September, 2011

Not seeing the forest for the trees?

Environmental Economics

Nancy Folbre promotes the notion of green jobs at Economix and then gets down to business: The biggest gains from investments in new renewable-energy technologies are not easily captured in private transactions, because they produce environmental services that are largely unpriced. Companies can sell consumers with a conscience a “share” in global greenhouse gas reduction – that’s what the growing business of carbon offsets is all about.

Monsanto or Organic? Who to Trust With Your Food [infographic]

Wend Magazine

(Sources and much more info, linked below this text). In putting together this infographic (I have a larger version of the image if anyone wants it) it struck me that nearly all of the Monsanto endeavors I chose to highlight here, rode the same wave of public opinion.

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Twenty Hummingbirds To See Before You Die

10,000 Birds

You are wandering through a tropical rainforest. It is late morning and the humidity seems to rise with every step. Life is crawling, buzzing, slithering, climbing, burrowing all around you. Brightly-colored poison dart frogs light up the dark undergrowth like mobile glow-sticks.

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The untouchable Himalayan Healers

Green Traveler Guides

| Nepal’s Green Massage |. C an something as ahhhh -some as a massage be green? Why not? Our definition of green extends to experiences that give back, that are embedded in a local economy and directly benefit local people in need. If your massage does that, it’s green. But I go even further.

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Egyptian Organic Farm Declared Sustainability World Leader

Green Prophet

SEKEM, an Egyptian organic farming community has been chosen as one of 16 ‘Sustainability Champions’ in the developing world which are tackling environmental and social problems.

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Why Do Penguins Wear Tuxedos?

10,000 Birds

Penguins. The birds that wear tuxedos and star in major motion pictures. People call them “flightless birds&# but they do in fact fly; They just do it underwater. They are almost totally restricted to the southern hemisphere (but some live very close to the equator).

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Fiji resort named ‘Australasia’s leading green hotel’

Green Traveler Guides

| Green Travel News |. W orld Travel Awards has picked Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Islands Resort as “Australasia’s Leading Green Hotel” in 2011. In the selection process, 213,000 travel industry professionals in more than 160 countries worldwide vote for the most excellent travel providers.

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Tel Aviv University Invents 40-Times Better Electricity Transmission

Green Prophet

Researchers at Tel Aviv University have just developed the next generation of superconductors, that have the potential to revolutionize energy transfer, carrying about 40 times more electricity than today’s copper wire, in a move than changes the financials of electricity costs completely.

Vegetarian Butcher Shop Chain Grows in the Netherlands as Meat Demand Drops


As the citizens of the Netherlands look for meat alternatives, a very different chain of butcher shops is looking to meet that demand. The Vegetarian Butcher is a butcher shop, but you won’t find any meat there. The stores offer a wide selection of “faux meats.&# According to VegNews, the chain now includes 30 stores [.]. Eats Lifestyle Vegan

I just participated in a "faculty perceptions of social technology" survey

Environmental Economics

Climber’s Thumb Reattached After Friend Finds It

Wend Magazine

An Austrian climber was climbing the El Capitan cliff at Yosemite National Park when he fell and his climbing rope sliced his thumb clean off, “sending it flying into thin air,” according to KTLA.

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Is falconry a good thing?

10,000 Birds

This last week I was out with a falconer that had an absolutely stunning pale form Gyrfalcon ( Falco rusticolus ) and the beauty of this wonderful bird really touched me.

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Video: Natural to Eat Meat? Bras Cause Cancer? Vegans Can Be Bodybuilders? Organic Mexican Food? Another Giveaway?!!

Eco-Vegan Girl

It's Weekly Roundup video day!! As usual I had a ton of things to share, but there one ran a little longer than I had hoped - but don't worry, it's worth your time (though I'm biased)!

‘The Dome’ Mosque In Gaza Strip Is Under Repair

Green Prophet

In a bid to join the UN, Palestine needs more funding to repair damage and mosques like “The Dome&# in Khan Younis, Gaza Strip. Economical growth is evaporating in Palestine’s land.

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Cate Blanchett Launches Massive Rainwater Harvesting System


Already the force behind Australia’s second-largest solar rooftop array , Cate Blanchett has just unveiled one of the world’s largest rainwater harvesting systems.

The Plastic Pollution Coalition Celebrity Charity Auction

The Green Samaritan

If you have ever wanted to get a personal tour of Ed Begley, Jr.’s ’s solar powered home, hang out with Jackson Browne at one of his shows, or get your hands on a signed guitar by Grammy-winner Ben Harper, the Plastic Pollution Coalition’s Celebrity Charity Auction is for you!

It's Friday, so this must be a sports economics post

Environmental Economics

Nascar economist Pete Groothuis and I are guest team teaching a sports and society course today (and to show our dedication to our profession we're missing the noontime basketball game ). We're covering the economics of sports subsidies.

Yes, That Bald Bird Is A Bald Cardinal…Probably

10,000 Birds

It is that special time of year when I’m out and about and someone comes up a bit sheepish and says, “You know, you’re going to think I’m crazy but I saw this bird that was red like a cardinal but had a tiny little black head.

