks top in quality in the compact BEV (battery-powered electric vehicle) segment based on owner experience. That’s according to J.D. Power in its 2021 China New Energy Vehicle Initial Quality Study (NEV-IQS)SM released today.

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'Infernal summer' in Canada may split September election


Canadians are more concerned about climate change than they are concerned about COVID-19 shows a new poll. Data released by polling firm Angus Reid shows that the major concern for Canadians heading to the September snap election is climate change. Last Friday, a poll found that 18% of voters will prioritize climate and environment as their number one issue in the September 20 vote.These concerns have been fueled by a rough summer, which made most Canadians start thinking of climate change as a

Bee Loss Puts Global South Food Crops at Risk

Environmental News Network

The worldwide loss of bees and other pollinators is driven primarily by changes in land use, land management and pesticide application, especially in the global South, according to a global assessment. Bee Loss Puts Global South Food Crops at Risk

Everything You Wanted to Know about Portland Charter Review but Were Afraid to Ask

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It’s charter season! As we speak, Portland’s Charter Commission is examining the city’s governing document for potential improvements and looking for feedback from Portlanders interested in bettering city government.

Financial Benefits of Sustainability Reporting that Managers should Know

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The global social and environmental challenges are becoming more apparent to households, corporates, and governments. Analysts and investors on capital markets are now expanding their valuation models by appreciating that for long-term success, investor focus must go beyond profit optimization.

This university student built her own wooden e-bike, Electraply


Creative minds are introducing e-bike innovations such as energy generation from tire rotation and creative new body styles. Evie Bee, a woodworker, model maker and university student, has melded her passions into a unique and beautiful wooden e-bike she calls Electraply

Adding Value to Recycled Wastewater

Environmental News Network

Environmental health experts at Flinders University are advancing research into a highly sustainable wastewater recycling program by developing a cost-effective way to harvest microalgal biomass for use in biofuels and other applications. Adding Value to Recycled Wastewater

Tips for Saving Energy With Your Mobile Phone

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Many of us are addicted to our mobile phones. We spend hours a day texting, The post Tips for Saving Energy With Your Mobile Phone appeared first on Earth911. Earth Watch EcoTech energy efficiency phone-energy-saving