January, 2021

Stand-up economist: Grading Economics Textbooks on Climate Change

Environmental Economics

Yoram Bauman:  This is the fifth such review I’ve been involved in and it is almost certainly the last review I’ll be doing, for the simple reason that the vast majority of textbooks now have excellent content on climate change! (If


Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Photo for illustration purposes only I am a very strange bird, so people would certainly say, in that I have a serious problem in that I am trying to find a reuse for almost everything.

Reuse 163

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Bowerbirds: Meet the Bird World’s Kleptomaniac Love Architects

Nature Conservancy - Science

They display, they dance, and they collect baubles like a jealous hoarder. Meet Australia’s incredible bowerbirds. The post Bowerbirds: Meet the Bird World’s Kleptomaniac Love Architects appeared first on Cool Green Science.

10 Effective Email Marketing Growth Hacks

Green Prophet

American consumers are more concerned about the planet than steady economic growth, new report. Email marketing is actually a sustainable way to grow your business. . Email marketing and email users are on a constant rise.

Growth 106

Official Release From President Biden about Paris Climate Agreement

Green Living Guy

January 20, 2021 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 20, 2021 ACCEPTANCE ON BEHALF OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA I, Joseph R. Biden Jr., President of the United States of America, having seen and considered the Paris Agreement, done at Paris on December 12, 2015, do hereby accept the said Agreement.

Videos & articles to accompany upcoming book on new economy built around mutual credit

Low Impact

I have a contract to produce a book about growing a new economy ‘in the cracks in capitalism’, with mutual credit at the core.

How To Select A Gold Shower Head For Your Bathroom

Eco Friendly Daily

Gold shower heads can add a lot of class to a bathroom. Bathrooms that do not have any form of fancy decoration are at a very advantage with the addition of one of these stunning fixtures. A gold shower head is usually attached to a chrome-plated shower tray, making this a truly beautiful fixture.

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6 More Nature Documentaries to Stream Tonight

Nature Conservancy - Science

At the end of a long, stressful day, nothing beats a good nature documentary. . The post 6 More Nature Documentaries to Stream Tonight appeared first on Cool Green Science. Wildlife

The Emirates plan to live on Mars

Green Prophet

Meet Sheikh Mohammed on Mars? In 2017, the Emirates revealed plans to build cities on Mars. It may take four or five generations of scientists to achieve it, each one improving the previous generation’s blueprints as research continues and plans evolve.

How To Set Up Your Own Hydroponics System

Green Living Guy

Hydroponics allows you to grow plants all-year round even indoors even without soil or too much space to spare.

What happened to LETS systems? Sue Bell of Mutual Credit Services

Low Impact

Today I’m talking with Sue Bell, who was involved for many years in Brixton LETS and the Brixton Pound. She’s now part of a group called Mutual Credit Services (MCS), formed to build mutual credit clubs and to federate them together to build a new kind of moneyless trading system.

Options When it Comes to a Gold Kitchen Mixer Tap

Eco Friendly Daily

Yes, you did read that correctly. The resurgence of the gold kitchen tap is now shaking up the fashionistas everywhere who have been happy to watch it all those years ago. So, what exactly has brought this gold-plated bear back to life?

Our world is losing ice at record rate

Green (Living) Review

Monday, 25 January 2021 A research team – the first to carry out a survey of global ice loss using satellite data – has discovered that the rate at which ice is disappearing across the planet is speeding up.

Why Pandas Are Rubbing Themselves with Horse Manure

Nature Conservancy - Science

It’s true: for years, giant pandas have been rubbing horse manure on themselves. New research suggests a reason. The post Why Pandas Are Rubbing Themselves with Horse Manure appeared first on Cool Green Science. Wildlife Asia Pacific Conservation Science Endangered Species Weird Nature

Green 68

Superadobe Homes Built Of Sandbags Rise Around The Planet

Green Prophet

Neder Khalili. Neder Khalili (1936 to 2008) was an Iranian-born architect whose vision of sustainable building for the relief of the poor has been realized in communities around the world.

How To Optimize Your Use Of Solar Panels At Home

Green Living Guy

Nowadays, the use of solar energy is more popular and cheaper than ever. The cost of installation has lowered significantly in the last few years. Due to electrical independence from major suppliers, your bills will only get cheaper and cheaper. Besides the low cost, one more big advantage of going.

Home 83

For the love of trees: my musings on trees

Low Impact

Sean Fagan of Pioneer Bushcraft brings the outdoors to life as he shares his musings on trees and why it is he loves them so. “…and there were sunsets where trees stood hushed and patient” John Muir.

Trees 89

5 Tips for Finding Reliable Contractors for Your Home Renovation

Eco Friendly Daily

If you’re planning on doing a home renovation, you want to make sure that you hire only reliable contractors. If you hire the wrong contractor, you could end up with the job not being completed, the job not being done well, and you may find yourself out of a lot of money.

The world has two energy problems

Green (Living) Review

By Michael Smith (Veshengro) The rich use too much of it, and the poor have too little. Someone asked: "What's the higher moral imperative preferred? Poverty and reduced living standards commensurate with lower emissions or higher carbon emissions and all the benefits of a modern society?"

