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New Federal Report: Climate Change Is Really, Really Scary.

Mother Jones

Say what you want about the Obama administration's relative ignoring of climate issues: Many of his top scientists are paying rapt attention, and they think we're about to get our butts kicked?although although dumping the news at 4

Toxic to Our Health: Sitting is the New Smoking

The Green Samaritan

Sit, sit, sit. I don’t know about you, but after a fairly busy morning to include 6 am workouts two or three times per week, then flitting around the kitchen to get the kids off to. See the full post and more at Green Living

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Sugar Wax – An Ancient Arabic Beauty Secret

Green Prophet

Many beauty regimens do more harm than good as many products contain harsh chemicals including toxins, hormone disruptors and even pesticides ! But we have scouted out an ancient Arabic beauty regimen that does not threaten your body or your bank account for that matter.

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Paul Watson Steps Down From Sea Shepherd


Paul Watson is once again going the distance in an effort to prevent more whales from dying at the hands of the Japanese whaling fleet. The 62-year-old founder and president Read More The post Paul Watson Steps Down From Sea Shepherd appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Explained in 90 Seconds: What the @#% Is Climate Change Doing.

Mother Jones

Imagine this is your office: a tropical island skirted by coral-packed azure waters, somewhere near the equator between Hawaii and Tahiti. Your job involves a lot of swimming. Tough, huh? "My field research is the best part of

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Beetlemania: Insects Are Gobbling Up 1,000-Year-Old Trees.

Mother Jones

Mountain pine beetles have spent the last decade decimating more than 4 million acres of forest in the Rocky Mountain West. Beetles are a natural part of the forest ecology, picking off old or unhealthy trees and keeping the

Is the new DENR secretary calling for more benefit-cost analysis?

Environmental Economics

10 Green Prophets for 2012

Green Prophet

The year in retrospect has been a positive one. Despite civil unrest, dangerous regimes, and appalling environmental crimes and neglect, there are good green things afoot for the Middle East.

Gwyneth Paltrow Releasing Vegetarian-Friendly Cookbook


Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow is releasing a new cookbook in April full of healthy, energetic recipes. Read More The post Gwyneth Paltrow Releasing Vegetarian-Friendly Cookbook appeared first on Ecorazzi. Eats News Recipes Top News Vegetarian gwyneth paltrow

Australia's Climate Inferno "Encroaching on Entirely New Territory.

Mother Jones

Australia's top government-appointed climate commissioner says this week's heatwave is occurring amid record-breaking weather around the world. "This has been a landmark event for me," Professor Tim Flannery told

Hand-carved over machined wooden utensils

Green (Living) Review

Dubai to Overtake Heathrow as World’s Largest Airport

Green Prophet

Dubai International Airport (DXB) will overtake Heathrow as the world’s biggest international airport by 2015. What’s the environmental impact of the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) decade of relentless aviation growth?

First Video Footage of Giant Squid in Natural Habitat Emerges


Yesterday, the world learned that video of the elusive (and legendary) giant squid in its natural habitat had finally been successfully recorded.

Thomas Friedman: The market and mother nature

Environmental Economics

I'm having a hard time trying to find something to disagree with in this column. Here is the conclusion: We can’t go off coal overnight, and we can’t go into recession by cutting spending overnight, but we need to start tapping on the brakes in both realms by agreeing on spending cuts, tax increases and new investments that would be phased in as the economy improves, as well as higher efficiency standards for power plants, buildings, vehicles and appliances that would be phased in, too.

deliberateLIFE. The green and ethical magazine for the iPad generation

Green (Living) Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro) deliberateLIFE is the brainchild of Fay Johnson Fay Johnson. She is the Founder & Chief Deliberator at deliberateLIFE Magazine.

Severe Weather Causing Middle East Mayhem and Deaths

Green Prophet

Roads have become rivers throughout Amman, Jordan after three days of torrential rainfall. Strong winds and falling temperatures have literally put this city on ice. Severe weather is pummeling the Middle East. Latest reports puts the death toll at dozens.

Student Finds ‘Wrinkled Brain’ Inside Piece of KFC Chicken


An unsightly organ was recently discovered inside a piece of KFC chicken by 19-year-old student. Read More The post Student Finds ‘Wrinkled Brain’ Inside Piece of KFC Chicken appeared first on Ecorazzi. Eats News Top News Vegan russell simmons

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Daily Demand and Supply: Decreased supply doesn't increase demand

Environmental Economics

For as long as I can remember we have had a subscription to Reader's Digest because, well, let's just say that the articles are just the right length for 'browsing.' '   Anyway, yesterday I was 'browsing' and came across this misguided gem: Why a Sports Ticket Costs What it Costs:  College Football $100-$3,000. Shorter schedules and fewer home games than the pros increase demand. Sheesh.    Changes in the supply of tickets do not affect demand. 

