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Birding in the Delhi area Part 1

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One of the many things I did not know about Delhi is that it is the capital city with the second-largest number of bird species (after Nairobi). So when I went there for work last year, I added three days of birding to the trip.

2020 214

First Brazilian supermarket where customers can exchange recyclable waste for food open

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) In the Brazilian state of Acre the first supermarket opened its doors where it is possible for customers to exchange recyclables for food.

2020 211

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Have a little faith? How Islam dealt with its first plague, the Plague of Amwas

Green Prophet

The site of Emmaus-Nicopolis, called ‘Amwas’ by the Arabs. The plague of Amwas first struck the Muslim Arab troops encamped there before spreading across Syria–Palestine and affecting Egypt and Iraq. The Plague of Amwas was the first major pandemic that hit the early Muslim communities.

2020 96

Bahamian Queen Conch: Fishers & Scientists Share Knowledge for a Sustainable Fishery

Nature Conservancy - Science

Queen conch are at risk. Bahamas fishers and scientists are helping. Fish & Fisheries From the Field Fisheries TNC Science

2020 84

Costa Rica?s Almost Endemic Trogon

10,000 Birds

It’s hard to write about something other than what’s happening in the USA these trying, change demanding days but I’m going to give it a shot. Because where would we be without birds?

Battling Chronic Pain Does Not Have to Be Hard

Eco Friendly Daily

If you have been dealing with chronic pain, how has the battle gone? For some people, they are able to control the pain to the best of their abilities. For others, it can be a real dogfight. When you are dealing with such pain, do you feel as if you are winning more times than not?

2020 52

Investing in bifacial and tracking solar systems safe bet for future

Green Prophet

Using data from NASA, double sided, tilting solar panels create 35% more energy, on average, than immobile single-panel photovoltaic systems, while reducing the cost of electricity by an average of 16%. Above photo via Solup. .

2020 89

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Alien Face

10,000 Birds

Over a decade ago I stumbled upon the first edition of the field guide to the birds of T&T and marveled at the astounding diversity within its pages. I had already been birding for some time, but my photography was poor and my identification skills were abysmal.

2020 208

Whistling Kites breeding

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A couple of weeks ago I mentioned the Black Kites breeding around Broome. There have also been Whistling Kites breeding around Broome in recent weeks. It was an overcast day again this last Wednesday and we went bush-walking where we have observed the Southern Boobooks recently.

2020 189

eBird and Urban Planning: City Green Spaces

10,000 Birds

Birders who submit their checklists to eBird likely know that their data may be used to conduct research on avian migration, range, or population. But eBird data is not just for ecologists and ornithologists. It has also been used by researchers from other fields, such as economists.

2020 185

Best Bird of the Weekend (First of June 2020)

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If May represents the apex of avian observation opportunities in most areas, June signals the slide down the slope towards a truly tedious valley. But we’re not confined to a wasteland of resident breeders just yet, are we? Hopefully, you’re still finding surprises.

2020 167

My Subtropical Bird Garden

10,000 Birds

Those who follow my posts know by now that I love gardening. And I love making my little garden (some 1400 square feet) more attractive to birds. But I would never have imagined how important it would be to my emotional well-being to have a bird-friendly garden during lockdown.

2020 162

Mast Landing Brewing Company – A Beer Named Duck New England Pale Ale

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I know we see a lot of New England IPAs here at Booze and Birds. Well, this week’s beer doesn’t quite qualify as one but it’s pretty close: A Beer Named Duck from Mast Landing Brewing Company of Westbrook, Maine is a New England pale ale.

2020 159

Where Are You Birding This Second Weekend of June 2020?

10,000 Birds

June brings stability to the experience of birding. Where migration serves up the possibility of both quantity and quality of sightings, the seasons between passages promise the birds you expect and little more.

2020 151

Collaborative List ? May 2020

10,000 Birds

This was the month we (in the northern hemisphere) had all been waiting for, but what a strange month May 2020 has been. Normally it is the month of migrants and summer visitors, but who has been out to greet them or wave them on their way?

2020 154

Las Vegas Going Green in a Quest to Become Saudi Arabia of Solar Power

Green Prophet

A green oasis in the desert? Las Vegas is shedding its old image and preparing for a future without fossil fuels. Las Vegas is a town built around big ambitions, its founders turning an arid wilderness into the premier entertainment paradise in the world.

2020 81

Near-extinct gazelle brings Israelis and Palestinians to peace-making plan

Green Prophet

Why did the gazelle cross the road? In some parts of Israel underground or above ground bridges help the animals move like this wildlife bridge in Turkey, but it’s not enough. A new research project might bring them from the brink of extinction.

2020 62

Start a Green Business with the Help of a Title Loan

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Start a green business, inside a tiny home. Keeping expenses and overhead low. With many people worried about the state of the environment and the planet as a whole, a lot of us are keen to do our bit to help the green cause.

2020 62

Addiction Trends In 2020 so far

Green Prophet

Living in lockdown can exaggerate but maybe even help people fight addictions. Being in nature and meditating can help. Addiction is a serious problem across the world, but psychologists and medical researchers are making new inroads into effective addiction treatments every year.

2020 59

How to improve your health by consuming Vitamin C

Green Prophet

Vitamin C is one of those things we are boosting at any sign of getting sick. But is your Vitamin C from the internet a real or fake? Make sure you order from a reputable source. . Covid-19 created an atmosphere of fear. Most of us are worried for our lives.

2020 56

The Importance of Your Instagram Bio

Green Prophet

What does your social media profile say about you? There is often a disconnect between soft eco business and the polluting corporate world. Choosing your profile photo can get your ideas and products noticed, or simply ignored. Social networks are no longer limited to staying in touch with friends.

2020 56

From Invoicing to Insights: Where to Start With a New Business

Green Prophet

Doesn’t matter how “green” your business is if you don’t know how to make money and keep track of it. . There’s so much to consider when setting up a new business.

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