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Make recycling worth it

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) I do mean that literally in making it worth for people to actually collect recyclables as once was the case. Nowadays the recyclables go to the municipalities who then, in turn, sell them on.

Food For Life Partners With Milk Token To Help The Hungry Through Crypto Donations

Green Prophet

The partnership between Food for Life Global and the Milk and Butter Tokens has proven to be one of the biggest charitable crypto projects, where 5% of every Butter token transaction directly goes into a charity wallet to then be distributed to charities voted on by holders.

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Tips for Recycling Computers, Phones and Other E-waste Successfully

Earth 911

It happens to all of us, when the computer, smartphone, or another electronic device no. The post Tips for Recycling Computers, Phones and Other E-waste Successfully appeared first on Earth911. EcoTech How To Recycle 2019-recycling-industry computers smartphones

The Future of Living: How to Upgrade Your Space Into a Smart Home

Green Living Guy

After the day’s work and activities, everyone deserves a comfortable, conducive, and peaceful home to welcome them.

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There’s a Cicada in My Ear

Cool Green Science

File this Under: Adventures in Cicadas and the Anatomy of a Human Ear, or Hearing Loss is a Small Price to Pay for Taxonomic Certainty. The post There’s a Cicada in My Ear appeared first on Cool Green Science. From the Field Wildlife Weird Nature

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Senate passes ban on shark fin sales in the US


The U.S. Senate has passed a bill that, if enacted into law, will ban the buying and selling of shark fins and products containing shark fins in the country

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Are Floating Neighborhoods a Solution for Rising Sea Levels?

Earth 911

As sea-level rise threatens cities throughout the world, some are looking at how humans can. The post Are Floating Neighborhoods a Solution for Rising Sea Levels? appeared first on Earth911. EcoTech Home & Garden floating neighborhood rising sea level Schoonschip

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Peacemakers save the Red Sea with science

Green Prophet

The Red Sea is in danger of environmental degradation. Saudi Arabia is building its so called eco city Neom on the Red Sea , tourism in Sinai is ruining reefs and an oil and gas pipeline using cargo ships is planned from Saudi Arabia up through Israel. Catastrophes can strike at any moment.

EU parliament calls for ban on caged farming practices


On Thursday, the European Parliament approved a report petitioning the European Commission to end caged farming of animals

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Cool Green Summer Book Picks 2021

Cool Green Science

As unbelievable as it might sound, summer 2021 is here. I found myself thinking about just how much comfort books have provided us over the past year (and more). They’re portals to far-off places when we can’t travel.

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How Hemp Affects Air Quality

Green Living Guy

The modern world is a reflection of ancient times, but just more complicated. These lines might sound funny, but it is the reality of the present world. The older world was about civilizations, trade routes, and food for its inhabitants.… … Read More How Hemp Affects Air Quality.

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12 Ways To Cope With Incontinence 

Green Prophet

If you’ve ever taken your dog out for a walk that turns into a rather jarring run and felt the unpleasant and unwanted trickle of urine leak out into your underwear, this may not simply be a one-time thing.

DMAA designs Residential Greenhouse in Germany


A new urban district is rising from the dust of the former Kellogg's site on the Überseeinsel in Bremen, Germany

Washington’s 2021 Legislative Session Marks Historic Investment in Renter Relief

Sightline Daily

Despite having to conduct the session remotely, Washington’s state legislature accomplished some big things in 2021. Historic wins include a capital gains tax and a cap-and-invest climate program.

Simple Sustainable Living Tips You Can Implement Today

Green Living Guy

The planet is currently going through catastrophes like pollution, global warming and deforestation. As such, the human race has seen it wise to adopt sustainable lifestyles that will allow the environment to recover with time.

Egypt is protecting its people and its economy from the devastating impacts of sea-level rise

Green Prophet

Children run after each other with kites flying along Egypt’s Nile Delta. Families and friends enjoy the scenery as they enjoy an afternoon picnic. Just a few miles away, farmers work in their fields of green. These diverse crops will feed millions of Egyptians.

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Analysis: Russia’s slow progress on climate action set to pick up speed

A Greener Life

A person walks past solar panels of the Isyangulovo solar power plant in Russia’s Republic of Bashkortostan. With oil and gas playing a major role in its economy, Russia has been slow to move on climate action, but it is rising up Moscow’s agenda. Photo credit: Alamy. By Christopher Weafer.

Nations first triple net-zero housing development to rise in New York


New York City-based Garrison Architects has unveiled designs for The Seventy-Six, a housing development that’s expected to become the first triple net-zero (energy, water and waste) project of its kind in the United States

5 Environment-Friendly Practices For Artists

Green Living Guy

Environmental degradation is one of the most pressing urban problems today. Unfortunately, most of us have left the responsibility of safeguarding the environment to activists. However, the fault lies in all of us.