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Tips To Avoid Winter Illnesses

Green Living Ideas

With the Winter season fast approaching, you are probably looking to stock up on methods to steer clear of seasonal-related illnesses. The flu and the common cold run rampant this time of year, making life miserable for all of us.

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Masdar’s Winning Blog: Demystifying the Water-Energy Nexus

Green Prophet

If you are among the 70 or more bloggers who submitted an entry to Masdar’s blogging competition , or simply want to know what it takes to impress the jury of one of the leading promoters of sustainable technology and renewable energy , then this post might appeal to you.

WATCH: Mayor Rahm Emanuel Endorses Rip Esselstyn’s Vegan Plan


Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel endorses Rip Esselstyn's vegan diet and looks to a healthier future for our nation. Read More The post WATCH: Mayor Rahm Emanuel Endorses Rip Esselstyn’s Vegan Plan appeared first on Ecorazzi. Eats Featured News Vegan Video rahm emanuel rip esselstyn

New Mexico Chooses More Solar Power - Compass

Sierra Club Compass

Recently the New Mexico Public Regulatory Commission chose to continue the state's leadership on clean energy investments when it approved a measure on solar power: The Public Regulation Commission (last month

Whitehouse ponders executive order to ban guns

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) It would appear, to all intents and purposes, that the White House is considering the use of the President's executive order privilege to get a ban guns in private hands in the US past both Houses. President Barack Obama is exploring executive orders to help prevent mass shootings in America, Vice President Joe Biden said on Wednesday, January 9, 2013. The president is going to act.

Masdar Preps for 6th Energy Summit Amid Climate Turmoil

Green Prophet

Amid some of the worst flooding seen in the Middle East in decades and increasingly dire reports about climate change, Masdar will host the sixth annual World Future Energy Summit (WFES) in Abu Dhabi next week.

Sharon Osbourne Slams Gaga for Wearing Fur in Open Letter


In what has become a war of open letters, Sharon Osbourne has hit back at Lady Gaga after the singer wrote a public letter to Kelly Osbourne. Read More The post Sharon Osbourne Slams Gaga for Wearing Fur in Open Letter appeared first on Ecorazzi.

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How Salmon Could Save Us from Flood Damage

Sightline Daily

Flooded home in Skagit County, Chris and Jenni on Flickr. See mud on tree, build higher. This was the advice that Native Americans reportedly offered the pioneers that settled along a flood-prone stretch of the Skagit River in the present-day town of Hamilton.

Obama administration says UK must stay in EU

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The Obama administration has said that the UK must stay in the EU and that a referendum against membership in the EU must not be held in the UK. Sorry! Run this by me again. A senior member of the Obama administration has said that the UK must stay in the EU and that a referendum against membership in the EU must not be held in the UK as it could negatively impact on the US if the UK would leave the EU.

Speed Sisters Arab Women Are Top-Ranked

Green Prophet

The Speed Sisters, the Palestinian women’s motor racing team, are a Middle Eastern first: Independent and passionate, they’ve charted their own roadmap through a male-dominated sport, steering around family expectations, social pressures, community politics and an active military occupation.

‘Battleground: Rhino Wars’ to Premiere on Animal Planet


Along with the not-so-unexpected announcement that Animal Planet was renewing its hit ”Whale Wars” for a sixth season was the reveal of another conservation-themed reality mini-series titled “Battleground: Rhino Wars.” ” Read More The post ‘Battleground: Rhino Wars’ to Premiere on Animal Planet appeared first on Ecorazzi. Entertainment Film/TV News Top News

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I and the Bird: What is a Jay?

10,000 Birds

Few birds in the world are as beloved and admired as the Jays. While the family Corvidae has no shortage of species that combine the self-realized human traits of intelligence and social aptitude, only in the jays is that other desired characteristic, beauty, wielded to such great effect.

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What is the UK government's obsession of building new homes on the countryside?

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) With an estimated 850,000 houses standing empty in the UK why do we have a government determined to build on the countryside? I read that the minister responsible has suggested that the country can afford to take the loss of "just" 2%-3% of the countryside. However that 2%-3% equates to an area roughly the size of Devon!!

Would You Fly By Sun and a Solar Impulse?

Green Prophet

They took their pilot run from Europe to Morocco, now the Swiss solar plane will fly across America. Sometime next summer, an airplane with the wingspan of an Airbus A340 but weighing not much more than a Toyota will fly from San Francisco to Washington, D.C., and on to New York.

Make This: Creamy Vegan Mint Vegan Alfredo Sauce


You don’t need the cream, butter and cheese to enjoy a filling pasta dish. Read More The post Make This: Creamy Vegan Mint Vegan Alfredo Sauce appeared first on Ecorazzi. Eats News Recipes Top News Vegan

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12 Sierra Club Bloggers to Watch in 2013: Part II - Compass

Sierra Club Compass

This post is a continuation of Part I, where we began to introduce you to Sierra Club bloggers to watch in the new year. Below is the second in a three-part series. Michael Marx Director, Beyond Oil Campaign Michael leads

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