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Best Bird of the Weekend (Second of September 2019)

10,000 Birds

Mid-September conjures up visions of migrating shorebirds, songbirds, and waterfowl all joining together under ideal natural lighting for one perfect moment of birding. Sometimes, that even happens.

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Another daily demand and supply (two in one week!)

Environmental Economics

From the WSJ Micro Weekly Review (reviewed by Edward Scahill, University Of Scranton): Canada’s Oil Market Finds Outlet in U.S. Demand. By Vipal Monga | September 12, 2019. Summary: An increase in the demand for dense crude oil from the U.S.

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50 Fish, 50 States: Trout at 11,000 Feet

Nature Conservancy - Science

Fishing for a (formerly) extinct fish in the Colorado Rockies. Fish & Fisheries From the Field Wildlife 50 Fish, 50 States Conservation Science Fish Outdoor Rec

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UK Government Introduces New Policy for Renewable Energy Producers

Green Prophet

A wind turbine that uses dragonfly biomimicry to maximize the wind’s energy. The government of the United Kingdom has announced their new energy policy, which is called Smart Export Guarantee.

Fall migration brings rarities to Tucson

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When you think of Southeast Arizona Birding, and the unique birds that can be found there, it conjures thoughts of roadrunners, hummingbirds, trogons, and the many other desert residents. In the last few days, we have had a couple of avian visitors that are well outside the norm.

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Daily demand and supply

Environmental Economics

Here is an example of two curves shifting (supply decrease, demand decrease): Fall typically brings lower gas demand, and the Energy Information Administration’s latest weekly report shows just that. For the week ending on September 13, demand dropped by 900,000 b/d from the previous week to 8.9

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Mighty Mustelids: Meet the World’s Most Epic Weasels

Nature Conservancy - Science

Fun facts and where to see members of the weasel family, from honey badgers to wolverines to giant otters. From the Field Wildlife Conservation Science Mammal Watching

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Reminders and Perils of Fall Migration in Costa Rica

10,000 Birds

Migration is happening. Every birder knows it. Even if we couldn’t find time to raise the bins at a favorite patch, it only takes momentary glances into the sky and hearing chip notes from the trees to remind us that birds are on the move. The old neighborhood standbys are quiet or maybe gone.

What do title do you tell journals you prefer? Dr.? Prof? Me? I prefer Kentucky Colonel

Environmental Economics

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Wrapping Trees to Find Reptiles

Nature Conservancy - Science

Scientists are searching for rare reptiles by wrapping trees with yoga-matt-like foam. From the Field Wildlife Asia Pacific Conservation Science Herps Restoration

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Sheik Saud Bin Saqr Al Qasimi Is Greening This Low-Key Emirate

Green Prophet

Ras Al Khaimah doesn’t have the global profile of Dubai or the economic heft of Abu Dhabi. But that doesn’t mean this low-key emirate isn’t an international leader.

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Freckled Ducks and field guides

10,000 Birds

Anybody that has spent some time birding and using field guides will soon realise that the field guides are written for humans. Birds do not follow field guides and they are purely written to help us identify which bird species we are most likely to observe at certain locations.

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Preventing Rape in the Congo Fights Deforestation—Here’s How

Eco Chic

Aerial view of the Lukenie River as it meanders through the Central Congolese lowland forests of the DRC. Image by Valerius Tygart via Wikimedia Commons. Tackling sexual violence against women in the Congo is a direct way to fight deforestation. .

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Life Coaching Tools

The Green Changemakers

Source: [link] What good is life coaching? Why do I need someone to tell me how to live my life? Am I not capable of being my best self on my own?

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Power tips for off-grid living

Green Prophet

Hassan Fathy’s off-grid living and architecture inspired generations of architects in the Middle East and beyond. There is something romantic about living off the grid and off our own devices.

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10,000 Birds

We all have them: families of birds that are maddeningly similar, forever leaving nagging doubts about our identifications. Gulls. Terns. New World Warblers in non-reproductive plumage. “Old World” Warblers, any time of the year. Empidonax flycatchers, oh God, Empidonax flycatchers.

2019 215

Birding Cape Town

10,000 Birds

In November 2018, I spent a few days birding in Cape Town, South Africa. While apparently not the safest of places, it is a great spot to see birds. Here are some of my sightings. An absolute highlight were the African Penguins at Boulders Beach.

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Where Are You Birding This Third Weekend of September 2019?

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As we lean into the second half of September, we birders should be prepared for anything. The weather and avifauna may resemble that of the passing season, the current one, or basically anything else. Embrace the uncertainty!

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New Haunts: Wakulla Springs State Park

10,000 Birds

Moving means finding your new birding haunts. We all have them: our favorite places to take friends and family when they visit, the bird-friendly areas we pop in on when we have the chance, the landscapes that entrance us.

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Quintas das Arcas: Bicudo Vinho Verde (2017)

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Top 5 Things You Should Stop Doing in Order to Protect the Environment

Green Prophet

Vertical forests and gardens on buildings is one way to cut your carbon footprint. Thanks to experts, more and more people are now being made aware of the importance of protecting the environment.

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Gadgets Under £50 To Help You Achieve A Greener Home

Green Prophet

Gadgets for the home are a saturated market at the moment with a number of companies producing the next best gadget. But what about gadgets to help your household develop an eco-friendlier lifestyle?

2019 65

How to Ensure a Safe Playing Area for Children

Green Prophet

Children don’t need too much stuff, just a lot of nature and a safe space for play. Some tips for “green” parents and kids on making that space safe.

2019 65

When to go to Saudi Arabia and Other Travel Tips

Green Prophet

Saudi Arabia is poised to open the country to tourism. When it undertakes this historic step, you will be able to visit the country as a tourist. This should happen by the end of 2021. Right now, if you want to visit Saudi Arabia you can only do so as part of a religious pilgrimage.

Sesame ideal crop for drought regions in the US

Green Prophet

Tehini and humus. Climate change is a reality. New research shows that drought-tolerant crops like sesame (the main ingredient in tehini!) is an ideal alternative in regions that have relied on cotton or sorghum for this very same reason. Texas has a long history of growing cotton.

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