Energy 141

Earth911 Reader: Ice Catastrophes, Plastic-Choked Rivers and the Pivot to the Green Economy


The Earth911 Reader collects and comments on useful news about … The post Earth911 Reader: Ice Catastrophes, Plastic-Choked Rivers and the Pivot to the Green Economy appeared first on Earth 911.

Earth 36

Can bee-free honey satisfy vegans and save the bees?

Green Prophet

Engineering a bee’s stomach for vegan honey? This is the latest in the foodtech trend from Israel. Can technology solve any problem we are in? A world without bees, or a world without honey? Which is worse? If you ask the bees, the choice is clear.

Vegan 87

Will Solar Water Heating Grow in 2021?

Green Living Guy

Over the last decade, Americans have witnessed a shift towards renewable energy. The use of fossil fuels has created a harmful dependence on non-renewable resources, and homeowners have recognized a need to reprioritize.

Keeping your tech ticking: how to extend the lifetime of your laptop

Low Impact

Have a feeling your device is on its last legs and dreading the day you might have to consider buying a new one? Sophie Paterson shares top tips to keep your technological devices ticking, starting with how to extend the lifetime of your laptop.

Arie Eric de Jong – Why Kanye West Will Be Remembered As One Of the Great Artists

Eco Friendly Daily

When we talk about greats in the hip-hop world, the likes of Biggie and Pac, Jay-Z , Nas and Eminem, we are more often than not talking about their ability to rap and create amazing hip-hop songs.

Who was Maria, who lived an immaculate life 1400 years ago?

Green Prophet

Ancient Greek burial stone discovered while clearing paths for nature park in Israel’s Negev Desert reveals period of time in transition.

Life 87

Free EV Safety Training

Green Living Guy

Empire Clean Cities is hosting a FREE one-hour electric vehicle safety training for first responders on January 26th at 12pm EST. The training will be virtual and the facilitator is an in-service firefighter.

Test Drive Results 2020 Toyota Prius Prime Limited

Green Living Guy

Right before end of a crazy year I was able to end out with a fun test drive and surprise results from a 2020 Toyota Prius Prime Limited. Moreover I loved seeing this on the Toyota website for the Prime: Hybridization is now considered commonplace, but it all started two.

Home solar installation – DIY or professional fitter?

Green Living Guy

Installing solar panels in your home is a sound decision for many reasons. They’ll provide you with greener energy tolower your carbon footprint. They’ll reduce your energy bills. And they’re likely to increase the resale value of your home.

DIY 72

Winter floods out Syria’s displaced

Green Prophet

UNICEF/Khaled Akacha. At least 196 sites in Idlib and Aleppo, Syria reportedly sustained damage, with many roads leading to the camps cut off by heavy rains reported the United Nations in a humanitarian bulletin.

Syria 68

Recycling Cooking Oil – The Benefits

Green Prophet

Even with the increase in campaigns on the importance of protecting the environment, many people are still not conscious of the effects of their daily habits on the environment. Every day, people continuously make choices that harm the environment.

Oil 65

5 Amazing Ways to Lead an Eco-Friendly Life

Green Living Guy

After decades of talks on going green, there seems to be a growing interest worldwide to actually embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle. Thankfully, politicians, business enterprises, and activists are taking steps to enable people to initiate a sustainable existence.

7 tips for an eco-friendly home makeover 

Green Prophet

We all want to do our bit for the environment and the first place you can start is with your home. A few changes here and there can lower your carbon footprint, reduce your emissions and make your living space a little greener for all. .

Can You Use an Electric or Hybrid Car to Get a Title Loan?

Green Prophet

#Vanlife can be for everyone in turbulent times. So you want to be green, cut on your carbon footprint and go electric? Want to finance one car against the cost of another? This is an area called title loans.

5 Environmentally-Friendly Choices To Make In 2021

Green Living Guy

Living an environmental-friendly lifestyle is beneficial to man in many ways. It is an excellent way to suppress the recent climate change, which has been a cause for concern for man, as there is much evidence pointing to climate changes. Some of these facts seem reasonable to us, while some.

Piercey & Associates, Ltd. Answers 6 Critical Questions About Estate Planning

Green Prophet

Covid, time on our hands, what if? You may strive to live a meaningful life with purpose and sustainability goals in mind. But what happens if you lose someone you love? With offices closed, travel out of the question… how can you plan an estate?

Choosing the Right Berkey Filter System Size

Green Prophet

Remember the tale of Goldilocks? She tried out a few different options until the porridge, the chair and bed fit her just right. Berkey Filters offers several different water filter system sizes for just the right fit in any situation, but there’s no need to be a modern day Goldilocks.

Arab men get a fashion week in Dubai

Green Prophet

Arab men get their own fashion week. Can they be a brave green voice in an overly polluting industry? The Dubai-based Arab Fashion Council has pioneered the first men’s fashion week in the Middle East. But will it be eco? .