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Bird Litigation: “Standing” and the California Gnatcatcher

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The coastal subspecies of California Gnatcatcher ( Polioptila californica californica ) can be found in sage scrub that was once abundant from Ventura County to northern Baja California. But its U.S.

"EPA is soliciting comment on issues related to water quality trading" @willwheels

Environmental Economics

This might be the first good thing to be coming out of the EPA in quite some time. via  via Will Wheeler on twitter: EPA is soliciting comment on issues related to water quality trading. (looks

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The Iguana Invasion

Nature Conservancy - Science

The green iguana invades Florida’s natural areas – and swimming pools. Wildlife Invasive Species

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The Olive, Its History

Green Prophet

Is there any fruit more evocative of the Mediterranean than an olive? We don’t know exactly where the first wild olive trees grew, although it’s speculated that they first appeared in Syria, Lebanon, or possibly Jordan.

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Ground-Sparrows and Brush-Finches

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Most birders love a good double-hyphenate. Except, of course, for those who don’t yet know what a double-hyphenate is. Double-hyphenates are birds with two hyphens in their common name, which is a characteristic that suggests a high degree of rarity or difficulty.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Agroforestry Systems and Practices


Trees have always been important part of the countryside. When traveling through rural areas anywhere in the world you will see trees incorporated into the landscape.

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Recovery: Restoring the Floodplain Forest

Nature Conservancy - Science

Restoring elms and other native trees benefits wildlife in the Connecticut River Valley. From the Field Forests Restoration TNC Science

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Foreign Languages on a Birding Trip

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Don’t you hate it when you cannot communicate while birding overseas? Having mobility issues, I still remember birding from a van along a rather productive dirt road in Costa Rica ( Broad-billed Motmot , Lineated Woodpecker , Cocoa Woodcreeper , etc.), while the rest of the group took a hike.

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Ecofeminism Explained (by Activists, Ecofeminists, and Me)

Eco Chic

Photo of Vandana Shiva via Wikimedia Commons. Photo of Ariel Salleh via YouTube screencapture. If you Google “Ecofeminism,” a lot of different stuff comes up. Some definitions will describe it as the destruction of nature in the name of profit, leading to women’s oppression.

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A Field Guide to The Feral Parrots of the US

Nature Conservancy - Science

“Wait, was that a parrot?” I’m looking out of my hotel room window in downtown Los Angeles, and I swear I just saw a parrot in the palm trees across the highway. Either that, or the 17+ hours of jetlag […].

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Plentiful rain not enough to grow the wheatfields of Syria

Green Prophet

A garden in a Syrian refugee camp. If you look to what was brewing before the Syrian civil war, it was clear that people there were suffering from the effects of climate change. Environmentalists warned that extended droughts there would cause hunger, poverty and unrest.

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Best Bird of the Weekend (First of September 2019)

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Have you ever heard the saying, “Sometimes you win; sometimes you learn,” as a positive spin on failing to win? I definitely learned something this weekend, particularly regarding how best to see interesting birds.

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Sustainability and Storytelling at NYFW: James Nathaniel Piña’s Love Letter Home

Eco Chic

James Nathaniel Jacket. Upon entering Unix Gallery, which lies directly under the Manhattan High Line, the intimate feel of the artistic space became immediately apparent. I was here to see the James Nathaniel Spring/Summer 2020 ethical fashion presentation, as part of New York Fashion Week.

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Shorebirds in spring around Broome

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Over the last two weeks we have observed a huge number of migratory shorebirds return to our shores. They have mostly been absent for several months now, because they have been in the northern hemisphere. Hopefully they have had a successful breeding season in the north.

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Collaborative list – August 2019

10,000 Birds

eBird have applied their new taxonomy as of July/August 2019. What a boon for listers. Desk-top birders have been anxiously awaiting the new catalogue, hoping for splits to boost numbers rather than lumps to reduce them.

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Essential Oils to Aid in Healthy Hair

Green Prophet

There are a number of amazing benefits to essential oils for both the skin, hair and even nails, but which is best to help combat hair loss and keep the scalp as happy as possible?

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4 Fascinating Room Setup Options For 2019

Green Prophet

We’re always looking for something new and creative to do with our homes. But eventually, you get tired of just rearranging the furniture and are at a loss as to what else to try. You’re in luck, because finding cool new stuff to do with your home is surprisingly easy, and a lot of fun to boot.

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Tips for Home Decoration to Make Rooms Look Spacious

Green Prophet

Are you shifting from a closet bed in a tiny house to a more spacious, hopefully ecologically-sound home? If so, make due with less stuff, but make your house look great.

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Korto Momolu Brings Cannabis Culture to NYFW with Women Grow

Eco Chic

No longer strictly synonymous with high schoolers sneakily finding a smoke spot under the bleachers during lunch, the cannabis industry is booming.

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Why Congo Soldiers Use Rape As a War Tactic (and What Your Smartphone Has to Do With It)

Eco Chic

Chouchou Namegabe at home in New York. Photo by Svetlana Jovanovic. “I I realized my microphone was a gun to break the silence of the violence against women and the quiet war on women.” — Chouchou Namegabe .

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