October, 2016

Britain’s Birds: An Identification Guide to the Birds of Britain and Ireland–A Book Review

10,000 Birds

British birders are very serious about birding and their birds. This is a very good thing; it means they publish a lot of books about birds (probably more at this point than U.S.

Loose lips sink ships follow-up

Environmental Economics

I didn't realize how bad this quote is playing among Democrats, environmentalists and others.    From Fuse Washington : However, recent comments by Bauman compelled us to publicly endorse the Alliance and voice our opposition to I-732. Bauman's remarks were both offensive on their face and shined a light on some serious policy shortcomings of his initiative.

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This Video From the Dakota Access Pipeline Protest Is Absolutely Nuts. A Total War Zone.

Mother Jones

Last night, a group of activists protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline were met by law enforcement and pipeline security agents, and the situation quickly spiraled out of hand.

Chefs’ dream garden grows in the middle of Manhattan at Farm.One

Green Prophet

Rob Laing, the founder and CEO of Farm.One. Local, real food (#realfood) is more than a rage. It’s the new everything in food. After decades of eating shipped-in waxy veggies, greens and fruits, consumers and chefs are demanding a new kind of food.

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Looking for RASCals (Reptiles & Amphibians of SoCal)

Nature Conservancy - Science

What kind of lizard is that climbing up the wall? Why do some reptiles and amphibians (herps, as scientists and enthusiasts collectively know them) thrive in our cities and backyards while others do not? How can we protect and attract biodiversity in urban habitats?

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Vegans who campaign against fur are upset that Aritzia is using fake fur but real down


You know how we won’t shut up about how ineffective single issue campaigns are, including the ones against fur ? Well, let this be a further illustration of why.

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Algae returns as fuel for our future

Green Prophet

Researchers at Tel Aviv University have revealed how microalgae produce hydrogen, a clean fuel of the future, and suggest a possible mechanism to jumpstart mass production of this environmentally-friendly energy source.

Make Your Yard (or School Grounds or Office Building) a Wildlife Haven

Nature Conservancy - Science

Turning your yard – or other small outdoor space – into a wildlife haven is easier than you think. Get started with Habitat Network , an online community of citizen scientists working together to build habitat to support wildlife.

To Find the Love we want, we must First Believe we’re Worth It.

Elephant Journal

One of the scariest things that can happen in life is getting exactly what it is that we want. Inspiring (Wow) Love Non New-Agey Spirituality finding love how we love long term relationships love yourself monogamy owning our truth polyamory self-worth we all love differently what do you want

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The Kerkini Lake, Greece: Dipped One, Got One

10,000 Birds

I dipped a bird recently – possibly a lifer. While crossing Gramos Mountain in northern Greece, a Dendrocopos woodpecker flew over the road and landed in a pine tree.

In case you happen to be in Morogoro, Tanzania next week.

Environmental Economics

IAGRI Workshop Announcement. Introduction to Valuation Methods and Willingness to Pay. Dates: October 12-13, 2016. Location: iAGRI building, Sokoine University of Agriculture campus. Presenter: Dr. Tim Haab, Professor and Chair, Department of Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio USA. Abstract: Understanding of the values that people place on goods and services is critical to making sound economic decisions. 

Moby releases his most vegan album


Logging, Trump, and animal agriculture are going to hear it from Moby. Today, Moby (with The Void Pacific Choir) releases his 13th studio album (compilations and remixes aside), and proves it takes a little punk rock to get the message across.

Refugee architecture earns an exhibit in a NYC museum

Green Prophet

New York City’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) is hosting an exhibition on refugee shelters to kickstart dialogue on the design challenges caused by humanitarian crises.

Planting Healthy Air: Can Urban Trees Help Clean Up Pollution?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Every report has a genesis, an initial conversation that sprouts an idea that grows into a research study. For me, one of those moments was a phone interview I had with a professor at King’s College in London, about the somewhat goofy idea of gluing pollution to roads.

Five Strategies to get our Kids to Eat Better (& Like it).

Elephant Journal

Patients often tell me how challenging it is to get their kids on board with healthier eating. The key here is creating new favorites together. Building healthy habits for our kids at an early age creates a path toward optimal, vibrant health.

Falcon on the Roof

10,000 Birds

Before the Flood: the Must-See Climate Change Film by Leonardo DiCaprio

Conservancy Talk

Speciesism, Racism, and Xenophobia: A Deadly Cocktail


Guest Post by Ben Front. ————————————-. According to an article from a mainstream news outlet , animals are dying in agony due to human ignorance. The article currently has five thousand shares. Five thousand.

