September, 2018

15 Hummingbirds that Can Only Be Seen in or Near Costa Rica

10,000 Birds

A couple of the biggest of bird families are restricted to the Americas. Both can be found in nearly every available habitat, one is infamous for giving birders identification malaise, the other for putting on dazzling natural shows of grit and iridescence.

The Book of Trees – Book Review

Green (Living) Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The Book of Trees by Piotr Socha (Author), Wojciech Grajkowski (Author) Published by Thames and Hudson (Big Books) (13 Sept. 2018) Hardcover: 80 pages Size: 15 x 2.2 x 21 cm ISBN-13: 978-0500651698 Why are trees so important? How many types are there?

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KUMU POHAKU (PIEDRAS COMO MAESTRAS): DESPERTAR A LA DIMENSIÓN ESPIRITUAL DE LOS ECOSISTEMAS. La situación mundial exige con urgencia un cambio en la postura relacional hacia la tierra, desde el paradigma actual dominante de la propiedad hacia una postura más indígena de pertenencia, el reconocimiento de que los humanos están realmente en el cuerpo de la tierra viva y son solo una de sus partes amadas.

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This Bird Predicts Hurricanes Better Than Meteorologists

Nature Conservancy - Science

New research shows that the veery, a migrating thrush, can predict the severity of hurricane season months in advance. Birds & Birding Ideas Wildlife Birding Birds Nature Pop

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How Meditating Every Day for 3 Months Changes Us.

Elephant Journal

The more comfortable we are sitting quietly and still with ourselves, the more clearly we see things. We become more connected with reality the actuality of our daily experience.

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Water Pollution Facts, Causes, Effects & Solutions


Long, long ago our planet was just a rock, a shell that had cooled over its molten hot interior, devoid of life. Hot gases poured out of its fissures, forming dense clouds in the atmosphere. And then it rained.

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Fall Hawk Migration Hotspots

10,000 Birds

Our favorite birds of prey fly south. Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird. I would fly about the earth. seeking the successive autumns.” George Eliot). Appearing now (or very soon) at a Flyway near you – fall raptor migration!

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The L.A. Fur “Ban” – What Does It Actually Accomplish?


The short answer is precious little for the animals. You can now go back to scrolling on Insta and/or you can get angry with me for being a downer without reading further. However, if you fancy thinking about this along with me, then read on and maybe it won’t be such a bummer.

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The Amazing Ancient Fishes of Africa

Nature Conservancy - Science

Fish that can breathe air, hibernate and even fly. Fish & Fisheries From the Field Wildlife Fish Weird Nature

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8 Ground Rules for Better Emotional Self-Care.

Elephant Journal

Good emotional self-care includes only being responsible for "my side of the street." Those of us who have experienced abuse tend to say we’re sorry a lot. And we take on everyone else’s issues. But I don’t have to apologize for someone who dumps on me for no good reason, and neither do you.

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10 Countries with the Best Quality Tap Water to Drink


Water is such an important resource that affects. our quality of life to such a degree that it is even monitored for the OECD better life index. What is more, clean water is a major factor for a clean environment too.

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Birds of Prey of the East & Birds of Prey of the West: Review of Two Field Guides

10,000 Birds

There are 35 raptor species that have a presence in the United States and Canada, 56 (more or less) if you count by subspecies, and they are all covered in admirable, exhausting, unbelievable detail in B irds of Prey of the East: A Field Guide and Birds of Prey of the West: A Field Guide by Brian K.

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Identity Economics and Environmental Policy

Environmental Economics

I recently got around to reading the 2010 book " Identity Economics: How our Identities Shape our Work, Wages, and Well-Being ," by George Akerlof and Rachel Kranton.    It is a lay summary of some of the work that Akerlof and Kranton have been doing to incorporate identity and social norms into economic modeling of decision-making. 

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It’s About The Conversations


By: Emilia Leese and Damon McDonald. Empowering, positive and unapologetic vegan advocacy while having fun at a vegan food and drink festival are not mutually exclusive activities.

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The Incredible Adventure of the Pooping Sloth

Nature Conservancy - Science

There was absolutely no mistaking what was about to happen. This sloth was about to poop. And we were going to watch. From the Field Wildlife Mammals

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5 Ways being Self-Aware can Improve our Relationships.

Elephant Journal

Being self-aware can greatly benefit close relationships. It teaches us how to communicate openly and resolve things in a mature, adult fashion.

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A Few Simple Ways to Start Living Greener Today


Everyone likes to talk about “going green,”. but talking about something doesn’t have nearly as much of an impact as backing it with action!

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The Juniper Titmouse Nesting Project

10,000 Birds

The Juniper Titmouse ( Baeolophus ridgwayi ) is a passerine bird in the tit family Paridae.

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My review of the BP-funded book critical of the contingent valuation method is online

Environmental Economics

Here is a link from 2017 with some background:  BP has funded a book critical of the CVM. In that post I boasted that my review would be forthcoming in 2018. That boast was a commitment mechanism. I don't know if it would have worked unless Marit Kragt had not invited me to review the book for the Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics (thanks for the invitation!). Here is the link: [link].  

