March, 2021


Green (Living) Review

The anti-violence gesture to recognize and help victims of abuse by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Thumb of the hand folded, four fingers up and then closed to a fist: an anti-violence gesture we all need to learn to recognize, because through silent and universal language you can ask for help against domestic abuse.

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Take Down Your Feeders: Salmonella is Killing Songbirds

Nature Conservancy - Science

Bird feeding is spreading salmonella. Here’s how you can help. The post Take Down Your Feeders: Salmonella is Killing Songbirds appeared first on Cool Green Science. Latest Science Birds Disease & Parasites Urban Conservation

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Iran accused of eco-terrorism as bitumen coats the Mediterranean Sea shore

Green Prophet

Danny Morick, marine veterinarian, and Aviad Scheinin take samples from a 17 meters (about 55 feet) long dead fin whale washed up on a beach in Nitzanim Reserve, Israel, Friday, Feb. 19, 2021. (AP AP Photo/Ariel Schalit).

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Nissan of New Rochelle now offers week long test drives of electric cars

Green Living Guy

Yes folks. You’ve heard it here. So let me know if you want to schedule a real test drive of an electric car.

5 Simple Tasks You Can Try TODAY For Greener Living

Green Living Ideas

Changing our routine habits is incredibly challenging. We all know that there are steps that we could take each and every day to ensure our footprint on the environment is lighter and to live more sustainably.

Palm Oil and Deforestation: A Real Threat for Orangutans


Orangutans are great apes with fine reddish hair and large brown eyes who literally hang out in the trees in the rainforests of Sumatra and Borneo in Southeast Asia.

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The story of the MV Ever Given

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) This picture of the MV Ever Given embedded in the banks of the Suez Canal shows exactly what is wrong with our trade today and how close the current system is to the brink of collapse.

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How to Digitally Transform Your Business

Green Prophet

Wind turbines that look like trees…maybe you’ve built an eco-business on solar panels. But you still can’t be left in the digital dust. Read on. Today, we probably hear the word ‘digital’ at least once a day.

Test Drive Results 2021 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Electric SUV

Green Living Guy

With up to an EPA-estimated. PLANO, Texas (October 8, 2020) Very few vehicles have the capacity to be both a segment leader and a segment disruptor – but the fifth-generation Toyota RAV4 has managed to achieve just that. The latest RAV4 continues its bold leadership moves for 2021 by adding.

7 Nutrients You Can Only Get From Plant-Based Foods

Green Living Ideas

Many supporters of a diet including animal products insist that a plant-based diet is insufficient for the full functioning of the body. It’s said that some elements cannot be obtained from plants alone. However, there are many nutrients that we can only get from plant-based foods.

Biodiversity – Definition, Importance and Major Threats


Nature’s balance is dependent upon diversity of life – biodiversity. Our understanding of our planet is shifting to a view of Earth as a single living organism with all of life’s diversity and life processes interdependent. This understanding is coming rather late in the game though.

Corona reinvents sustainable packaging by launching beer pack made using barley - giving the essential beer ingredient a new life

Green (Living) Review

? The initiative is part of the continuous commitment of the brand on finding sustainable technologies to protect nature ? New technology - three years in the making - repurposes surplus barley straw into packaging material in a circular process eliminating wastage ?

50 Birds: Adventures in Backyard Birding

Nature Conservancy - Science

Birding may be the perfect nature activity. And you can start by looking out your window. The post 50 Birds: Adventures in Backyard Birding appeared first on Cool Green Science. Birds & Birding Birds Outdoor Rec Wildlife

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Environmentally Friendly Materials For Home Improvements

Green Prophet

The soothing feeling, beautiful surround and less expensive nature of eco-friendly home materials and installations cannot go extinct. Find out in this article about environmentally friendly materials for home improvements. . What Are Eco-Friendly Materials For Home Improvement?

Test Drive Results 2022 Chevy Bolt EUV

Green Living Guy

As Chevrolet reports and truly was true. The Chevrolet Bolt EYV is a step up without question from the orginal Bolt. As I wrote before: Chevrolet is getting ready to spruce things up in the electric car department.

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Upgrading a water heater: to go solar, heat pump, or tankless?

Green Living Ideas

The water heater is one of the bigger users of energy in the home, making that old heater you’ve got a great candidate for an upgrade. The question is, upgrade to what?

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The importance of groundwater in coastal areas

Successful Green

A new study highlights the major importance of nutrient inputs to coastal oceans from groundwater. Such nutrients can play a critical role in the function and vulnerability of coastal ecosystems worldwide.

In praise of the compost toilet: why I love compost loos

Low Impact

In praise of the compost toilet,’s Sophie Paterson shares her love of compost loos, showcasing their versatility and practicality with a rundown of her favourites through the years. First of all, a bit of a disclaimer: I’m a serious fan of compost toilets.

