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Bicycle servicing

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) I don't want to put anyone out of business but I cannot understand this thing about bicycle servicing. Some people seem to believe that their bicycle needs an annual service – from a specialist – just like their car does and often it is also being touted in such a way.

2020 213

Death and Drama Among the Cicada Killers

Nature Conservancy - Science

Cicada killers are fearsome insects, but other species have adopted ingenious ways to exploit them. Wildlife Insects & Pollinators Traveling Naturalist

2020 111

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Microplastics in our lungs linked to Covid-19 surge?

Green Prophet

The gold dust bought at Walmart may make your graduation photo pretty. But one blow and it’s forever cycling as microplastics that will get into our lungs. I wonder all the time about Covid 19. Why now? Why aren’t we stopping it?

2020 102

13 Writing Awards for Cool Green Science

Nature Conservancy - Science

In 2019, Cool Green Science stories won 13 awards from the Outdoor Writers Association of America. Ideas Our Nature Reads

2020 93

Moshe Safdie’s skywalk garden puts nature in China’s sky (VIDEO)

Green Prophet

With more cities legislating for the use of green roofs, one Israeli-Canadian dream architect Moshe Safdie has taken the task to hand to inspire the world and show us how it’s done.

2020 87

What Jinn Are, And Why You Should Care

Green Prophet

In Western minds, jinn, or djinns, or genies – are Disney figures drawn out of the Orient’s mythical past. But belief in jinns as living creatures with supernatural forces thrives in modern times too.

2020 79

Defensive Driving: Why Everyone Should Practice It

Green Prophet

Until we have a world full of driverless, electric cars, stay safe on the road, especially in the Middle East where drifting is a sport. Every year, thousands of vehicular accidents happen in the state of Illinois, many of them could have been avoided.

2020 72