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The Great Reef is recovering

Green Prophet

Positive news for a change! The Reef & Rainforest Research Centre (RRRC), a non-profit enterprising Australian organization, has reported substantial signs of recovery for corals affected by mass coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef.

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Fall Foliage: When, Why & How Vibrant Will Maple Leaves Be?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Looking to enjoy the fall foliage show in the Northeast? Here’s everything you need to enjoy the natural spectacle. From the Field Forests Traveling Naturalist

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What I Learned about Love after my Husband Died.

Elephant Journal

My late husband, Jake, passed away from lung cancer when I was 26, and I’ve been traveling ever since as a way to honor his life and move forward gracefully with mine.

2018 105

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: What Do the Three Rs Mean?


Reduce, reuse and recycle is a battle. cry for a new age of environmental awareness. Reversing the trend of accelerating garbage accumulation is essential to the planet’s future, and reducing, reusing and recycling offers a comprehensive answer to an increasingly perplexing problem.

2018 73

Yellowstone National Park Bird Celebration

10,000 Birds

For the love of birds and parks. In the midst of an intensifying battle between protecting public lands and advancing private interests, I want to share a moment of avian celebration at Yellowstone National Park. As the first U.S. national park (1872), birding records date back to its establishment.

It's like, I shouldn't count the health benefit from my oatmeal. It's delicious, that should be enough, boy.

Environmental Economics

Coral Davenport and Lisa Friedman at the NYTimes ( The E.P.A.’s s Review of Mercury Rules Could Remake Its Methods for Valuing Human Life and Health ): Last week the Trump administration took a crucial step toward de-emphasizing the life and health benefits in this calculus when the Environmental Protection Agency said it would rethink a major regulation that restricts mercury emissions by coal-burning power plants.

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7 Green Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Asphalt

Green Prophet

Although there are so many pavement materials for servicing the roads, parking, and the driveways, asphalt have proven countless times that it is the best in the market.

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Meet 6 Small and Bizarre Deer Species

Nature Conservancy - Science

Vampire deer. Six-inch fawns. A species no researcher has ever seen alive. And more. Wildlife

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Ego vs. Humbleness: Giving Power to Our Light.

Elephant Journal

Humbleness has nothing to do with playing it small, keeping a low profile, or not standing out to show yourself. It's also not about pretending ignorance or humility, or about giving other people your place so they feel good, thereby keeping yourself on the wrong path.

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How is Paper Recycled: Step by Step


Each year, over 400 million metric tons of paper and. cardboard is produced globally, with over half of production originating from China, the United States, and Japan [1]. In 2016, Americans alone consumed 70 million metric tons of paper a year, or approximately 514 pounds per person [2].

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Shorebirding in Costa Rica

10,000 Birds

It’s an exciting time for birding in Costa Rica. Although the presence of accessible quetzals, Snowcaps , and glittering tanagers probably make that statement one for the Captain Obvious playbook, really, it is an exciting time to be birding up in here.

Common Resources: Ancillary Benefits Redux

Environmental Economics

Alan Krupnick in toto (emphasis added): At a  press briefing  in mid-August, Bill Wehrum, the appointed head of the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) Air Office, reiterated the Trump administration’s position that ancillary benefits are not to be counted in cost-benefit analysis of major rules. The context this time was the Affordable Clean Energy Rule (ACE) proposed by the current regime to replace the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan (CPP).

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Is Knowledge of English Enough for Eco-Tourism in Japan?

Green Prophet

Japan is strongly associated in many people’s minds with high-tech and super-innovative megapolises. But is that all about Japan? Definitely, not! The country has recently launched a new direction in tourism – eco-tourism – which enables newcomers to discover Japan from an entirely new perspective.

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New Illustrated Guidebook Helps Kenyan Fishers Become Fishery Monitors

Nature Conservancy - Science

A new beautifully illustrated guidebook helps local fishing communities better monitor and manage their own reefs. Fish & Fisheries From the Field Ideas Fish Fisheries

A Hot Take On Mindfulness.

Elephant Journal

The more my mind tempted to stray toward upset, the more I called on my mindfulness practice to help guide me through this agitation. I used the muscle I had already cultivated around attention to keep my mind anchored on the poses, and regained the control I needed to get me to the end of the class.

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How Does Recycling Save Energy?


Have you ever wondered if the items. that you put into your recycling bin actually make a difference? Everyone knows that by recycling, we are helping to save landfill space and conserve natural resources, but did you know that by recycling you are also saving a lot of energy? It’s true!

10 proofs that rock climbing is birding in disguise

10,000 Birds

I watched some movie the other day, in which an artist, a real historical figure, says something how art is a… well, I didn’t write it down immediately and couldn’t find it googling later (assuming that the thought is as historical as the artist), but I recognized birding in those words.

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How often does increased erection return?

Conservation Hawaii

If is it becomes necessary to take oral medication to rid of yourself of the effects of the rectal pain prevention or swelling, then it certainly may be correlated best to avoid Aggrenox medication problems in the future.

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