Sun.Mar 22, 2020

Best Bird of the Weekend (Third of March 2020)

10,000 Birds

You may have experienced one of the weirdest weekends of your life, what with all bars and restaurants closed and people maintaining a healthy distance from even close friends and family.

2020 183

Ways to Enjoy & Protect Nature Without Leaving Your Home

Nature Conservancy - Science

Resources to enjoy and protect nature from your home, for all ages. From the Field Outdoor Rec Urban Conservation Wildlife

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Australia is closed-sorry….

10,000 Birds

The header photo above is what is normal in Broome in mid-March in the middle of the afternoon on Cable Beach. I have the beach to myself along with the shorebirds, crabs, occasional jellyfish and maybe there is a crocodile out to sea. However, nothing else is normal.

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Goodness in the Midst of Adversity

The Green Samaritan

This time may be a way of making us slow down and think about how we can help each other out. So let’s be safe, stay healthy at home and be thankful for all we have. See the full post and more at Green Living

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A prosperous future for strange times? Know these 5 skills to survive

Green Prophet

Millenials want jobs with meaning. Maybe we couldn’t look into the future, but we probably wouldn’t want one without better social responsibility. . If we could all go back in a time machine and be better prepared for scary times. I’ve joined a number of forums for off-grid living.

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