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The White House Garden gets support to endure from Burpee seed company

Green Prophet

Michelle Obama has made America’s gardening great and she’s now laying down roots so the gardening tradition will continue even after her family leaves the White House this January. Obama created the garden in 2009, and made sure to expand it twice so it will be hard to plow under by the next family.

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Jumping Worms: The Creepy, Damaging Invasive You Don’t Know

Nature Conservancy - Science

Disturb a jumping worm and it’s like a nightcrawler on steroids: It violently writhes on the forest floor, recalling a snake in a bad horror movie. Try to catch it, a piece of its tail will detach in your hand — still wriggling as you hold it.

“Am I Enlightened Yet?”—6 Signs We’re growing Spiritually.

Elephant Journal

There are many indications of growth on the spiritual path. Non New-Agey Spirituality personal growth spiritual evolvement spiritual path spirituality

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The Sunbird and the Parasite

10,000 Birds

I’m back! Back to the site, and back from 6 weeks in Africa (with four weeks gloriously cut off from any news of an election kind… I highly recommend it).

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Quote of the day: ".we're in the sixth mass extinction."

Environmental Economics

Here's the full quote: "This is definitely human impact, we're in the sixth mass extinction. There's only been five before this and we're definitely in the sixth," WWF conservation scientist Martin Taylor told CNN."

An inventor has made vegan cheese from potatoes


Could the future of vegan cheese be spuds? According to Daily Mail , an Australian inventor has created the first vegan cheese (* Gary ) made without the heavily processed soy protein and oils we’ve come to expect from our faux wedges and shreds.

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Materialism does not lead to happiness

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Advertising and industry try to tell us – and government too – that if we just go shopping more and more for things we don't need and really can't afford and more than likely never will use will bring us happiness. That is a lie. All it does is empty our wallets and fill the coffers of industry and service providers. Happiness it will not bring us.

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After the Harvest: Three Expert Steps for Healthy Autumn Soil in Your Garden

Nature Conservancy - Science

It’s autumn. Do you know where your nematodes are? They’re in your garden’s soil, along with fungi, bacteria, microscopic insects, and the list goes on. As a gardener, you’re likely in it for the heavenly tomatoes, but it’s your job to nurture the life you can’t see, too: the soil microbiome.

2016 28

How to Flip your Mood when you Wake Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed: 5 Steps.

Elephant Journal

Years ago someone showed me the “gratitude hand.” It’s a powerful little tool that I often use both personally and professionally to help develop a state of gratitude. Enlightened Society Health & Wellness Non New-Agey Spirituality fingers gratitude gratitude exercise gratitude hand hands wrong side of the bed

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Myrtle Warblers in Autumn

10,000 Birds

Before it was lumped with the western subspecies, the eastern version of the Yellow-rumped Warbler was (and may someday again be) called the Myrtle Warbler. Personally, I prefer to call them Butterbutts.

2016 39

Eco-bloggers explore native ads as survival mechanism for online marketing into 2017

Green Prophet

Ever since Buzzfeed-style link-baiting articles took Facebook readers attention the style and quality of online reporting has changed drastically. It’s hard to compete with momentary distraction of kittens and what she did last summer.

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Alec Baldwin wants turkey-less Thanksgiving, ignores other animals


Time was eager to share Alec Baldwin’s work advocating for Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt a Turkey project, even though it inappropriately puts the spotlight on only one of the cruel Thanksgiving traditions we are told to participate in (not to mention the holiday itself).

Kalama’s Methanol Refinery, by the Numbers

Sightline Daily

Counting water use, air pollution, gas demands, and other impacts. | By any measure, the petrochemical refinery slated for construction on the banks of the Columbia River in southwest Washington is a giant. Designed to convert large quantities of natural gas into methanol, the facility would ship tankers full of the product to China to be used for making plastics. Although the facility proposed for Kalama is only about half the size of the gargantuan scheme that recently collapsed in Tacoma

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Follow that Grizzly: Understanding Bear Movements in the Northwest

Nature Conservancy - Science

Collared grizzly bear number 106 became a local legend of sorts. She did not live in a national park or a vast wilderness area. She made her home in a region interspersed with private and public lands, roadless and roaded areas, where homes were built and people lived.

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Why we Struggle with Weight Loss: The Missing Link.

Elephant Journal

. Life can become frustrating when we’ve tried everything yet can’t lose weight. Over the years, I’ve had many patients complain about this problem. They’ve exhausted every option, yet when we dig a bit deeper, we often find a hidden cause for their weight loss resistance.

2016 38

Help Queens Birders Save the Forest Park Feeders!

10,000 Birds

Dear readers of 10,000 Birds, I have a small favor to ask of you. It will take you less than a minute, cost you nothing, and make me very happy. Please, please, please head over and sign this petition to restore the feeders to Forest Park.