November, 2019

Fall Birding at Nisqually NWR

10,000 Birds

Most of the estuaries of Puget Sound in Washington State have been developed, but one of the few that remain is the Nisqually River Delta, which was protected as a National Wildlife Refuge in 1974.

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Ivy in the woods

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) A great many of – often rather uneducated – people believe that ivy, climbing up trees harms the trees and strangles them but this is not the case.

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Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act Symposium in Journal of Economic Perspectives

Environmental Economics

The most recent issue of the Journal of Economic Perspectives features a three-article symposium on the 50th anniversary of the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts.

2019 141

The Holidays Are a Great Time To Talk About Climate Change

Nature Conservancy - Science

Four essential things you can tell your family about climate change. Climate Change Climate

2019 114

3 global reports on climate change we can’t ignore

Green Prophet

Greta is not going to be happy. Three stark reports on the rising carbon emissions and impacts on global temperatures have been released in the last week.

2019 101

Embracing Small Acts

The Green Samaritan

Returning the grocery cart, holding the door open or picking up a piece of trash. What small act can you do to strengthen our interconnectedness? See the full post and more at Kindness, Mindfulness Quotes/Inspiration

2019 130

Tips to Use eBird for Costa Rica

10,000 Birds

EBird! It’s part of modern birding. In some parts of the world, it seems like most birders use it, myself included and why not? Make a bird list for anywhere, anytime and on a hand held device! Don’t have a connection? No problem!

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Recommended reading: Another important VSL paper

Environmental Economics

Why not? Monetizing Bowser: A Contingent Valuation of the Statistical Value of Dog Life. Deven Carlson, Simon Haeder, Hank Jenkins-Smith, Joseph Ripberger  Abstract. Households in the USA spend about $70 billion annually on pets.

2019 130

When Turkeys Attack

Nature Conservancy - Science

Why are wild turkeys chasing down mail carriers and bicyclists? Birds & Birding Wildlife Birds

Turkey 113

Sorry Greta, World to produce 120% more fossil fuels by 2030 – drastically at odds with warming limit

Green Prophet

Oil-powered Shoaiba Desalination plant looks like Gotham City. Desalination used in dry countries like Saudi Arabia is a major cause of greenhouse gases. . It’s kind of like the Shaggy song, even when he’s caught red handed: it wasn’t me.

Choose One/Lose One Fall Challenge

The Green Samaritan

Choose Stainless Steel Straws – Lose the Plastic Straw – Or just forgo all together! If you really don’t need the straw, just take a pass. And if you like a straw, bring your own. There. See the full post and more at Green Living

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Best Bird of the Weekend (Second of November 2019)

10,000 Birds

Whatever weather you experienced this weekend probably resembles your next four months or so, although probably not as extreme. The same applies to your weekend’s birding. Hope you enjoyed it!

2019 251

The possibilities of pallets and pallet wood

Green (Living) Review

2019 170

Yucks and grins

Environmental Economics

2019 130

Recovery: Saving Mark Twain’s Famous Frog

Nature Conservancy - Science

There’s good news about amphibians, and it’s an important antidote for hopelessness. Wildlife Conservation Science Endangered Species Herps

2019 112

Horrible Vintage Foods And Why People Cooked Them

Green Prophet

The congealed concoction pictured above is actually one of the least repugnant dishes that Americans were so enamored of in the 1950s and 60s, and even into the 1970s. There it is, an elaborately layered composite of garden vegetables safely encased in a nice, neat covering of gelatin.

2019 85

How Can You Help Prevent and Control Soil Erosion?


Soil erosion is a problem that is seen on every continent, in every country and on any type of soil and environment. Erosion is natural process but with our activities changing natural dynamics and removing vegetation cover, soil erosion has been steadily accelerating over the last decades.

2019 75

Birding in Nanhui, Shanghai in October 2019

10,000 Birds

Sometimes I am tired of words, tired of writing. So, this post just shows 25 birds I spotted at Nanhui (coastal Shanghai) in October 2019. Not all of them rare, but all of them interesting (at least for me).

2019 249

London College of Garden Design to sponsor planting design competition

Green (Living) Review

The London College of Garden Design has announced their sponsorship of a Planting Design Competition at the Belvoir Castle Flower and Garden Show 2020.