Inspiring Women of Geospatial Science at TNC

Nature Conservancy - Science

Five TNC women in science making significant contributions to improving the way we map and conserve the world’s resources. The post Inspiring Women of Geospatial Science at TNC appeared first on Cool Green Science. From the Field Ideas Nature Tech Women in Science

Organic date syrup via Israel and Dubai show fruits of peace

Green Prophet

PHOTO BY MUBARAK TAJ: From left: D’vash co-founders David Czinn and Brian Finkel; Al Barakah founder Mohamed Saleem; managing director Yousuf Salem, and Abdulkarim Salem, at Al Barakah’s Dubai headquarters in December 2020.

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Part of my experience with Mach E

Green Living Guy

The post Part of my experience with Mach E appeared first on Green Living Guy. green living Build Your Own Electric Vehicle electric transport Electric vehicles

Eco-Friendly Worksite Options – How to Have a Positive Impact

Green Living Ideas

The traditional workplace has its characters. You will have the grafters, the chatters, and the procrastinators. Each site will have a sucker, a slacker, and the new guy who doesn’t know what year it is asking, “can I use my medical card in another state 2020?”

Palm oil map to aid in sustainable planning

Successful Green

Researchers have used satellite imagery from the European Space Agency to produce a map of the extent and year of detection of oil palm plantations in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand that will help policymakers... The post Palm oil map to aid in sustainable planning appeared first on successful GREEN.

Craft in a crisis: helping heritage crafts come back from the brink

Low Impact

With a host of already endangered heritage crafts at even greater risk as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, what does the future hold and how can we play a part in helping heritage crafts survive and even thrive? Sophie Paterson explores.

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The Mountain Beaver That Is Not A Beaver

Nature Conservancy - Science

The mountain beaver is a rodent like no other. Just don’t call it a living fossil. The post The Mountain Beaver That Is Not A Beaver appeared first on Cool Green Science. Wildlife Mammal Watching

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Do Wind Turbines Create Noise Pollution?

Green Prophet

With Global Warming becoming a greater concern each year, countries around the world turn to renewable power sources. Scientists believe that using green and sustainable power could decrease the effects of climate change. One alternate way of producing power is with the help of wind turbines.

How to Make Distance Learning Sustainable

Green Living Guy

With the pandemic outbreak, the education system had to quickly switch to an online mode of learning. And there’s a chance that distance learning will stay with us for long and become the new normal with all the school closures – 124,000 schools across the United States had to stop.

Top 4 Cannabis Brands With Eco-Friendly Initiatives

Green Living Ideas

The complex roots of cannabis stem from the earth at its core – literally and figuratively. Cannabis wouldn’t exist without our planet, yet today’s modern cannabis industry really isn’t all that eco-friendly.

More effort needed to reduce bat fatalities at wind turbines

Successful Green

In order to assess the risk of bats dying at wind turbines, the acoustic activity of bats within the operating range of the rotor blades is recorded.

A beginners’ guide to farmers’ markets: Part 1

Low Impact

Not sure how to make the most of your local farmers’ market? In the first part of A beginners’ guide to farmers’ markets , Elizabeth Waddington of sets out how and why shopping at your local farmers’ market can make a real and positive difference.

Is Birdseed the Next Toilet Paper?

Nature Conservancy - Science

More people are enjoying backyard birds. Is that creating a seed scarcity? The post Is Birdseed the Next Toilet Paper? appeared first on Cool Green Science. Birds & Birding Birds Traveling Naturalist Urban Conservation

When the levee breaks: Ocean hero killed in electric scooter accident

Green Prophet

Shimrit Perkol Finkel, founder of Econcrete.

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How To Make Your Old Beater Car a Little More Eco-Friendly

Green Living Guy

There are a lot of advances in technology that make modern vehicles more eco-friendly than ever. Just don’t assume that buying a new car is always the best choice if you’re worried about your carbon footprint. In some cases, it’s actually better to keep your existing vehicle. Whether you’re trying.

Caring for Evacuees and Responders: Stories from BCFS Health and Human Services EMD’s Efforts During the 2008 Atlantic Hurricane Season

Eco Friendly Daily

BCFS Health and Human Services EMD offers sheltering, medical care, displacement, and other capabilities for victims of natural disasters. It’s part of a network of nonprofit BCFS entities that help people around the world.

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AI is helping make food production smarter

Successful Green

Food production is a complex process involving the monitoring of raw materials, supply chains, market prices and much more besides.

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New money stories: the eleven dollar bill

Low Impact

I’m writing a book – published by Chelsea Green next January – about the possibility of building a new economy around a moneyless, mutual credit core, at a time when money is going to be scarce. I’m often told that the best way to get new ideas across is with a story.

50 Fish, 50 States: Whitefish & the End of the World as We Know It

Nature Conservancy - Science

You can’t freeze time, even when ice fishing. The post 50 Fish, 50 States: Whitefish & the End of the World as We Know It appeared first on Cool Green Science. Latest Science 50 Fish, 50 States Fish Fisheries

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