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Back to the Forest ? but first, Flamingos!

10,000 Birds

There aren’t many places on the planet where one can mention the words ‘forest’ and ‘flamingo’ together. Far less experience the two in a single morning.

2020 219

What’s Smudging, And Why Is Everyone Doing it?

Green Prophet

Seeking to clear sour, unhappy vibes out of the house and leave room for fresh, positive energies to enter, people are reviving the ancient tradition of smudging.

2020 91

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The Green Samaritan

Sometime, it seems, there so much noise on the news and social media that you just need to take a quiet moment wherever you can to listen for what rings true for you. See the full post and more at Green Living

2020 130

An Encounter with Mating Gopher Snakes

Nature Conservancy - Science

Observing snakes is sure to wake you out of a trail-run trance. From the Field Wildlife Herps

2020 91

Some of America?s Avian Treasures

10,000 Birds

North America is home to many amazing bird species, including several which require a special effort to see and appreciate.

2020 219

Strange Desert Kites are how ancient man trapped his kill

Green Prophet

The local Bedouin knew about them for thousands of years but in the 1920s, pilots of the Royal Air Force flying over the deserts of Israel, Jordan and Egypt saw mysterious line shapes in the ground that they named “Desert Kites” Because their outlines, as seen from the air in their planes, reminded them of airborne kites.

2020 87

5 Reasons to Travel by Campervan

Eco Friendly Daily

A definite for everyone’s bucket list, at least once in your life you should try campervan travel. Take charge of your holiday and sit behind the wheel of your own trip, there are plenty of reasons to rent a campervan for your next holiday.

2020 52

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May Warblers, Costa Rican Style

10,000 Birds

May migration is legendary. It’s when Biggest Week happens, in many places, the fifth month is when it gets truly warm, when we can forget about winter. For myself and surely thousands of other birders, May is when I saw my first of many birds.

2020 217

Dubai Henna Artist Puts a Modern Mark on an Ancient Stain

Green Prophet

Henna artist Azra Khamissa has become an Instagram sensation for her non-traditional spin on this ancient form of body art. Instead of drawing traditional paisley shapes and floral themes, her designs emulate the sleek compositions more commonly seen in contemporary tattoos.

2020 82

Fragile vs. Resilient Food Systems

The Green Changemakers

Source: Films for Action "Covid is shining the spotlight on the fragility of the linear systems that we have come to rely on. In many countries, particularly in the US, the food system has been thrown into chaos. The industrial food system is inherently fragile.

2020 52

My First Birdathon

10,000 Birds

Note: Erika is the Communications Director for Audubon Florida. I have been birding for about seven years now – time flies when you’re having fun. However, until this spring I had yet to participate in some of birding’s most time-honored traditions: a Birdathon.

2020 189

Birding Shanghai in May

10,000 Birds

Don`t worry – after having written about birding Shanghai in April a few weeks ago, I will not continue this theme for longer – not that much to write about in June and July. But May is a good time for birding here, and thus worth a post.

2020 177

Best Bird of the Weekend (Fourth of May 2020)

10,000 Birds

Those of us in the United States are celebrating Memorial Day Weekend, normally a time to gather with friends and family for barbecues, beach outings, and other fun group activities.

2020 172

Shorebird chat

10,000 Birds

Last Saturday, May 16th, it was a three tide day, so there was very little tidal movement. On our biggest tides in Broome there is almost ten metres of tidal movement. That is a lot of sea coming in and going out over a few hours.

2020 154

Lockdown Serendipity

10,000 Birds

Because of our age, Mexico’s rising COVID-19 numbers, and my wife’s anxiety about infectious diseases in general, we have been in total lockdown at the Lewis home. TOTAL lockdown. To be specific, I have not walked out our front door since April 15th.

2020 142