Sun.Dec 08, 2019

Bathing Eastern Rosellas

10,000 Birds

On a recent trip to Geelong in Victoria I had the pleasure of observing a pair of Eastern Rosellas bathing. We had not been to Geelong since April 2015 and once again Grant was at work and I got to explore the bird-life around the city.

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How to Use Social Media Without Harming Nature

Nature Conservancy - Science

How can nature lovers use social media responsibly? From the Field Nature Tech Wildlife Outdoor Rec Traveling Naturalist

2019 93

Best Bird of the Weekend (Second of December 2019)

10,000 Birds

Nobody enjoys the end of a birding adventure. No matter how exhausted, sunburned, frostbitten, or penniless your exertions have left you, the hope of one more blissful bird sighting still beckons. How do you cope with the momentary feelings of deflation that set in once the trip is over?

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