International cannabis conference comes to Israel

Green Prophet

Raphael Mechoulam, discoverer of THC, CBD in medicinal cannabis. For the first time ever, the International Cannabinoid Research Society 31 st Annual Symposium will be held in Israel.

Analysis: G7: old pledges rehashed

A Greener Life

The G7 participants pose for the G7 family photo. Photo credit: By ??????????, CC BY 4.0 via Wikimedia. By Anders Lorenzen.

John Thackara: ‘Strange’ ideas don’t sound so strange in strange times

Low Impact

This is part 2 of a conversation with John Thackara. In part 1 we talked about what the future might hold for humanity, and here we talk about what our responses might be. ‘Strange’ ideas might be required for strange times. There’s a World Economic Forum risk report from 2016.

How Green Technologies Change Our Homes

Green Living Guy

Most people ask themselves, “What is green technology?” If you are one of these people, you’ll find out what it is and how it has transformed our homes. The benefits of green technology cannot be ignored. Soon, every homeowner will… Read More How Green Technologies Change Our Homes.

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The Emergence of Functional Design in Restaurant Furniture

Green Prophet

Restaurant furniture with a green wall of plants makes for a much more sustainable dining experience. Better breathing too. Furniture can be seen as both a functional as well as aesthetic element of any restaurant’s interior design.

As world leaders descended onto Cornwall, Greenpeace delivered an artistic drone-powered message

A Greener Life

Stills from the Greenpeace film – 300 drones, 1 message: Act Now. Photo credit: Greenpeace. By Anders Lorenzen. Cornwall, a rural county in the furthest corner of Southwest England, attracted global attention last week as world leaders gathered there for the G7 summit hosted by the UK.

Critical Antarctic ice shelf breaking away at an alarming rate


A new study published in Science Advances has revealed that the Pine Island Glacier's ice shelf is breaking away at a rate much faster than previously measured

What to Know About Investing in Renewable Energy

Green Living Guy

The eco-conscious movement recently expanded into the residential sector. Now, businesses and homeowners can generate their own clean, off-grid energy. Investing in renewable energy has various benefits.

Esoteric jobs in the home office are crisis-proof

Green Prophet

. Especially in these times of crisis, many people are looking for a home office job. Of course, it makes sense to look for a job that is currently benefiting from the crisis. A job in esotericism is one of them.

Can organic farming feed the world?

Low Impact

Now there’s a question – posed by Chris Smaje of the Ecoogical Land Co-op. Chris joined the board of the ELC as Dave of Lowimpact left, and since then Chris has produced a book called A Small Farm Future , which we review here.

G7 leaders commit to curb climate change, but fall short on coal


On Sunday, G7 leaders committed to take action against global warming and to protect biodiversity, but they failed to set a date to stop coal exploration

7 Household Tips for Pesky Insects

Green Living Guy

Keeping insects out of your home is imperative so that you do not have any damage to your home and so that no one in your home is at risk for getting bit. There are many insects that will find… Read More 7 Household Tips for Pesky Insects.

Automatic Pool Cleaner: A Smarter Way To Enjoy Your Pool

Green Prophet

Make Your Pool Life Easier And Smarter With An Automatic Pool Cleaner. One of the growing trends right now is smart home automation systems. The technology has progressed massively over a surprisingly short period. But did you know that you can also make your swimming pool smart?

3 Ways to Make Life More Fun

Eco Friendly Daily

When you feel like you’re not having enough fun in life, will you do anything to change that? While there are aspects of life that can in fact be rather serious, having fun is something you do not want to miss out on. With that thought in mind, how can you bring more fun into your life?

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Cruise ships, shipping vessels can now earn a "Whale-Safe" label


An Italian NGO has launched a new eco-label that will be awarded to freight and cruise companies that take steps to prevent their ships from colliding with whales

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5 Affordable Eco-Transport Solutions for College Students

Green Living Guy

Is your college located far from the place you live? Why spend a lot of time on the way to college and way back home if you could use eco-transport solutions?

Shine Turbine is a wind-powered portable device charger


A modern problem of the off-grid and outdoorsy lifestyle is how to keep your devices powered. Battery packs are one option, but they have limited use and can be heavy and bulky.

What Drives You When Shopping for Another Car or Truck?

Eco Friendly Daily

If the time is nearing where you hope to end up with a new or used car or truck, do you have confidence? That is that you will find the best one out there? Yes, shopping for another vehicle can be one of the bigger things you do as a consumer.

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