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All I Want for Christmas is a Curlew Sandpiper

10,000 Birds

Faraaz Abdool is a freelance conservation and wildlife photographer and writer who specializes in birds and the issues they face worldwide.

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I Adopted a HeroRat


In good Hobbit fashion and in gratitude for my life, I like to give something good away on my birthday. This year, I’ve adopted a “Hero Rat” through the organization Apopo.

2019 137

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Predictions for the Roaring 20?s

Blue Earth

I have found 1-year technology predictions to be almost laughable in terms of big-picture advances. Now that I’ve had a chance to be on the board of a public technology company and have seen first hand how long it takes to develop microchips, I can say almost everything that will happen in the next 10 years is already being worked on and thought about today. It’s one thing to make an academic discovery, and quite another to bring something to the mass market.

2019 100

Incentivizing Tree Planting in Myanmar

Nature Conservancy - Science

How can nature-based solutions stand the test of time in Myanmar? From the Field Asia Pacific Forests

2020 82

What Was Your First Bird of 2020?

10,000 Birds

It’s 2020! What was your first bird of the year? Of the decade, even? Here’s hoping it was something good and it starts you off right on a whole year of wonderful birds! Happy New Year to you from the 10,000 Birds crew! The post What Was Your First Bird of 2020?

2020 242

The Mediterranean Sea natural gas purge starts amid protests in Israel

Green Prophet

Updated in 2019, a picture of the Levithan rig. Israel’s largest energy project, headed by Noble Energy, started production on Tuesday. It is a natural gas well only 10 kilometers or 7 miles from shore, near the coast of Haifa.

2019 76

9 Simple Steps to Get The Most Out of Your Workout

Eco Friendly Daily

We all know that we need to work out and go to the gym. If you don’t believe you do, then you are either in an extremely active profession or you are just fooling yourself. Doing proper workouts can extend your life a decade.

2020 52

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10,000 Birds

I’m guessing that most people these days communicate on social media through one or more chats. I myself am on several. But only birders know that you can communicate on a chat about… Chats.

2020 231

What are the Health Costs of Israeli Energy Security?

Green Prophet

Last Tuesday, the consortium behind the Leviathan gas production facility declared “an historic turning point in the history of the Israeli economy” when – a decade after its discovery – the enormous offshore natural gas field started production.

2020 73

Birds of Japan by Otani Chikara

10,000 Birds

It’s the festive season and I am holding the new Lynx Edicions’s Birds of Japan, thinking what a perfect gift to any international birder this book represents.

2020 207

Where Are You Birding This First Weekend of January 2020?

10,000 Birds

Is there nothing more inviting than a fresh canvas, an unbroken expanse fraught with possibilities just waiting to be filled? That is the state of our 2020 year lists and general birding experience.

2020 204

Redbreast Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey (12-Year)

10,000 Birds

Whiskey Month at Birds and Booze: This January, Birds and Booze at 10,000 Birds is setting its sights on whiskeys all month long.

2020 183

Reflecting on a Year of Less Birding

10,000 Birds

2018 proved to be one of my best birding years ever. In addition to spotting exciting new species in Florida, including the rare Snail Kite, travel across the country brought me into contact with birds in Oregon, California, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Alabama, and more.

2019 166

Standing and staring.

10,000 Birds

“What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare.”

2019 164

Gang-gang Cockatoos-a Christmas wish!

10,000 Birds

We have observed some beautiful birds in Victoria during our visit including the Spotted Pardalote and Rufous Fantail. There are numerous bird species that we only observe when we are many miles from home and some bird species we have rarely observed.

2019 157

My Ten Best Birds of 2019

10,000 Birds

This last year of the twenty-teens was a monumental birding year for me. I saw 863 species of birds, bringing my life list to 1,820. I birded Uganda, which was my first time on the continent of Africa.

2019 152

Best Bird of the Weekend (Last of 2019)

10,000 Birds

That’s a wrap! With the end of the final weekend of the year comes the growing realization that your year list is more or less locked in place forever more. With hope, your memories of birding in 2019 will evoke wonder, excitement, and satisfaction for years and decades to come.

2019 149

A Sustainable Towel That Cleans You AND The World!

Green Prophet

Can a website dedicated to crowdfunding new green businesses make a measurable positive impact on our planet?

2020 67

Beauty and health hacks from the Bedouin

Green Prophet

Miriam Aborkeek is a Bedouin woman who did not want her family’s natural wisdom to be lost. She makes beauty products the old Bedouin way.

2020 65

5 Eco-Friendly Initiatives Businesses Can Launch in 2020

Green Prophet

Daniel Esty, a Yale lecturer talks about how to green your business. Is there a better time to turn over a new leaf and start new business ventures than the new year? We don’t think so!

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