Sun.Jan 20, 2013

Billionaire Arab Prince Buys Planet’s Largest Private Jet

Green Prophet

Up in the sky! Is it an office complex? A concert hall? A Turkish bath? Or a parking garage? No, it’s the new ride of an Arab prince – a King-sized jet – one that could hold 800 people. Will you step aboard this airborne greenhouse gas factory?

Welcome to 2013, The Year of the Snake

The Alien Next Door

Normal. false. false. false. EN-US. X-NONE. Happy New Year! When I entered the post office recently to buy stamps I was reminded that 2013 is also the year of the snake. The stamps displayed elaborate and stylized images of the water snake in celebration of the Chinese Zodiac.

2013 21

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TEDxAmman – Mohammed Asfour’s Green Message

Green Prophet

The chairman of the Jordan Green Building Council Mohammad Asfour tells us why nature inspires him to deliver a practical message of action. If you have been keeping an eye on the green scene in Jordan , then there’s no chance that you could have missed Mohammed Asfour.

With Warming, Soil Releases More CO2. Though Less Over Time.

Mother Jones

Study plots at the Harvard Forest Long-Term Ecological Research site in Massachusetts where researchers have been warming two areas with underground cables to simulate a warmer climate. The photo shows a January

Jordan’s Enviro-Agencies Unite!

Green Prophet

Jordan’s Ministry of Social Development just approved the first coalition of the kingdom’s environmental protection societies. An underlying message of the Arab uprisings is that there’s strength in numbers and power in unity.

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Climate Change Contributing to Mali-Algeria Conflict

Green Prophet

According to experts, climate change and rising food insecurity are major contributors to the recent destabilization of Mali and southern Algeria. Over the last couple of years, there has been a growing link between climate change and political issues in the Middle East.

Beefburgers found to contain horse meat (in UK)

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Processors claim not their fault. but claim meat from foreign suppliers must have contained horse. It may be considered no longer real news, as the media have been running this to death by now but the fact remains that we have an issue here that should not have occurred.

Do nine-primaried oscines represent 16 different families?

10,000 Birds

The Art of Forgetting. ~ Alicia Banister | elephant journal

Elephant Journal

Lately and slowly (I started it in early August), I've been reading a really interesting book on queer theory entitled The Queer Art of Failure. In one of the chapters, the author discusses the concept of remembering and forgetting

Eco-Friendly Apartment Complexes and Communities

Green Furniture Home Design

One way that the modern day person who is concerned about their environmental footprint can make an impact is with how they design their apartments and manage their waste.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of LEED

Green Home Blog

Weighing the Pros and Cons of LEED. Most of us can agree that moving towards environmentally-friendly building practices is one of the keys to a more sustainable future. After all, the construction industry accounts for around a quarter of all non-industrial waste production in the U.S.,

Transform your Loft into a Place for Zen and Meditation

Green Furniture Home Design

Do you have a loft in your house that is currently filled with clutter? Why not put that clutter where it belongs, and create your very own, private, stress-free sanctuary! Leave your worries at the front door, and transform your useless area into a Zen loft.

Best Bird of the Weekend (Third of January 2013)

10,000 Birds

Well, NFL fans, we were just a few points away from a Bird Bowl for Super Bowl XLVII. Instead, we get the Ravens vs. 49ers in a Har-bowl. I’d rather have birds. At least those of you who are more focused on avians than athletics have a team to root for!

Jordan and Masdar Ink Clean Energy Deal

Green Prophet

There’s a lot of mingling afoot at conventions, and news of resulting hook-ups (including those we made there) at last week’s Abu Dhabi World Future Energy Summit are starting to hit the press.

Pulling Birds at Panti Forest in Malaysia

10,000 Birds

JOHOR, MALAYSIA, DECEMBER 2012 – If you’re traveling to Singapore for birding, you might want to think outside the box or, in this case, the island. Some of the best birding in the area is just 90 minutes or so north in peninsular Malaysia, home of the infamous Panti Forest.

Join Jerusalem’s Critical Mass Biking Event this Friday

Green Prophet

For the two years I lived in Jerusalem, I tried to bike with my crappy communist throwback – a mini gearless green metallic wonder that I bought for the flat streets of Tel Aviv. The bike looked too pitiful to steal and that’s why it suited my tastes.

Pheasant Coucal breeding season

10,000 Birds

In Broome at the moment we are constantly hearing the dull descending sound of the Pheasant Coucal. It is breeding season and they are looking for mates!

Australia Swelters - And That's the Long Term Forecast as Well


Temperatures in Sydney on Friday hit their highest levels since records began 150 years ago, after an Australian government agency warned of more frequent and intense heatwaves in the future. In Sydney the temperature smashed the previous hottest recorded temperature peaking at 45.8