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Quarantine Twitch for the Best Backyard Bird

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Just over a week ago I received an urgent phone call from a long-time friend and fellow birder. I was washing the dishes at the time, so my wife took the call. The message she relayed made me blurt out a string of words that cannot be repeated on this blog – let’s just say that my priorities immediately shifted. Although my friend’s house is walking distance away, due to the urgency of the situation I jumped into the car and was there under five minutes.

2020 167

The Medicinal Plant Extinction Crisis Explained by Dr. Bomi Joseph

Green Prophet

Folium used for medieval blue. Also a medicinal plant. Outside of developed Western countries, many people’s health and survival depends on access wildcrafted plant medicines. In Africa, where infectious diseases and parasites are still a major threat, up to 80% of the population is are more likely to get their medicine from a tree or farmer’s market than from a sealed blister-pack at pharmacy.

2020 87

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Wildflower Watching as a Source of Solace and Diversion

Nature Conservancy - Science

Trout lilies and other wildflowers are blooming. A backcountry expert and author reflects on the solace of the season. From the Field Outdoor Rec Plants

2020 80

Hoping for Spring Migrants in Costa Rica, 2020

10,000 Birds

Spring migration! The annual parade of birds is happening and the feathered participants are dressed in their best breeding suits. Now is the special time that birders look forward to all year long. Now is when we can venture into the closest park and see birds of the deep woods, species that breed far from town. Blackburnian Warblers and Scarlet Tanagers might be present and every day brings another chance at connecting with rare, unexpected aspects of the avian kind.

2020 168

Nanhui, Shanghai in early spring 2020

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Winter is not the greatest time for birding in Shanghai, and this year, there was no escaping to Southeast Asia due to Covid-19. In fact, if I were to leave China right now, they would not let me back into the country. So, the onset of spring here in Shanghai, particularly at my local spot at Nanhui, was even more highly expected than usual. And in Shanghai, the situation is relatively relaxed now – a big difference from what I hear from my friends in the US and Europe.

2020 160

One More for the Road

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Where do you go to bird, when you know you might not be able to go anywhere else? I suspected that we, here in Michoacán, México, might be about to lose our permission to leave our homes altogether for the next stage of the COVID-19 crisis. So, on April 13th, I chose to go back to the same site I visited on my first outing of 2020, Lake Cuitzeo.

2020 143

Best Bird of the Weekend (Last of April 2020)

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April showers most assuredly bring May flowers in the more temperate portions of the Northern Hemisphere. Alas, these gentle rains may not always speed spring migrants on their way to breeding grounds far from the equator. Any luck this weekend? The ridiculous cold afflicting the northeastern U.S. seems to have chilled the rush of migrants around here.

2020 143

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Where Are You Birding This First Weekend of May 2020?

10,000 Birds

Despite this ongoing period of historic uncertainty and sacrifice, we can find comfort in at least one certainty: May means birds and plenty of them. No matter where on this big, beautiful planet you live, you probably anticipate the passage of new species over the next thirty-one days. Get out there and greet them… as far as we know, birds don’t spread or suffer from COVID-19!

2020 135

Social distancing on the beach

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Last weekend we had completed our 14 days of self-isolation. It is a long time to not leave your property at all, but at least we do have a garden. We were very keen to get back on our bikes and to go and walk along a beach. We were in much more of a rush to get to the beach than the supermarket! I did not get to write last week, because there have been issues with the website and even now it is having a few problems, so I will keep this brief.

2020 133

Cannabis for COVID-19 medical trial starts in Israel

Green Prophet

The Israeli cannabis company Syqe which creates cannabis dosing systems, is laying off employees from the corona crisis, while novel drug developers like Stero start clinical trials. Cannabis news is high on our radar for coronavirus, as Israel is a medical cannabis pioneer dating back to the 60s thanks to Prof. Raphael Mechoulam. The Tel Aviv hospital Ichilov has already gone ahead started using CBD or the non-psychotropic parts of the cannabis plant against the novel coronavirus in a new study.

2020 84

Misadventures in Suburban Birding

Nature Conservancy - Science

By the time the police got there, the cedar waxwings were gone. Birds & Birding From the Field Wildlife Birds

2020 80

Beat COVID-19 boredom with a few free clicks!

Green Prophet

It’s now months into your hometown’s COVID-19 paralysis and you’ve exhausted ways to keep positive and productive. You need to replenish your toolkit of coping techniques, whether you’re cooped up solo, shacked up with a mate, or running a home school – slash – daycare center. Fear not! Green Prophet brings you point and click diversions, all free. I’m in New York City. I’ve Marie Kondo-ed my apartment three times.

2020 57

How tech can help you make spring cleaning easy

Green Prophet

Robots can help us with ecological building, like 3D squirting recycled materials into new walls. Are there other ways tech can help us out? Maybe for spring cleaning? Have you been spending the last few weeks on lockdown thinking ‘Wow! My house is messy!’? It might only be natural given 50% of Brits still see April as the perfect time to get the rubber gloves on and scrub the house with natural cleaners until it gleams.

2020 40

Administrative Procedure for Birders: Duck Stamp Rulemaking

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Although legislation passed by Congress is more visible, most regulations are issued by the vast federal bureaucracy. For those interested in avian conservation, some knowledge of the bureaucratic process is useful, as it is used to implement many important conservation laws. For example, the process applies to, among other things, the listing (and delisting) of species under the Endangered Species Act and interpretation of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. The U.S.

2020 166