February, 2021

Dubai’s dead plastic camels

Green Prophet

One of the most jarring scenes I remember from my trip through Syria is the sea of plastic that rolled along the shore of a stretch of desert highway that linked Aleppo to Damascus.

Carolina Wrens Will Nest in Just About Anything

Nature Conservancy - Science

Forget the nest boxes: Carolina wrens want your grill, your flower pot, even your old boot. The post Carolina Wrens Will Nest in Just About Anything appeared first on Cool Green Science. Birds & Birding Birds Urban Conservation Wildlife

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Test Drive Results 2021 Honda Accord Touring Hybrid

Green Living Guy

The Honda Accord 2021 touring hybrid was of interest to me. Now while it performed amazing; the test was cut short due to a snow blizxard. I did get a best MPG of 51 MILES PER GALLON. Yet a worst MPG of 41 MILES PER GALLON. So for $26,000 plis.

10 Ways to Go Green with Your Pet Care

Green Living Ideas

It’s time for people to seriously think about living wisely to preserve the natural environment since our activities directly affect the climate crisis. Actions such as waste sorting and waste reduction are gaining attention, though the negative impact our pets have on the planet may go unnoticed.

The Future of Money (Part 2): with Brett Scott

Low Impact

This is part 2 of a conversation with Brett Scott, author and specialist in the money system. Here’s his excellent YouTube channel , and I’ll add links to other things we talk about as well. Part 1 is here.

Biodiversity Hotspots and Their Importance


Saving biodiversity hotpots, those places on Earth with an abundance of life, are at the forefront of conservation efforts today. We now understand that Earth’s ability to provide the clean air and water and moderate temperatures humans need to survive is dependent upon its entire web of life working in harmony which is the reason why the importance of biodiversity hotspots grows with every new claim of the natural environment. Each species plays an important role within the larger web of life.

How your home garden helps the bees

Green Prophet

Home gardens are by far the biggest source of food for pollinating insects , including bees and wasps, in cities and towns, according to new research.

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Considerations for People Looking to Live More Sustainably

Green Living Guy

People looking to live more sustainably are strongly drawn to ethically-sourced materials, green brands, and environmentally-friendly products/services to help them make this lifestyle transition. Overwhelmed by all the marketing lingo and different options for green products?

5 Seemingly Outdated Items to Have at Home

Eco Friendly Daily

When it comes time to clean and organize your home , you might find that you have several outdated items lying around. However, just because they are older doesn’t mean they aren’t useful.

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February forage of the month with Ruby Taylor

Low Impact

With the start of the ‘hungry gap’ a month away, Ruby Taylor of Native Hands shares her February forage of the month, starring early greens. Soon we’ll be entering what’s known as the hungry gap (which lasts from March to May), when cultivated local veg are scarce.

Jargon Monoxide Is Suffocating Your Climate Saving Idea

Michael Grossman

On the FX television show "What We Do In The Shadows," the audience meets a familiar character: the energy vampire. His name is Colin Robinson, an unassuming, spectacled man whose incessant droning small talk slowly sap those around him of their life force.

Greek oil spill creates black plague on Israeli beaches

Green Prophet

A tanker from Greece dumped its bilge and catastrophic amounts of tar and oil are clogging Israel’s beaches. A current ban from Mediterranean seafood and fish is in effect as the public scrambles to clean up the tar.

Why Carolina Wrens Have Moved into Your Neighborhood

Nature Conservancy - Science

Carolina wrens are known as woodland birds, but they’re increasingly sighted in suburbs and cities. Here’s why. The post Why Carolina Wrens Have Moved into Your Neighborhood appeared first on Cool Green Science. Birds & Birding Birds Urban Conservation Wildlife

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Top 5 Environmental Issues You Should Know

Green Living Guy

With rising levels of climate change and growing pollution, Planet Earth is in danger of environmental destruction. Medical authorities have been issuing health warnings to the global citizens on the health consequences of tampering with nature. But we are yet to take them seriously.

6 Ways to Make Exercise a More Enjoyable Experience

Eco Friendly Daily

Exercise isn’t always the most pleasant experience, but there are things you can do to make things better. The trick is figuring out what those things are, which is why you’re here. The following are six ways to make exercise more enjoyable. Gamification.

How to start a community garden: Part 1

Low Impact

With the UK lockdown ongoing, many of us will be dreaming of days when we can once again be out and about and active in our local community. With this in mind, we share a series from Ethical.net exploring how to start a community garden. This type of garden is wonderful for a community.

Why Is Biodiversity Important?


Why is biodiversity so important? Biodiversity makes life possible. It is a prerequisite for our ecosystems to function and provide clean air and water.

Ancient coffins found with the elephants at the zoo

Green Prophet

While building a wildlife hospital at a zoo in Israel, developers came across an interesting find: two ancient stone coffins called sarcophagi. Archeologists believe they could belong to husband and wife.

Helping Birds Adapt to Climate Change in the Nevada Desert

Nature Conservancy - Science

Planting trees to help birds adapt to climate change is the latest chapter in a history of Amargosa River conservation. The post Helping Birds Adapt to Climate Change in the Nevada Desert appeared first on Cool Green Science. Climate Change Wildlife Birds Climate Forests Restoration TNC Science

What Can You Do To Help Save the Planet?

