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Pirates of the Caribbean

10,000 Birds

The island of Tobago in the southern Caribbean is much wilder than one could imagine. Hey, in 1959 Walt Disney set up a studio on the island and filmed Swiss Family Robinson there!

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Gardening myths most people believe but that are not true

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) If you are interested in growing a garden, there are lots of people offering advice from the internet, to books to even those you know very well. However, not all advice is good advice and some is just downright silly.

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Is Our Love of Pets a Conservation Crisis?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Your beloved dogs and cats? They’re taking a devastating toll on global biodiversity. Wildlife Our Nature Reads Urban Conservation

2020 112

Mecca’s Hajj cancelled this year

Green Prophet

Travel to Mecca and Medina is simply cancelled this year by Saudi Arabia over fears that the coronavirus will spread. Millions of Muslims make the pilgrimage every year.

2020 95

The Benefits of Pre-Dawn Birding in Costa Rica

10,000 Birds

It’s not always easy to get up early. For the early bird people yes but for those who relish some extra sleep, not really. Even when visiting a new place where the possibilities for lifers abound, days do arrive when a birder has to dig for enough will power to drag his or herself out of bed.

2020 205

Northern Gannet Show in New York Harbor

10,000 Birds

Few birds are as spectacular as a Northern Gannet in a plunge dive. The way they briefly flare up and turn over, pulling their wings in as they plunge, bill-first, like an arrow into a bullseye, is one of those things you just have to see to comprehend.

2020 204

Best Bird of the Weekend (Last of February 2020)

10,000 Birds

The weekend that passed may have featured a day that pops up on our eccentric calendar only once every four years, but that chronological quirk may be the most interesting aspect of the transition from February to March. When will migration arrive??

2020 197

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Threatened Birds of Nanhui, Shanghai

10,000 Birds

By some measures, Shanghai is the most populated city in the world. That does not make it sound like a very promising or important bird habitat. And yet it is. Shanghai is located on the coast of the East China Sea and lies right on the East Asian–Australasian Flyway.

2020 172

Australian Magpies in Victoria

10,000 Birds

Late last year I mentioned the presence of Australian Magpies around Broome. There is a variation in the plumage of Australian Magpies across Australia and as such they looked different in Victoria.

2020 164

Consolation species

10,000 Birds

I should have been on my way to Istanbul by the time this post came out. That trip was to take my wife and I to Turkey, Jordan, and southern Spain, with stopovers near Paris.

2020 162

Raeburn Winery: Russian River Valley Chardonnay (2016)

10,000 Birds

It’s been a long winter. Lucky for us, we’ve spent much of that time here at Birds and Booze comforted by robust red wines, warming spiced ciders, strong whiskies, and dark, rich beers.

2020 145

New Research Shows Healthy Agriculture Means Healthier Birds

Nature Conservancy - Science

What can stressed-out birds tell us about conservation and agriculture? Ideas

2020 96

Cashews, The Shocking Facts

Green Prophet

Cashews’ background is so dark that once you know of it, you’ll be asking yourself: is it ethical to eat them? Because as with chocolate , there are serious human rights violation issues with cashews, a 2011 Human Rights Watch (HRW) report claims.

2020 91

Yoga teacher training in India? A great holiday for mind, body and soul

Green Prophet

Artjuna, my favorite hangout in Goa, and where I started my journey in yoga. Two years ago I took my family to India for a holiday. I didn’t have any expectations but I knew that something would change in me.

2020 72

Advertising research: downplay the “green”

Green Prophet

New research targeting buyers find that consumers prefer functionality over “features” of being green. Time to downplay the CSR plan? This is a Sony store in Dubai, 2014, with gadgets performing well underwater.

2020 61

A Naturalist’s Guide to the South African Cape

Nature Conservancy - Science

From great white sharks to meerkats, from wildflower blooms to endemic birds, a guide to the South African Cape’s unique biodiversity. Latest Science Mammal Watching Traveling Naturalist Wildlife

2020 59

Qualities Of The Best CBD Oil You Need To Always Keep In Mind

Green Prophet

Cannabis CBD oil is like the new echinacea in the nutraceutical world. Because it does not have the THC or the high that medicinal cannabis contains, CBD is unquestionably legal. It heals kids with seizures and prevents anxiety in many people.

2020 56

Germany invests in the DRC, but renewables could save all of Africa

Green Prophet

Adolescent men in the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) are recruited by warlords because they are desperate. A new German fund will help keep farming in the family and guys like this in his father’s arms. Bigger steps are needed from the top down: Investing in renewables is the answer.

2020 56

More AirBnB renters? Pimp your photo to look like a happy mom

Green Prophet

While studying hosts’ photos, researchers discovered a “trustworthiness” pecking order: women are deemed more trustworthy than men, older hosts over younger ones, smiling faces over neutral expressions, attractive hosts over unattractive ones. The photo is of me, and I do not have an AirBnB property.

2020 56

The Pope says yes to artificial intelligence in your food

Green Prophet

Pope Francis endorses AI approaches to growing your food. He says it’s ethical and we should do it. .

2020 56

Top things to do in Brisbane

Green Prophet

Eco lovers will love Brisbane. Try renting bikes, finding second hand clothing shops or visit one of the science museums. Brisbane is a city full of excitement and fun.

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