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Signs of Spring Migration in Costa Rica

10,000 Birds

Spring in western New York was and is a time of melting snow, of ice chunks being rushed along the Niagara River, of when you wondered if this year, would it maybe stay warm in April and not snow again?

The story of the MV Ever Given

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) This picture of the MV Ever Given embedded in the banks of the Suez Canal shows exactly what is wrong with our trade today and how close the current system is to the brink of collapse.

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The Mountain Beaver That Is Not A Beaver

Nature Conservancy - Science

The mountain beaver is a rodent like no other. Just don’t call it a living fossil. The post The Mountain Beaver That Is Not A Beaver appeared first on Cool Green Science. Wildlife Mammal Watching

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Three bacterial strains discovered on space station may help grow plants on Mars

Green Prophet

Artificial Intelligence is used by Karin Kloosterman in this biodome to grow bio-organic food with zero waste. Hydroponics and growing food this way might be the only chance for colonizers of Mars. .

Ovenbirds (but not the Ovenbird)

10,000 Birds

As ambiguous as the title of this piece sounds, a foray into the ornithological literature may lead to even more confusion. The family Furnariidae consists of ovenbirds and woodcreepers, but the actual Ovenbird belongs to the family of New World Warblers – Parulidae.

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Best Bike Baskets: Find Top Brands Reviewed and Ranked


Riding a bike is among the most healthy and enjoyable recreational ways to enjoy the natural surroundings. The next logical move is to level your driving accessories and invest in bike baskets if you already have a set of wheels and the required helmets.

Chipmunk Quest

Nature Conservancy - Science

A chipmunk is a chipmunk, right? There are 22 species in the United States. Here’s how to find them. The post Chipmunk Quest appeared first on Cool Green Science. Wildlife Mammal Watching Traveling Naturalist Urban Conservation

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Take me to Church

10,000 Birds

Last week, I took you to the La Mesa reservoir, the higher-altitude of the two thorn-forest sites on my regular birding rotation.

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Bike Tire Size Chart: Your Definitive Guide to Tire Sizes


Do you find yourself going to the bike shop in search of a new bike or a new set of tires? You will see a wide range of mountain bikes, as well as a countless selection of tire sizes as well. You wind up pondering which one will suit you. Having a wide choice of tires to choose from is good.

Best Bird of the Weekend (Last of March 2021)

10,000 Birds

The last weekend of March offers much, both in terms of new additions to your current suite of avifauna and the promise of more to come. Even better, April means more of the same.


10,000 Birds

I am not crazy about alliterations. They seem a poor device, suitable for children’s books but not for refined literature.

Zone of Happiness Birding

10,000 Birds

Ken Cross lives with his wife Megan and their three children on the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast on Australia’s east coast.

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The flooded landscape continues

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A few weeks ago I showed you how flooded the station property was on each side of the highway heading south. Well, it did start to dry out a little, but then we got a lot more rain. The first culvert you come to when you drop down onto the open plains is now flowing nicely under the road.

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Why Is Maintenance Management Crucial for Your Organization?

Green Prophet

You invest in a gorgeous eco home but you don’t factor in the cost of maintenance, washing windows, docking fees. The maintenance management process is necessary for an effective and efficient production process in any organization.

What is the State of the Cannabis Industry?

Green Prophet

All industries usually go through the same cycles, and it shall be true of cannabis, in due time. However, it is still in its first phase of development, although it would seem it is rapidly reaching the second one, which is consolidation.

Bike Frame Size Calculator


The Bike Size Calculator is a quick and easy tool to find the correct bike frame size that is right for you. Choose the kind of bike you are interested in and then enter your measurement(s). Imperial. Metric. Bike Size Calculator. Please enter your inner leg length in centimeters. Bike Type.

Step Through vs. Step Over Bikes – Which One is Better?


The design of a bike is very crucial, it is not just for physical appearances but also for performance. These designs have gone through quite an evolution as the first design dates back to the early 1800s when bikes weren’t used for transportation and they were also made out of wood.

20 Best Mountain Bike Pedals in 2021


For mountain bikes, pedals are more than important. We’re aware that the market offers a large pool of them, and picking the best mountain bike pedals from these countless choices can be quite challenging.