2019 167

Stockholm Fashion Week Canceled—for the Planet

Eco Chic

Photo credit: Johannes Berg/Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce. In a surprising move, the Swedish Fashion Council recently canceled Stockholm Fashion Week in the name of sustainability.

2019 54

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Turkeys

Nature Conservancy - Science

A veritable feast of turkey content from our archives. Birds & Birding Birds Wildlife

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5 Tech Investments That Are a Must For Your Startup

Green Prophet

Tech tools are applied to agriculture and other environmental applications, so developing them can have a positive knock-on effect for humanity. For startups everywhere, there a few tech tools that simply aren’t negotiable; these are must-haves for your success in business.

2019 83

Sustainable Agroforestry Systems and Practices in Agriculture


The practice of cultivating trees on farms alongside other agricultural production has a long history throughout the world.

2019 63

Landfill by Tim Dee: Review

10,000 Birds

I have visited my local landfill for the last seven years, usually several times per winter, only to recently stumble upon a book called the Landfill! While I have written several blogs on the topic (e.g., here and here ), Tim Dee devoted an entire book to it and I just had to read it.

The hidden cost of your 2019 choccie-filled advent calendar

Green (Living) Review

Here's why your Christmas countdown is a single-use plastic nightmare In the next few days, millions of children – and quite a few adults – will open the first window on their advent calendars without a second thought of the mountain of waste to which they're contributing.

2019 162

6 Best Fat Tire Electric Scooters And How to Choose Them


The best fat tire electric scooter has a durable battery, runs smoothly and is safe to use on the road. Too many times, safety is sacrificed with electric scooters.

2019 52

Owling: A Field Guide to Finding Winter Owls

Nature Conservancy - Science

Here’s how to enjoy the winter owl show in your neighborhood. Birds & Birding Wildlife Birds Outdoor Rec

2019 107

Establishing the Difference Between a Canna Clinic and Canna Dispensary

Green Prophet

Medical cannabis is legal in the US and about half of all US states. Inspired by Israeli research and reforms, it’s becoming more accessible to people. But what’s the difference between a clinic and dispensary? Here are some answers.

2019 83

Uganda’s Billion Dollar Bird: The Shoebill

10,000 Birds

Not all birds are created equal. The Resplendent Quetzal boasts a tail so long that people travel the world to admire it. The Sword-billed Hummingbird puts its less endowed kin to shame. Penguins are, obviously, penguins, which makes them awesome.

Uganda 242

Huizaches, Granjenos, and Nopales

10,000 Birds

Over the past few months, I have attempted to introduce our readers to some of my favorite birding sites around my city of Morelia, Mexico. Along the way, I hope to give you an idea of what birding in Mexico is like.

2019 242

Australian Magpies in Broome

10,000 Birds

Australian Magpies are a species that most people are familiar with, but often for the wrong reasons. Australian Magpies are a very large black and white bird. Their plumage varies throughout Australia, but due to their size they are hard to mistake for another bird species.

2019 229

How to Bird on Crutches

10,000 Birds

Clearly, it is easier said than done. And after three decades of walking on crutches, I still do not know how to answer the title question.

2019 229

How to Watch Birds in the Rains of Costa Rica

10,000 Birds

As birders, we face a particular set of challenges. Where can a birder find the best prices for quality optics? Which field guides to use, digital, paper, or both?

Birding Taman Negara, or the dubious joys of rainforest birding

10,000 Birds

Michael Herr (and other people before him) once stated that “War is long periods of boredom punctuated by moments of sheer terror.” When replacing “terror” with “excitement”, this sounds a lot like birding in tropical rainforests to me.

2019 219

Birds of the West: An Artist’s Guide–A Book Review

10,000 Birds

I first encountered Molly Hashimoto’s bird art in California. Her lively block prints adorn calendars, note cards, puzzles, and children’s books, very much in the popular tradition of beloved minimalist Charley Harper.

2019 213

Best Bird of the Weekend (Third of November 2019)

10,000 Birds

The rush of migration seems to have ended just about everywhere in the world. Are these, I ask gesturing figuratively around me, all the winter visitors or resident breeders we’ll be observing for the next few months?

2019 211

Creating habitat

10,000 Birds

I love living in central Mexico, and miss very few things about living in the U.S. Of course, I also love birding in Mexico, with its 1,000+ species, and seemingly infinite variety of habitats. But, just occasionally, I feel a twinge of jealousy towards my northern companions.

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