Green Living Guy

The state of the Earth affects all of its residents. You may feel like whatever you could do wouldn’t make a difference, but every little bit makes a huge difference to saving the planet. Every day most people do several things that they could modify to be more Earth-friendly.

A skyscraper will purify Shenzhens air with aquaponic gardens


Zaha Hadid Architects has been crowned a competition winner for its proposed design of Tower C at Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarters Base, a planned business and financial center that will serve the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau.

The Future of Money (Part 1): with Brett Scott

Low Impact

Today I’m talking with Brett Scott, author and specialist in the money system. Here’s his excellent YouTube channel , and I’ll add links to other things we talk about as well.

How to See a Red Fox in Winter

Nature Conservancy - Science

Now is the perfect time to see (or smell) a fox. Here’s how. The post How to See a Red Fox in Winter appeared first on Cool Green Science. Wildlife Mammal Watching Traveling Naturalist Urban Conservation

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Easy Nature Adventures to Enjoy Near You

Nature Conservancy - Science

Our guide to fun and family-friendly nature activities, no special gear necessary. The post Easy Nature Adventures to Enjoy Near You appeared first on Cool Green Science. From the Field Birds Traveling Naturalist Wildlife

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Giving Wildlife Room to Roam in the Face of Climate Change

Nature Conservancy - Science

Why Idaho’s Pioneer Mountains give wildlife room to roam in the face of climate change. The post Giving Wildlife Room to Roam in the Face of Climate Change appeared first on Cool Green Science. Climate Change Climate TNC Science Wildlife

How does massage help your body?

Green Prophet

When it comes to relaxation, body massage is one of the oldest and most trusted ways to relax the body and mind at the same time. Massage therapy not only heals your body but also gives mental relaxation at the same time.

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Slaughter free ribeye steak meat grown in a lab

Green Prophet

Aleph Farms and its research partner at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, have successfully cultivated the world’s first slaughter-free ribeye steak, using three-dimensional (3D) bioprinting technology and natural building blocks of meat – real cow cells, without genetic engineering and immortalization.

6 Tips to Establishing a New Business from Scratch

Green Prophet

Looking to start a DIY solar energy business and want to know how to build it sustainably from the inside and out? . The idea of starting your own business comes across our minds quite often. However, we tend to abandon the thought because we think that it is something that involves a lot of risks.

Does Poor Oral Health Impact Brain Function?

Green Prophet

Teeth are an underestimated part of the body and how they affect overall health. Western medicine and Chinese medicine agree that teeth health is a good start for general health. The health of your mouth can indicate your overall health.

Most of us are urbanites, new UN study

Green Prophet

A town in the Faroe Islands. Rural, but pushing on urban, finds new UN study. Most of the world isn’t as remote and disconnected as you’d think. Most of us, even in suburbs, actually live in a type of city, a new UN study has found.

The Pope supports pulses

Green Prophet

Eat hummus, save the world. Pulses can change the world for good. They are a good source of protein and are the most sustainable form of protein humans can produce. To mark World Pulses Day, the United Nations hosted a virtual event, where the Pope endorsed pulses. .

Tips While Choosing Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Green Prophet

Gray is a Pantone color of the year this year along with yellow. Its versatile in that you don’t need to change it with the weather or trends. A kitchen that you design well with quality fixtures, means a kitchen that will last, which means it’s more eco than one renovated every 10 years.

For Transplanted Tortoises, Who Lives and Who Dies?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Research into the survival of desert tortoises holds keys for successful assisted climate migration. The post For Transplanted Tortoises, Who Lives and Who Dies? appeared first on Cool Green Science. Wildlife Climate Conservation Science Endangered Species Herps

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Bethlehem’s Patron Saint of Puppies

Green Prophet

Diana Babish with a puppy she has rescued from the streets of Bethlehem | Photo: Catholic News Agency. If you’ve traveled to India, Mexico, Amman, Jordan –– you see that dogs don’t have it so good. They are kicked, wounded, abused, and in some places poisoned or shot on sight, nursling puppies killed in front of their mothers and then left to rot in a garbage dumpster. Or litters of puppies and kittens tossed out of the windows of speeding cars. Or puppies kicked around like soccer balls.

Improving the Air Quality and Energy Efficiency of Your Home

Green Prophet

Houseplants filter air pollution. But there are other things you can do to make sure your indoor space is healthy. Indoor air quality is often worse than that of the outside air. That’s tragic that we may spend half or more of our time inside of our homes. Yet we consume energy trying to maintain the comfort of our homes and opening a window to let in fresh air wastes electricity. What is the solution? Here are a few tips for improving the air quality and energy efficiency of your home.

BMW makes sustainable aluminium with Dubai’s Sun

Green Prophet

Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA) announced that the BMW Group is the first customer for EGA’s CelestiAL aluminium , made with the power of the desert sun. EGA has supplied metal to BMW Group since 2013 for use in the German carmaker’s engines and other parts.

We started eating olives 500 years after discovering olive oil

Green Prophet

The earliest evidence found to date concerning the production of olives for eating, dating back some 6,600 years, has been found at the submerged chalcolithic site Hishulei Carmel, off the coast at Haifa.

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