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Video: Organic Delivery, Best Indian Food Ever, Funny YouTube Videos, Vegan Advice, VegFest and More!

Eco-Vegan Girl

The title kinda speaks for itself - aren't you curious where I had the best Indian food EVER?! Eco Tip of the Week: When at a restaurant, ask for no straw in your drink.

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1000 Naked Israelis Strip to Save the Dead Sea

Green Prophet

Spencer Tunick’s naked shoot at the Dead Sea in Israel: y es, some women even got covered in Dead Sea mud. Cloaked in secrecy, they wouldn’t know the location until they got into the bus.

2011 24

Jamie Oliver Cooks Up Vegan Feast For Sea Shepherd Crew


Chef Jamie Oliver , known here in the States for his (now-cancelled) “Food Revolution&# reality series and healthy eating initiatives, honored the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society with a little gratis vegan meal last night.

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OWL Giveaway Competition

Green (Living) Review

Green (Living) Review competition – September 2011 to October 2011 Cut down those household bills and save money with an OWL electricity monitor, we have 3 OWL+USB monitors to giveaway.

Teaching Kids to Go Green and Save Money: Going Green Tips for Kids

Living Green & Saving Energy

By teaching your kids some ideas on living greener now they will grow up with more efficient habits, and likely will add a few of their own ideas on how to live green and save money in the future. Here are 10 going green tips for kids. green living how to go green saving money going green for kids green living for kids green tips for kids

Machi the Whimbrel Gunned Down by Hunters

10,000 Birds

Scientists at The Center for Conservation Biology have announced that Machi, a Whimbrel that they have tracked via a satellite transmitter for over two years and 44,000 kilometers (27,000 miles) was gunned down on the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe (French West Indies).

Paddle Board Fisherman Hooks 9-Foot Shark Near Surf Spot

Wend Magazine

When Calvin Tom took off on his paddle board yesterday to go fishing in North County, Calif., he didn’t know he’d be bringing back a shark.

2011 21

Video: MSG in Doritos, Cooking with a Vegan Zombie, How to Compost, Mind Upgrade and Free Organic Clothing!

Eco-Vegan Girl

You know what time it is: healthy and sustainable weekly roundup time! Learn what superfoods you should eat everyday, how to compost, what chips to ditch MSG-soaked Doritos for, how to make almond milk, where to get a mind upgrade, and enter to win $50 worth of organic clothing!

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Japan To Resume Whaling, Inject More Cash Into Defense Against Sea Shepherd


With their people and economy still reeling from this year’s tragic and horrific earthquake and tsunami, the Japanese government is reportedly proceeding with plans to resume whaling in the Southern Ocean. Even more mind-numbing is news that an additional $25M US will be added to the estimated $40M cost of the program to beef up [.]. Animals Causes

Ocean 26

Jews, Muslims, Christians in Israel Unite for Planet Earth

Green Prophet

Providing teaching material to unite Holy Land faiths. They’re doing in person and specifically in Israel what Green Prophet has been doing for the last four years: showing a faith based and cultural context in environmental action.

The fifty year wait for nuclear fusion energy is here, honest…

Green Blog

Last week the UK firmly threw its hat into the fusion ring with the UK Company AWE joining the National Ignition Facility (NIF) based in the US to push for energy’s Holy Grail : nuclear fusion. If fusion can be harnessed and surplus energy is harvested over and above the vast amounts of energy needed to stabilise and sustain the reaction then the long sought silver bullet, we are told, will be here.

Meet James and Mike at Extreme Raptor Weekend

10,000 Birds

Ever wanted to meet James Currie , beat writer on 10,000 Birds and star of Birding Adventures TV ? Or Mike Freiberg , beat writer on 10,000 Birds and Nikon Birding Marker Specialist ? Yeah, me too!

Reel Rock Film Tour 2011

Wend Magazine

The fall adventure movie season kicks off in Boulder next week with the Reel Rock Film Tour.

2011 21

Video: Easy, Cheap, Healthy Vegan Meals That Take Less Than $2 and 15 minutes to Prepare

Eco-Vegan Girl

I get a lot of questions about and requests for me to do videos on cheap and fast vegan meals - so here it is! I was pretty shocked myself when I compared prices at Kroger, Trader Joes, and Whole Foods and found that you can make many meals for $2 or less and spend 15 minutes max preparing it.

Report: Dolphin Slaughter Underway In Taiji, Japan


The annual dolphin hunt season in Taiji, Japan began on September 1st. We’ve told you recently about Save Japan Dolphins Day and Ric O’Barry in Taiji and Kelly Slater raising awareness of the dolphin slaughter. Now, reportedly the first dolphins of the season have been killed at the cove.

Japan 25

Under Siege in Iran, Baha’i Advocate Social Action, Human Rights, Sustainability

Green Prophet

The terrace of the Baha’i Shrine and Gardens in Haifa is the most stunning destination in Israel’s third largest city. From the eastern side of the city, along the popular route 4, you first catch glimpse of it rising up towards the sky on your left.