Tue.Nov 17, 2020

$8 million fine and 10 years jail for cutting a tree in Saudi Arabia?

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The kingdom announced the launch of ‘Let’s Make it Green’ – a plan to plant 10 million trees across the country by April, 2021. Cut one down and pay a heavy price. . Does the punishment fit the crime?

How Cowbirds Raise Their Young, Without Raising Their Young

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The opportunities, and costs, of laying your eggs in another bird’s nest. The post How Cowbirds Raise Their Young, Without Raising Their Young appeared first on Cool Green Science. Birds & Birding Birds Conservation Science Weird Nature Wildlife

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Avocado and Persimmon: November’s Seasonal Produce

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Originally from China, persimmon trees have been grown for thousands of years for their delicious fruit and beautiful wood. In the Middle East’s November, the landscape changes from dry, brown summer to soft green.

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Japan builds desalination plants for Bahrain and the Emirates

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Durrat artificial islands in Bahrain are fed desalinated water. There is no other way for the thirsty and growing Persian Gulf nations. Two dry Persian Gulf countries are amping up their desalination capacity : Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates.

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The blueprint for Noah’s Coral Ark

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Located near the Great Barrier Reef in Port Douglas, Northern Queensland, Australia, the Living Corals Biobank is the world’s only dedicated coral conservation facility. If Noah would have had the challenge, this is what his living ark might look like to save the coral reefs.

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Spider study shows there is nothing to fear but fear itself

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We did a house swap once with a family from Switzerland. We got their villa paradise on the sea in Costa Rica , they got our villa in Jaffa, Israel. We wanted to use the family unit below for my parents, and the swap family jested: “it’s tarantula mating season.

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